NFL writers Jason La Canfora, Bart Hubbuch get into Twitter fight

Rex-Ryan-JetsThe excitement of NFL season is more than upon us, with the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos set to bring us the first regular season game of the year a week from today. Tensions are high in some instances, and it appears that has spilled over to NFL writers Jason La Canfora and Bart Hubbuch.

Hubbuch, who writes for the New York post, and La Canfora, who now works for CBS Sports, got into an epic Twitter beef on Thursday night. It all started when La Canfora tweeted a link to his latest story, which examines the local media’s role in the circus that has become the New York Jets.

Hubbuch fired the first shot and clearly struck a nerve with La Canfora, who defended himself by saying the piece is about Rex Ryan and accusing Hubbuch of not even taking the time to read it. We’ll let the two of them take it from here.

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