Barry Bonds thinks he should be in Hall of Fame ‘without a doubt’

Barry BondsBarry Bonds showed up at San Francisco Giants spring training camp on Monday and he was looking incredibly skinny.

Bonds will be serving as a hitting instructor for a week, and he answered some questions from the media as part of his arrival. One of the subjects that came up was the Hall of Fame. Bonds has received fewer than 37 percent of the vote each of the two years he has been on the ballot. He believes that’s some b.s.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Bonds had a firm response when asked if he should be in Cooperstown.

“Without a doubt,” he said.

I couldn’t stand Bonds when he played and really dislike guys who cheated the game, but I couldn’t agree with him more. How can you have a Hall of Fame that omits one of the greatest hitters of all time? It’s so silly and makes little sense. It makes even less sense when you realize that there are already steroids users in the Hall of Fame, which is what both Jose Canseco and Jack McDowell have already said.

Skinny Barry Bonds arrives at Giants’ camp

Skinny-Barry-BondsBarry Bonds has rejoined the San Francisco Giants this year as a special hitting instructor. Judging by his new physical build, it seems unlikely that he will be taking part in any bench press competitions.

Skinny Barry arrived at Giants’ camp on Monday looking nothing like the home run record holder who last played an MLB game in 2007. Bonds looks like he has dropped about 10 inches on his waistline and four fitted hat sizes. Seriously, whose neck is this?

We knew Bonds had taken up cycling as a hobby and slimmed down quite a bit in retirement, but it is still bizarre to see him walking around a baseball field looking like an average-sized dude. I wonder if Barry and CC Sabathia have been dieting together.

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Barry Bonds will be special hitting instructor at Giants spring training

Barry BondsYou could build a pretty convincing case for Barry Bonds being among the top two or three hitters in Major League Baseball history. Some of the numbers on his Baseball Reference page look like they were produced in a video game, not against real pitchers.

There is proof that at least a decent portion of those statistics were aided by performance enhancing drugs, but the talent and ability has always been evident. It’s because of that the San Francisco Giants have extended an invitation to Bonds to be an instructor at the team’s spring training this year.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, manager Bruce Bochy had this to say on Bonds’ role.

“I know he’s had some things on his plate. Now it looks like he’s got some time on his hands. He has a passion for hitting and a strong intention to get back in the game and help out hitters. He’s going to be part of the great Giants who come in here and help out, the Hall of Famers, J.T. Snow, Will Clark, everyone. Barry is part of that group.

“To have his knowledge, and have a guy who’s one of the great hitters of all time talking to hitters, it’s going to be beneficial to everyone. Barry had talent, sure. But he was a very smart hitter. To hear what he has to say about hitting gives us another set of eyes and a brain to help out.”

Looking at it from a strictly a baseball standpoint, having a Hall of Fame caliber player and one of the greatest the sport has ever seen around to provide pointers and advice can only be seen as a good thing. Of course, outside of that there is the potential for the media circus Bochy later mentioned in his comments. It appears the team has decided the positives outweigh the negatives in this instance.

Jeopardy takes shot at Barry Bonds with asterisk (Video)

Barry-Bonds-Jeopardy-questionThat damn “Jeopardy!” just thinks it’s so freakin’ funny sometimes, right? The nearly 50-year-old game show has taken its fair share of swipes at athletes and sports teams over the years, and the producers were at it again on Wednesday night. Barry Bonds was the latest victim.

One of the answers given on the show read “he fathered baseball * Barry Bonds.” The question, of course, was Bobby Bonds. Here is how Alex Trebek read the answer.

“He fathered baseball star Barry Bonds.”

Those of us who are familiar with baseball’s steroid era and Barry Bonds’ career know that an asterisk is hardly a star. Well played.

Last month, “Jeopardy!” took a shot at the Houston Astros and their horrendous 2013 season. Watch out, Johnny Manziel — you’re next.

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Barry Bonds admitted he really cares about Hall of Fame

Barry BondsBarry Bonds will be on the Hall of Fame ballot for the second time, and it doesn’t look like the former slugger will be any closer to gaining acceptance into Cooperstown. Though he has the type of personality that makes it seem like he doesn’t care about awards and honors, the all-time home run king admitted last year that he actually cares about the Hall despite what he says.

“I do really care,” Bonds said last year, via MLB.com. “I may say I don’t, but I do really care. I’ve been through a lot in my life, so not too many things bother me. Making the Hall of Fame, would it be something that’s gratifying because of what I’ve sacrificed? Sure. Baseball has been a big part of our lives. We’ve sacrificed our bodies. It’s the way we made our living.”

Bonds only received 36.2 percent of votes for the Hall in the 2013 ballot, his first time appearing on the ballot. He probably will receive some more votes this year for a few reasons. One, a lot of voters don’t like to vote for a player on their first ballot. They reserve that honor for only the most elite players even among Hall of Famers (the type of reasoning I’ve never understood). Two, over time, I think the opposition of steroid users will lessen.

Though I couldn’t stand Bonds when he played and found him to be a jerk, it would be an absolute joke for him and other top players of the era not to make it into the Hall. These players — and steroids in general — are a huge part of baseball history. You can’t fail to recognize the top players of that era because it was tainted. The Hall needs to adjust and recognize these players in a Steroid Era wing and get it over with.

Barry Bonds’ new girlfriend is ex-Olympic cyclist Mari Holden

Barry-Bonds-cyclingAfter retiring from baseball, Barry Bonds turned his attention to cycling. The scorned slugger, who was once a swollen powerhouse, has slimmed down dramatically. In fact, he is into cycling so much that he even began dating former Olympic cyclist Mari Holden.

In a recent feature written by Sports on Earth’s Gwen Knapp, we learned that Bonds enjoys the fact that the Olympic silver medalist can torch him on two wheels.

“He’s very animated about it, and very funny,” Specialized Bicycle Components founder and CEO Mike Sinyard, Bonds’ friend, said. “He couldn’t believe it: ‘How is this little, beautiful woman passing me going up this hill?’”

Holden is pictured to Bonds’ left in the photo below:

In June, Bonds attended the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame event with Holden. One might think that the home run king would be the center of attention at any sports award ceremony he attended, but it was the 42-year-old Holden who was being honored. Bonds, who sat with Holden’s parents, received autograph requests when people realized who he was. He respectfully told autograph seekers to wait until after the speeches.

“He was very gracious to everyone, but it was Mari’s night, and he stepped back,” county Hall of Fame chairperson Maureen Dobbins explained, noting that she knew Bonds from his link to performance-enhancing drugs. “I’ll be honest, when I heard he was going to be there, I thought, I don’t want to be near him, but seeing how he was, his demeanor, he was a perfect gentleman.”

Say what you will about Bonds and the mark he left on the game of baseball, but it appears he has settled into a comfortable life of retirement. Cycling seems to be treating him well.

PS: Do you think George Clooney hooked up with Holden? Based on the entertaining information we passed along last month, it seems like it would only be fair.


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George Clooney new girlfriend Monika Jakisic hooked up with Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds If you asked me on Monday what George Clooney and Barry Bonds have in common, the only answer I could have given you is that they probably have similar career earnings. A day later, I’ve learned something far more disturbing, something far more unlikely, and something I never would have thought possible. According to a report, Barry Bonds and George Clooney are Eskimo Brothers.

Us Weekly reported last week that Clooney, who split with Stacy Keibler in July, has a new girl he’s hooking up with. This new girlfriend is Monika Jakisic, a 33-year-old London-based model with whom Clooney reportedly flirted at a club in May. Now Clooney’s dating life is not a subject that typically interests us, but one little detail about the story ties it all together.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported on Sunday that Jakisic, aka “The Croatian Sensation,” used to hook up with Bonds. A source told them that Bonds used to go into the Palazzo apartments in Los Angeles to pick up Jakisic, who was living there at the time.

So let me refresh: the same model with whom Clooney is hooking up also used to date Bonds. I really can’t get my head around this one. I’m having a really hard time processing this. Seriously.

Clooney has always been considered a ladies’ man. He’s like supposedly one of the most desirable men out there. And Bonds? Yeah he’s a home run king, but I’ve never heard of him described in dazzling or personable terms. I know you’re not supposed to use the transitive property when it comes to dating but, if I’m Clooney, I’d have to be more than a little alarmed about dating a girl who also found Bonds to be suitable. That’s a deal-breaker right there. As soon as I found out that information, I’d hit the eject button. Done. No questions asked, but no thank you.

Actually, I should make one note — Clooney has had one tie to another steroid-using all-star in the past.

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