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Monday, March 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Barry Bonds

Is President Bush Behind the Push to Indict Bonds?

Another story I just posted at FanHouse, based on a report from the Mercury News. They’re both a must read. In short, Bonds’ lawyer, Michael Rains, thinks that President Bush is driving the push for indictment. Funny thing is, I think he might be right. Let’s see why: President Bush is a baseball fan. He’s…Read More

Feds Might Be Close to Indicting Bonds

TJ Quinn at the New York Daily News has been absolutely killing the scene when it comes to steroids and amphetamines investigations. I mean this guy is all over these stories. His latest suggests that the grand jury is close to indicting Barry Bonds (probably for charges of perjury). I just got done posting that…Read More

Only Three Away for Barry

There was an interesting poll presented during the Comcast broadcast of the Giants Cubs game. They asked whether or not people wanted Barry Bonds to break the record. The results: 80% said no while 20% said yes. Recently at FanHouse: Bonds hits No. 753 Explaining Brad Penny‘s crappy second half last year Karaoke unites the…Read More

Another Barry Bonds Race Poll, Is it Race, or Integrity?

Yet another one has dropped to say that cheering for or against Barry Bonds to break the record is an issue of race. I have to start wondering if it’s a difference of race or integrity. To me, I’d be rooting against McGwire or Sosa just as equally as I am against Bonds — black,…Read More

Where Will Bonds be in ’08?

It’s a good question now that Brian Sabean has been extended for two years. Probably means Bonds won’t be brought back. Lately at FanHouse: Bonds done in San Francisco? Padres looking to add pitching David Ortiz mashing on a peg leg Fuentes’ injury wasn’t a joke MLB probably doesn’t want Mark Cuban

Giants Fans Rigged Online All-Star Vote for Barry Bonds

All the details I just posted at FanHouse, so go check it out. Here’s the program that was posted on so that there’s no confusion (I had to crop part of it): Smells like the conspiracy I thought it was. Again, check out my post at FanHouse for all the details.

Barry Bonds Owes it to Fans to Participate in Home Run Derby

From MLB FanHouse: Let me make this clear: I don’t like Barry Bonds. I believe he cheating the game of baseball and is poised to break Hank Aaron‘s record only because he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Making matters even worse, he doesn’t speak to the media frequently, and is a jerk to people on and…Read More

Barry Bonds Aged Overnight, Literally

No, this is not a reference to Barry’s poor play recently. Nor is it a lame joke about Bonds’ recent leg injuries that have forced him to be out of the starting lineup the past two nights. If you check out this preview of Thursday’s Giants/D-Backs game, it has Barry Bonds listed as 43-years-old. Bonds…Read More

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