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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds Is a Lucky Man

If you were down with LBS going back a few months, you know that I was all over the upcoming indictment of Bonds. I said the feds were getting close to indicting him back in July, and also speculated that President Bush could have had something to do with it. For quite some time, I’ve…Read More

Barry Bonds Gets His First Job Offer

We know the man is still trying to patch things up with the Giants who say the sides have parted ways. In the meantime, Bonds told MSNBC that he’s been training and is ready to get back out there and play. With free agency looming and the Winter Meetings approaching, Bonds is likely to have…Read More

Bonds Ex-Mistress Tells of His Shrunken Nuts

Just add this to the mounting evidence against Barry Bonds. To anyone who read Game of Shadows, we learned that Bonds first got interested in steroids when he saw McGwire and Sosa, who he felt were inferior hitters, belting the baseball and became jealous. That was according to his ex-mistress, Kimberly Bell, who surely has…Read More

Gilbert Comes to Barry’s Rescue*

Well, I guess that headline would be misleading, considering Gilbert hasn’t quite come to Barry’s rescue just yet. But he wants to. At least that’s what he told DC Sports Bog (& Grill) man Dan Steinberg. Apparently Gil’s incensed by Marc Ecko’s plan to brand the 756 ball with an asterisk and send it to…Read More

Refusing to Watch Barry Bonds Hit 756 and All the Glory

This is a free country, and as such, I decided I didn’t want to watch the moment and all the coverage that ensued with Barry Bonds hitting No. 756. I covered the story fairly at work, leading with it for all broadcasts, as that was the right thing to do. But that doesn’t mean I…Read More

Is President Bush Behind the Push to Indict Bonds?

Another story I just posted at FanHouse, based on a report from the Mercury News. They’re both a must read. In short, Bonds’ lawyer, Michael Rains, thinks that President Bush is driving the push for indictment. Funny thing is, I think he might be right. Let’s see why: President Bush is a baseball fan. He’s…Read More

Feds Might Be Close to Indicting Bonds

TJ Quinn at the New York Daily News has been absolutely killing the scene when it comes to steroids and amphetamines investigations. I mean this guy is all over these stories. His latest suggests that the grand jury is close to indicting Barry Bonds (probably for charges of perjury). I just got done posting that…Read More

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