Rasheed Wallace yells ‘Ball don’t lie!’ after Austin Rivers misses free throw (Video)

Apparently Rasheed Wallace decided to come out of retirement to join the New York Knicks for two reasons — to win a championship and to scream at people who miss free throws. The 2012-2013 season is only a few weeks old, but we can already say heckling opponents after missed free throws is Wallace’s thing.

As you can see from the video above that @Jose3030 shared with us on Tuesday night, Wallace yelled “Ball don’t lie!” after Austin Rivers missed a free throw in the first quarter of the Knicks’ win over the New Orleans Hornets. The miss came after Wallace was called for a blatant reach-in foul on Rivers, so we’ll have to assume he didn’t mean “ball don’t lie” in the sense that it wasn’t really a foul and that’s why Rivers missed.

Last week, Wallace came up with his own nickname for Arron Afflalo and yelled it after he missed a free throw. Is this something that we’re going to be seeing all season long? It certainly looks like it.

Austin Rivers: The Celtics are better off without Ray Allen

Although he may not have been their top priority heading into the offseason, the Celtics would have preferred to keep Ray Allen. They certainly didn’t want him to sign with the best team in the Eastern Conference, but such is life in the NBA. Once Allen signed with the Heat, Boston turned it’s attention to former Rockets guard Courtney Lee as a replacement.

Austin Rivers believes the Celtics are better off with Lee. During an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday, Rivers explained how he thinks Allen’s departure benefits both teams. He said the Heat will benefit in obvious ways by Allen spreading the floor and had the following to say about his father’s new squad.

“And I think the Celtics got better, because first off it was disappointing to (see Allen) leave because he was a part of that whole buildup to the Celtics again, but now you have a better defender in Courtney Lee, who is a great on-the-ball defender and someone who is going to add to the great defense the Celtics play already,” Rivers explained.

“And then you have Jason Terry, who is instant offense, something the Celtics need when you have older players like KG and Paul Pierce that get hurt. So when you have guys that are going to be inconsistent, not due to how good they are but how old they are, and the fatigue of a long season, you have guys who can come in and give you instant offense.”

Mix in the fact that Allen and Rajon Rondo had a known chemistry issue and Rivers has some pretty good points. Allen was a huge part of the Celtics philosophy, but at the very least they get much younger with the 26-year-old Lee. Austin also believes the Celtics are the only team in the East that can challenge Miami, and that may be true now that Dwight Howard has gone to the Lakers. Whether Allen tips the scale in favor of one team or the other remains to be seen.

Is Seth Curry glad Austin Rivers left Duke?

Even as a freshman, Austin Rivers was arguably Duke’s best and gutsiest player last season. But now Rivers has left the Blue Devils behind for the NBA’s money-be-greener pastures. He’ll be tag-teaming with Anthony Davis on the Hornets this season.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Duke guard Seth Curry, who believes the Blue Devils can be even better next year despite Rivers’ departure. Why?

“We like each other,” Curry told CBS’s Shawn Krest. It’s not that the Duke players hated each other last season, Curry elaborated, but “we weren’t close like this.”

“The biggest thing is trying to be more of a family,” Curry also said to Blue Devil Nation (via The Dagger). “Just get to know each other off the court. This summer we’ve been really hanging out a lot more and getting to know each other. It seems like everyone likes each other more this year, so it should be a fun year.”

It’s important to note that not once did Curry utter Rivers’ name in any of those remarks. But the incredible hubris that Austin “Call Me ‘Sub Zero’ Before I Play a Single College Game” Rivers is known for has been unmistakable. Even he’s acknowledged it. He’s also been accused maybe once or twice of being a ball hog. And none of that is really conducive to Coach K’s brand of ball.

So, Curry might not have mentioned Rivers, but, directed at his former teammate or not, his comments appear to confirm that Duke is better off without Rivers’ wannabe-Kobe mentality.

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Austin Rivers admits he is cocky, but the good kind of cocky

Austin Rivers is one of those players people either love or hate. For every scout who believes he is a dynamic talent and can be an impact player immediately at the NBA level there are others who think he is overrated and has a questionable attitude. Many have criticized Rivers for being too cocky, which is a common trait for young players who have dominated their sport to possess. Austin himself agrees with those who say he is cocky, but according to him that is not a bad thing.

“Truthfully, I just think it’s kind of unfair just because that’s not how I am,” Rivers said during an interview with TSN 1050 in Toronto. “I think every great player is cocky and I think every great player has an ego. And that is something I have. I am cocky and I do have an ego. But it’s a healthy confidence and a healthy ego. You can’t have a negative one.

“There’s a difference between being cocky and believing in yourself and believing you can do anything and believing you can do anything to help your team win and giving your teammates confidence … than being an arrogant guy who thinks he knows it all and thinks he’s better than everyone else. There are two different kinds of cocky and I’m the first one.”

In a sense, he’s right. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Larry Bird are three of the cockiest athletes to ever live. They are also three of the best. Almost all Hall of Famers have a certain confidence about them, but the way you present it is the important thing. As Rivers matures, he’ll either learn how to harness his cocky attitude or end up with people viewing him the way they view LeBron James.

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Austin Rivers beats North Carolina with buzzer-beating three (Video)

Duke freshman guard Austin Rivers drained a buzzer-beating three pointer to knock off North Carolina in Chapel Hill Wednesday night. The young man had a career-high 29 points including six threes — none bigger than that one. He did it all in front of his dad, Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who was going nuts. Rivers went through a stretch in January when he struggled, but he’s back on track. And he definitely needed to nail that shot after talking so much crap about UNC last year.

Duke Signee Austin Rivers Rips on North Carolina for Lack of Rivalry

Austin Rivers is widely considered the top recruit in the country, and he signed to play for Duke in the fall. Rivers is the son of Boston coach Doc Rivers, and we already saw how talented he is by the way he schooled John Wall. We’re also learning that young Austin may have taken notes from Kevin Garnett, because his smack talk is pretty strong. Check out what the high schooler said recently to the Orlando Sentinel, as I learned via DukeHoopsBlog:


To quote Austin, “I don’t think it’s much of a rivalry right now because UNC’s not better than Duke, nowhere near in my opinion. Until UNC can start winning some games, I don’t think it’s much of a rivalry. I don’t think it’s a rivalry. They have to do something first. Duke’s done their share — I don’t know about UNC.”

I love the bravado, but someone needs to teach that youngster a history lesson. Sure, Duke destroyed UNC by 32 last season and swept them, but in the three previous seasons Carolina won 5 of 6. This rivalry goes in cycles depending on who’s up and who’s down, and right now it’s Duke that’s up. Things could very well change very quickly. And way to add pressure on the guys for a team you’re not even a part of yet, kid.

Austin Rivers Tools on John Wall

If you can make a No. 1 NBA draft pick look clueless on the court, you probably have a pretty bright future in basketball ahead of you.  We aren’t telling anyone anything they don’t already know, but Austin Rivers — Doc Rivers’ son — must be as good as they say.  Just ask John Wall, whose insane hops were of no use during Boost Mobile’s Elite 24 camp in California.  Check out the video of Austin Rivers crossing up and stripping John Wall, courtesy of The Big Lead:

It’s no wonder Rivers is considered the best player in the Class of 2011.  If you can make a player like Wall look silly on both sides of the court on consecutive plays, you’re headed for a big pay day.

Austin Rivers Crossed Up John Wall, Then, He Stripped Him at the Defensive End [The Big Lead]
Video Credit: The Rookie Wall