You’re Better Than That, Jeter

A recent blog entry I came across from Steady Burn, via Yardbarker, contains some interesting information about baseball players’ walk-up and warm-up songs (songs playing when hitters stroll to the plate and pitchers warm up on the mound).  The issue of at-bat music came up earlier in the season when we revealed that Marlins youngster Cameron Maybin selected Miley Cyrus as his tune. Steady Burn’s post mostly has information about Red Sox players, and I must say several of the players have songs that are questionable at best.  One that I found particularly hilarious was the song Dice K gets loose to — “My Time” by Fabolous.  I wonder if he used to bump Fabolous in Japan when he was pitching for the Seibu Lions.

Anyhow, I can only pray that the song Derek Jeter walks to the plate listening to is the result of some sort of dare that he lost.  The Sox players’ songs are pretty bad, but I expect that from most of them.  But Derek Jeter?  Major League Baseball’s Tom Brady?  Major League Baseball’s Dwyane Wade?  Major League Baseball’s….sorry I’ll get back to you later with an NHL comparison.  Here’s the song that Derek Jeter walks up to the plate with at Yankee Stadium, courtesy of YouTube via Steady Burn.

Red Sox players have discerning musical tastes [Steady Burn]

Cameron Maybin’s At-Bat Song Is Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA

The Florida Marlins opened up the season taking two of three from the Mets in Flushing. It wasn’t until Friday night that they debuted in front of their home crowd in Miami against the Dodgers. Florida took two of three in that series as well, taking advantage of some Dodgers bullpen mismanagement. That’s not the concern here however. What is of concern is a little matter of at-bat music — the song that plays throughout the stadium as a player approaches the batters box to hit. As my co-worker Marcas Grant pointed out to me, the Dodgers announcers were having a ball joking about Cameron Maybin’s at-bat song which happens to be Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” The Palm Beach Post actually had an inkling that the song would turn some heads before the season began.

Pitcher Chris Volstad told them, “[The song] goes against that grain a little bit but I think more people will like it than won’t like it. It’s one of those popular catchy songs people like. It’s hardly the motivating-type song but maybe it puts him a good mood.’’

Either Maybin’s going to have to change up his song or wear some headphones at all times because he screwed up pretty badly on Sunday. Not only did Maybin misplay a ball in center field leading to the Dodgers first two runs but he also got picked off first base by pitcher Charlie Haeger. If he keeps playing that way there won’t be much more Miley Cyrus around Sun Life Stadium and that would just be a shame for everyone. Just for kicks because we kind of have to at this point, here’s the hit song:

Florida Marlins walk-up hit: Cameron Maybin ready to “Party in the USA” [The Palm Beach Post]