Aubrey Huff Brings the Red Thong to San Francisco Giants Parade

When we passed along the story early in September that Aubrey Huff started wearing a red thong as a slump buster, we had no idea it would develop the cult following that is has. Huff was in a 3-for-32 slump when he first started wearing the lingerie but he went on a tear shortly thereafter. He hit .281 with an .830 OPS in September and he drove in eight runs in the playoffs. The thong became a well known story amongst Giants fans as San Francisco finished the season going 20-10 to make the postseason. They went on to win the World Series as we all know, and Huff brought his lucky red thong to the parade in San Francisco on Wednesday:

Now if Giants fans could just let go of the LA envy we’d be cool. Remember, you guys played the Rangers, not the Dodgers.

Thanks to Michael DeRosa for the pic.

UPDATE: With video of Huff sniffing the thong via SI Hot Clicks

Aubrey Huff Wearing a Red Thong as a Slump Buster

Jason Giambi sent collective LOLs throughout the internet a few years ago when revealed he wears a gold thong to break out of slumps. Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff will probably produce the same effect, but maybe to a higher degree.

Stuck in a 3-for-32 slump, Huff has turned to a red thong to try and change his luck, as Andrew Baggarly relays from the San Jose Mercury News. From Bags:

The last thing we need is for Huff to go 4-for-4 with the thong. Then he’ll wear it the rest of the season. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem, but he walks around the clubhouse in it. He conducts interviews wearing only his thong. I’m not sure about this, but I think he wears little else while in the food room, too.

This may have just been a Giants problem before but apparently now it’s the media’s problem as well. Let’s hope for everyone involved that Huff breaks out of it quickly. With an OPS hovering around .950 a month ago, he can be a major force in San Francisco’s lineup. You know they’d like him to return to that form.

Huff tied in knots at the plate, slug-a-Giant, Guillen runs a 4-K, etc. [Mercury News]