PTI, Around the Horn Move to New HD Set for 3D TVs

Fans of ESPN’s afternoon talk shows Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn were in for a welcome surprise when they tuned in on Monday. Both shows had changed up their looks and layouts. The shows announced they’re now in HD, but you can tell it’s actually more than that. The graphics were fuzzy and seemed to be made specifically for 3D TVs.

ESPN is actually leading the way in the 3D TV movement, broadcasting certain sporting events in that manner. Even though I’ve never seen anything broadcast on a 3D TV, I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews. In fact, most viewers had supportive comments on twitter, though hardly any of them seemed to realize the 3D association, focusing mostly on the HD aspect. Here are some of the reviews from people on twitter:

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Nobody Sad to See Jay Mariotti Leave

I’ve said it before that I can’t stand Around the Horn, in large part because two of the main dickweeds on the show are Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige. Mariotti has a big mouth, he’s unfair with his criticism, he comports himself as a total douche, and worse than anything else, he professes to be an authority on subjects about which he’s clueless. There’s really nothing I like about the guy, and for that reason, I don’t watch him on TV or read him in the paper.

Well Mariotti just announced that he’s leaving the Chicago Sun-Times and it’s no surprise to see that nobody is said to see him go. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Deadspin had two hilarious posts on this topic — one where a reader said he’ll start buying the paper again now that Mariotti’s gone (a true man of principles!), and the other is an open letter from Sun-Times movie critic, Roger Ebert. And man, does Ebert drop some major bombs!

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Woody Paige Goes Off on Tony Reali

Much like AA described in his post on the matter, I cannot stand Around the Horn. Just like him, I can’t stand the format, I further loathe the guests, and I find almost nothing redeeming about the show. Like I really want or need to hear the opinions of all these hacks who hardly played any sports, don’t have any real or legitimate insight on the matters at hand, and weren’t present (or watching) for 99% of the events they discuss. OK, take all that above and it’s easy to see why I appreciated this video so much.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paige taking a “break” from the show some time soon. As for the show, I don’t know too much about the ratings, but I can’t imagine they’re very good. I know Rome does well and that many of my friends and colleagues, myself included, like PTI, but I’ve never heard anyone speak positively about ATH. They need some newer, fresh faces on that show, desperately. And yes, that is me whoring myself out there for a guest appearance. Can’t be worse that Marrioti or Paige, right?