Barry Bonds throws out first pitch at Malibu Little League’s opening day

Barry BondsBarry Bonds is a man of the people. Not only has the former slugger taken up cycling in retirement, but he’s also giving back to the community.

Bonds, who has a residence in Southern California, threw out the first pitch at Malibu Little League’s opening day last weekend, The Malibu Times reports. Bonds reportedly was there to support his godson, who, at 11, is playing Little League for the first time.

“Opening Day is always going to be exciting. When I go back and think about it, that’s the one day I looked forward to. It’s the first day with everyone getting together. You have your first game; you get your first hit. It’s great. For the kids it’s awesome,” Bonds told The Times.

Former shortstop Royce Clayton, who played with Bonds on the San Francisco Giants from 1993-95, was also there for opening day. He has four children who play at the league, per The Times.

And how nice and charitable has Bonds become? The newspaper says he offered to take pictures with every team. You can see one below as shared by Clayton’s wife:

The world redemption tour is certainly close to completion. Well done again, Barry.

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Barry Bonds selling his Beverly Hills mansion for $25 million

Barry-Bonds-cyclingPerhaps Barry Bonds has had enough of the celebrity life and all that comes with it. According to The Wall Street Journal, Bonds recently put his Beverly Hills mansion on the market for a modest price of $25 million. He reportedly purchased the home for $8.7 million back in 2002, so he’ll be tripling his investment if he receives close to the asking price.

A person familiar with the home told the WSJ that it has seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a music room, movie theater, wine room, gym and spa. It also has a guest house and pool and sits on 1.85 acres of land.

As we know, Bonds has taken up cycling – no, not that kind of cycle — in his retirement. He was also recently photographed on a beach in Hawaii, so it’s possible he has decided to give up living in Hollywood for a simpler life. Reporters have obviously been very interested in getting ahold of the home run king since he was denied entry to the Hall of Fame last week, so this could be a sign that he is trying to avoid them and keep to himself. At this point, I can’t say I would blame him.

Barry Bonds has slimmed down quite a bit in his retirement (Picture)

Barry Bonds has had as many changes to his body type throughout the years as Joan Rivers has had to her face. When he came into the league in 1986, Bonds was the kid you see above to the far left. He was a speed demon who could track down almost any ball hit to the outfield and turn a single into a double without breaking a sweat. When he broke Hank Aaron’s home run record in 2007, he was the monster you see in the middle. Believe it or not, the guy you see to the far right is also Bonds.

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Barry Bonds wants to coach with Giants, says villain persona was an act

Barry Bonds came off as a selfish player during his career, but he says he wants to help players now that he’s retired. Bonds also shockingly says that his villainous behavior was just an act.

The former slugger was in the Bay Area for a charity event and stopped by AT&T Park on Monday. After hanging out in the clubhouse, he spoke to reporters and expressed a desire to coach.

Bonds told reporters he’d be willing to coach players at all levels. He said he’s spoken with the Giants about his interest.

“My expertise is baseball. That’s the only role I can have,” Bonds said, per the San Jose Mercury News.

Nothing is imminent, but that’s what Bonds would like. If the news surprises you, recall that in 2008 he said he saw himself as a college coach teaching young players. While that isn’t too shocking, his insistence that his off-putting behavior throughout his career was just an act is surprising.

“I created that guy out there for entertainment only. Whether you hated me or liked me, you were there. And I only wanted you there,” Bonds said. “I just wanted you to see the show. That was it. All I ever wanted was for people to have a good time and enjoy it.”

I’ve always said that some players do better when they feel like the world is against them, and it was clear Bonds was one of those guys. But for him to brush off all his antics as an act is a joke. If it were just an act, then his own teammates wouldn’t have wanted opposing pitchers to have him hit. Nice try, Barry.

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Barry Bonds Appears in Bryan Stow PSA with Stow Family (Video)

Say what you will about Barry Bonds and his allegedly steroid-ridden career, but the man is working hard to restore his image.  It’s one thing to speak out against a horrible act like the Bryan Stow beating.  Any athlete or celebrity with a microphone in their face could talk about how horrible it is for a group of fans to beat another fan for supporting a rival team, but Bonds has remained committed to helping the Stow family.  After visiting Stow in the hospital and giving his children a scholarship to attend college, even the biggest Bonds haters would be stretching to say everything he has done is an act.

In what must be about step five of the Barry Bonds Image Restoration Project, Bonds recently appeared in a public service announcement with the Stow family.  Whether he has been completely sincere or not, Barry has certainly done a great deal to raise money for a tragic cause.  Check out the PSA, as shared by Sportress of Blogitude:

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Barry Bonds Visits Children’s Hospital, World Redemption Tour Continues

Barry Bonds continues to make the most of his days as a free man as he awaits a hearing in his continuing perjury case. Two months ago we informed you that Bonds visited Bryan Stow and his family at a hospital in LA. We were more blown away when it was revealed Bonds set up college scholarships for Stow’s children. Apparently the guy enjoys spending his free time at hospitals, because in addition to catching a Giants game during the week, he visited the Benioff Children’s Hospital at UCSF.

“Through Barry’s generosity, our playroom has been completely renovated and is one of the most popular spaces in the hospital,” Kimberly Scurr, the interim executive director of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital said. “A frequent visitor to the hospital, Barry has developed close ties with our kids, families and staff over the years, and has put smiles on the faces of many young patients.”

Bonds donated funds to renovate it to renovate the children’s playroom at the hospital in 2009 and it was named after him, so he’s been involved with the center for a few years. Normally we don’t cover events like this, but this is Barry Bonds we’re talking about. He was considered one of the biggest jerks in the game when he played but he really appears to have changed since retiring and we’re trying to recognize it.

Barry Bonds Gave Scholarship for Bryan Stow’s Children to Attend College

Barry Bonds was known as a surly, rude, and irritable player during his career. It was so bad that even his own teammates supposedly wanted him to get hit by pitches. But Bonds seems to have changed since he’s retired. We’ve heard many media members and people say that he’s mellowed out and become a nicer guy, and that seemed to be confirmed when we heard he went to visit Bryan Stow’s family in the hospital shortly after the beating.

Now we’re learning another detail that makes Bonds look even better.

In an interview with NBC LA, the lawyer representing the Stow family in their suit against the Dodgers says the family plans to give back donations if they win the suit. Attorney Thomas Girardi also revealed that the family plans on keeping one gift: a college scholarship donated by Barry Bonds for Stow’s children. Girardi told LBS he wasn’t sure how much the donation involved, but that he knows Bonds set up the scholarships for the children.

Stow is a single father of two children and Bonds already reportedly gave them a signed glove and bat in the hospital. Now he’s paying for them to attend college? He sure has changed, and he is making some great use of his time while he awaits a hearing in his perjury trial. Well done Barry, very well done.

Thanks to Josina Anderson for the tip