Tim Tebow Sings on Stage with Brad Paisley (Video)

Country singer Brad Paisley performed at the Pepsi Center in Denver Saturday night and was joined on stage by Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow helped Paisley sing “I’m still a guy,” and received insane cheers. The quarterback’s singing led to a joke from Paisley after the concert.

“Denver is such a cool city. And thanks for singing with me @TimTebow. But don’t quit your day job pal.”

Tebow zinged him back “Had a great time last night @BradPaisley! I won’t quit my day job and you keep shopping at Baby Gap haha!”

In the video below, you can really hear how crazy the crowd went for Tebow:

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Video: Manny Pacquiao Sings ‘Sometimes When we Touch’ with Dan Hill

Manny Pacquiao performed a live rendition of “Sometimes When We Touch” with original singer Dan Hill at a press conference in New York City Tuesday. The event kicked off Pacquiao’s media tour promoting his November 12th fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

In addition to being one of the best boxers in the world, Pacquiao is a congressman in the Philippines and he has experience as an entertainer. He has acted in several shows and movies, hosted his own game show, and he’s released two albums. He also released a rendition of Hill’s “Sometimes When we Touch” that became a top 10 song according to the Friday Morning Quarterback Album Report.

Anyone who says Pacquiao is a good singer is either a really big fan, or not being honest.

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Serena Williams Sings Survivor at Karaoke

Serena Williams had to pull out of the French Open because of an ankle injury, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get up on stage and provide a little crowd entertainment. According to our friends at Black Sports Online, Serena was at the Shelbourne Hotel Studio Karaoke Lounge over the weekend and she sang Survivor on stage. Check out this video of Serena singing karaoke:

By comparison, we heard Cam Newton sing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” earlier in the day, and I have to say that Cam was more impressive. Still, neither one of them have anything on Greg Oden singing ‘N Sync. That was classic and will never be topped.

It’s not a big surprise to see this video for anyone who’s followed Serena’s twitter account lately. Over the past week, she’s bragged about ordering CDs for Karaoke and she’s talked about practicing her songs. Like playing tennis, singing doesn’t come easily, so hopefully Serena will keep practicing to give us some more entertainment. And as long as she’s taking requests, how about changing that twitter picture back to this one?

Video: Cam Newton Sings Justin Bieber

Not only can Carolina Panthers quarterback and recent top overall draft pick Cam Newton dominate SEC defenses, win a Hesiman Trophy and place his name in Auburn history, he can also sing. Check out this video of Cam Newton singing Justin Bieber’s baby, as shared with us by Marc Kohn on twitter:

That video shows exactly what the Panthers drafted: An outgoing, charismatic quarterback who wants to be more than just a football player. For better or worse, the rookie quarterback will not shy away from the spotlight for the Carolina Panthers.

Greg Oden Sings ‘N Sync in Karaoke, Should Stick to Basketball

Realize here that we’re talking about my favorite pitchman before you read too much into me making fun of Greg Oden for the way he sings karaoke. Anyway, the 7-foot big man did a rendition of ‘N Sync’s It’s Gonna Be Me song (it was hard to tell what song it was from the way Oden was singing) at what looks like some sort of fan event. By popular reader demand via Hard for the Yard, I present Greg Oden singing karaoke:

That dude certainly is a chameleon. At one moment he’s a dominating NBA center, next moment he’s a boy bander. You know, I really can’t rag on Oden because I’m an awful singer, and you can’t rip a guy for being as into it as he was. Did you see that passion? That determination? The best was when he started slipping and sliding around, busting out the dance moves. Besides, anything’s better than the Tony Romo karaoke video. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I wasn’t much of a fan of Greg Oden in college, but now that I’ve seen his personality come out, it’s impossible not to like him. I’m hoping he has a monster season.