Baron Davis might want to wear a bigger suit jacket next time

Baron Davis butt suit

Now I’m not going the “Tommy Boy” route and call it fat guy in a little coat, but Baron Davis could definitely stand to loosen his suit by a size or two. I mean you don’t have to go as loose as Tracy McGrady when appearing on TNT, but loosening it up a bit would work. Seriously, throw a wig on that and I might have thought it was Serena Williams.

Baron Davis on Blazers: ‘The ship be sinking’ (Video)

Baron-DavisIt doesn’t seem like long ago that the Portland Trail Blazers were one of the best teams in the NBA. Now, they are in danger of missing the playoffs. Baron Davis summed up their recent performance with a legendary NBA quote on Tuesday night.

“The ship be sinking,” Davis said to the enjoyment of his TNT colleagues.

As many of you know, that quote was made famous by former New York Knicks point guard Michael Ray Richardson when he used it to describe his team’s collapse during the 1981-82 season. Davis explained how it applies to the Blazers.

“They’re just not playing as a team,” he said. “When you have someone like (Lamarcus) Aldridge hurt, that’s really going to hurt your team. They’re falling in the standings and they’re falling fast.”

Aldridge has not played since March 12. Portland has gone 3-4 in his absence, but the trouble started before Aldridge went down. While they are certainly missing his 23.4 points and 11.1 rebounds per game, the Blazers have lost nine of their last 14 games. They were playing just as poorly with Aldridge.

The biggest issue? Just 2.5 games separate the Blazers, who are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference, from the ninth-place Phoenix Suns. With 10 games remaining, Portland does not have much separation between making and missing the playoffs.

Baron Davis and Isabella Brewster engaged

Baron Davis Isabella Brewster

Baron Davis, Russell Brand, and Bradley Cooper. What do all three men have in common? They have all dated Isabella Brewster. But Baron is the one who put a ring on it.

According to Us Weekly, the former NBA All-Star point guard proposed to Brewster and the two are now engaged. Brewster reportedly announced the news on her Facebook page on Aug. 22.

If Brewster’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because she is the sister of Fast & Furious actress and former Derek Jeter girlfriend Jordana Brewster.

Isabella is a former CAA talent agent. Davis played 13 seasons in the NBA, though he did not play last season. Davis was linked to “Desperate Housewives” actress Teri Hatcher in 2007. He also was rumored to have dated Demi Moore, Rebecca Marshall and Lauren London. He also once made out with a female friend of LBS at a party in Santa Barbara.

This will be the first marriage for both.

Photo: Twitter/Bella Brewster

Baron Davis and The Game bet $50,000 on Drew League game?

Baron DavisThe Drew League remains one of the top summer league’s in the country when it comes to offseason basketball. A number of NBA players participate in the league, which received heightened publicity during the 2011 NBA lockout. There was a territorial game between the LA-based Drew League and the DC-based Goodman League that year, with several NBA players competing in the game. On Sunday, the Drew League will feature another marquee matchup.

Baron Davis’ LAUNFD team will face rapper The Game’s Money Gang squad, and Davis apparently wants to bet $50,000 on the game. The Game tweeted on Wednesday to say Davis called him to say he wanted to put 50k on the game.

According to our friends at Jersey Chaser, James Harden and Kevin Durant are expected to be in LA doing some work for Nike this weekend, and they are expected to play on Davis’ team.

The Drew League will be playing week 11 of the schedule this weekend. The Game’s team, which is highlighted by Paul George, leads the league with an 8-1 record. Davis’ team is 5-3. Both teams are coming off losses last weekend.

JaVale McGee, Nick Young and Austin Daye are some of the NBA players participating in the league. Former UConn guard Marcus Williams has played for Davis’ squad this summer, so the game could be loaded with high-level players.

UPDATE: The Game’s team won, thanks to big games from Metta World Peace and DeMar DeRozan. Here’s a good recap of the contest.

Baron Davis talks about Donald Sterling heckling: I just stopped liking basketball

Most athletes consider the heckling they hear from opponents to be annoying, but overall everyone knows it’s part of the game. As a professional athlete, you expect to be harassed and berated by opposing fans. When your own team’s owner starts to do it, however, it can be tough to handle. Considering Clippers owner Donald Sterling used to give him an earful as he was dribbling the ball up the court, Baron Davis knows how difficult it can be. In fact, the Knicks guard calls it one of the low points of his career.

“I just stopped liking basketball,” Davis said when discussing some of the tougher years of his career with the NY Post. “And then you’re dribbling down the court and having the owner like cuss at you and call you an idiot. I didn’t even look forward to coming to the games, and if the owner (Donald Sterling) came to the game, I definitely was not gonna have a good game because it was just like, how do you play when the main heckler in the gym is the owner of the team, and he’s telling you how much he hates you and calling out your name?”

When the story of Sterling taunting his own players broke a little over a year ago, Davis simply said he was “fighting unnecessary battles.” He was a Clipper then. Baron is a Knick now, and even though he was hoping to lead their back court before Linsanity came along I’m sure he’s glad to be away from one of the most idiotic owners in sports.

H/T I Am a GM
Photo via the SI Vault

Baron Davis pretends to smoke a joint after hitting a jumper (Picture)

Baron Davis has officially returned, folks. When he returned from injury, Davis was hoping he could rescue the Knicks back court and turn them into a contender. Jeremy Lin seems to have that situation covered. Maybe after he realized Lin had locked down New York’s point guard position, Baron started thinking about how he could celebrate hitting his first jump shot of the season.

Davis played 10 minutes of Monday night’s loss to the Nets and hit one shot — a three pointer. After he knocked down said three pointer, Davis pretended to smoke a joint. You know, the whole pretending to hit a J after hitting a J thing? Clever, right? I can think of one guy who probably appreciated the gesture.

H/T to @Netw3rk and Deadspin for the picture.

Baron Davis Does Not Appreciate Knicks Fans Booing the Team

Baron Davis has been out all season with a back injury. He began practicing with the Knicks this week, but perhaps he is still a bit behind on getting used to the lifestyle in New York. The Knicks have spent a lot of money and are loaded with star power, yet they are a mere 6-10 on the season. Fans who have attended the last four New York games — all of which were at Madison Square Garden — were treated to losses. They pay a lot of money to be there, so when the team stinks they deserve to be booed. Baron doesn’t think so.

“We’re going to have the fans behind us, even though they boo,” Davis said Monday according to the NY Post. “They’re just passionate about winning. All we ask is for their patience and to keep supporting us, because the booing is not going to really help us think through things.”

Losing doesn’t help Knicks fans feel better about the money they spent to go to the games, either.  New York fans may be a bit premature in their Phil Jackson chants and may have forgotten that Carmelo Anthony is battling injuries when they rained boos down on him, but there’s only one way to stop it.  The Knicks have to stop playing like crap.

Apparently Davis thinks he’s going to bring a lot to the table when he is cleared to play.  He said the Knicks offense is going to become “unstoppable” once they hit their stride.  Until that moment, the fans will continue giving a 6-10 team the reception they deserve.