Barry Bonds Gave Scholarship for Bryan Stow’s Children to Attend College

Barry Bonds was known as a surly, rude, and irritable player during his career. It was so bad that even his own teammates supposedly wanted him to get hit by pitches. But Bonds seems to have changed since he’s retired. We’ve heard many media members and people say that he’s mellowed out and become a nicer guy, and that seemed to be confirmed when we heard he went to visit Bryan Stow’s family in the hospital shortly after the beating.

Now we’re learning another detail that makes Bonds look even better.

In an interview with NBC LA, the lawyer representing the Stow family in their suit against the Dodgers says the family plans to give back donations if they win the suit. Attorney Thomas Girardi also revealed that the family plans on keeping one gift: a college scholarship donated by Barry Bonds for Stow’s children. Girardi told LBS he wasn’t sure how much the donation involved, but that he knows Bonds set up the scholarships for the children.

Stow is a single father of two children and Bonds already reportedly gave them a signed glove and bat in the hospital. Now he’s paying for them to attend college? He sure has changed, and he is making some great use of his time while he awaits a hearing in his perjury trial. Well done Barry, very well done.

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Barry Bonds Visited Bryan Stow in Hospital

We’ve done so much Barry Bonds bashing over the years here at LBS, it’s only fair to point out when the seemingly heartless man actually does something positive. NBC Bay Area reported Wednesday afternoon that Bonds actually visited Bryan Stow in the hospital. Stow you’ll recall is the Giants fan who was attacked by savage Dodger fans on Opening Day and ended up in a medically-induced coma because of his injuries.

The spokeswoman for Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, Rosa Saca, said Bonds came to the hospital last Friday and met with the family. NBC Bay Area reported that “Bonds also spent an hour in Stow’s room and left a signed baseball bat for Stow’s children.”

We had heard that Bonds has mellowed since retiring and actually become a much nicer person. This report would confirm that, and it certainly is a commendable gesture by Bonds. And while we’re on the subject of Barry’s compassion, he actually wasn’t that rude on his voicemails to Kimberly Bell as the courts would have you believe. Maybe he’s not so bad these days after all.

Barry Bonds Getting Off Easy in Perjury Case, Can Thank Greg Anderson

After nearly four days of deliberation and two weeks of Barry Bonds’ perjury trial, the jury found the slugger guilty of obstruction of justice but was unable to yield a verdict on three other charges. Though Bonds is not off yet — there’s a hearing set for May — he should be thanking his lawyers, our jurors, and trainer Greg Anderson for helping his case.

Bonds was being tried for four offenses all saying he lied to the grand jury. Three counts were related to Bonds lying about being injected (one count each for steroids, HGH, and being injected period), and the fourth count was obstruction of justice. The jury found Bonds guilty of obstruction of justice but nearly acquitted him on the other three charges.

The jurors convicted Bonds for refusing to answer the question directly when asked if his trainer, Greg Anderson, ever gave him anything to inject. Bonds answered with a response about being the child of a celebrity. They felt since he didn’t answer that question directly that he was obstructing justice. The problem is they didn’t feel they had enough evidence to confirm he was injected. They discredited the testimony of Bonds’ personal shopper who says she saw Bonds get injected by Anderson, and they discredited his former girlfriend’s words that he talked about using steroids.

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Rob Dibble: Pirates Players Wanted Reds to Throw at Barry Bonds

Back before Barry Bonds was America’s enemy as #25 for the San Francisco Giants, he was a skinny two-time All-Star for the Pittsburgh Pirates who could steal 50 bases in a season. Not many people remember that Barry because his greatest years came so late in his career, but that’s who he played for before he got on the horse pills.

Anyway, on this week’s Barfly edition of FOXSports.com’s Lunch with Benefits, host Mark Kriegel talked about Bonds with guests Kevin Frazier and Rob Dibble. Frazier was comparing Bonds’ friendliness during his playing days with how he is now, and pointed out that Bonds is much friendlier these days. Dibble rebutted that with a story from his playing days of how Bonds’ teammates on the Pirates would come to him and Norm Charlton and offer a steak dinner if they hit Barry.

Dibble and Charlton were the Nasty Boys at the time, so getting hit with their fastballs actually meant something. Dibble says he never hit Bonds, but that just speaks to the way his teammates felt about him. Of course we’re not breaking any new ground here, just adding another anecdote to the long list of anti-Bonds tales.

Dibble also added that once A-Rod got his $252 million deal from the Rangers, that’s when players wanted to do what they could to extend their careers to continue earning money. Thanks to the Cincinnati Enquirer for the heads up on the story.

Barry Bonds Voicemails to Kimberly Bell Released, Will be Used by Prosecutors

The government is preparing for its perjury case against Barry Bonds and some of its evidence has been released. Last week we told you that Bonds’ increased head and foot size is going to be used by prosecutors. We’ve always known that ex-girlfriend Kimberly Bell was going to help the prosecutions case, but now is the first time the contents of Bonds’ voicemails to her have been made public.

Quite honestly, if you read through Lance Williams’ breakdown of some of the voicemails on California Watch, you’ll be shocked to discover what a nice and compassionate guy he can be. In some of the voicemails he talks about buying gifts for people, and in many instances he’s taking care of his family. He also comes across as loving and concerned about Bell. But at some point their relationship changes, and Bonds becomes threatening and uses nasty language towards Bell. It’s those 11 voicemails that prosecutors will use in court to show Bonds’ rage.

Here is the written transcript of those 11 voicemails:

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Barry Bonds’ Increased Head and Foot Size Part of Prosecution’s Perjury Case

I know Barry Bonds is old news and hardly relevant in sports discussions these days, so I post this only because of its element of humor. Court papers were filed on Monday including the witness list federal prosecutors will use in their case to prove Barry Bonds lied under oath, and a few of them are just too funny to ignore.

First off, the prosecutors will run with what we all saw using the ‘ol eye ball test: Barry Bonds’ melon grew to humongous sizes. Recent pictures of Bonds revealed that Baroid has shrunk like a deflated balloon from the days when he was ruling baseball. He went from a skinny kid who could hit to a superhuman baseball cartoon version of the Incredible Hulk, complete with a gigantic melon. Prosecutors are expected to have Mike Murphy, the Giants clubhouse manager, testify that Baroid’s hat size increased during his time in San Francisco — and not because of his increased ego.

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The Three Step Process to Denying Performance-Enhancing Drug Usage

Recently, OJ Mayo joined the long list of professional athletes who were caught using an illicit performance-enhancing substance and subsequently caught using a bad excuse to explain usage of said substance. Based on the now predictable response of those who have been found guilty, the doping playbook uses a three-step process to react to a positive test. Number one: look surprised. Step two: deny all accountability. Three: if all else fails blame it on an over-the-counter supplement/energy drink or some other poor faceless schlub.

Heart, chemistry, teamwork. These were once the hallmarks of sportsmanship. Now, the only time you hear about heart is when there is an enlarged one from supplementation. The chemistry is supplied by ne’er-do-wells Vince Galea and Victor Conte. And, teamwork only exists when one player is helping another with steroid, er, Vitamin B-12 injections. Baseball has been racked with so many allegations, one would half expect the 2013 Hall of Fame induction class to include cream, clear, and Report, Mitchell to be enshrined. Heck, if you total up the number of home runs hit as a result of the trio, it makes Ruth and Aaron’s power look like that of Rowan and Martin.

What happened to the days where athletes got by on grit, toughness, and, perhaps, a horse tranquilizer or four? Eh, you probably misremembered those days, too. I presume there’s no blood test for gumption, or a urine test for elbow grease. Nowadays, it’s out with the old in with the “-ol.” Heck, even the producers of the chicken at the market go out of their way to say “steroid-free.” (Presumably, these chickens were killed because they could not keep up with the birds that were drugged.)

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