Mike Trout Dressed up as Lady Gaga During Angels’ Rookie Hazing (Picture)

It’s September, meaning it’s the time of year when MLB teams expand their rosters 40 players. Rookies are called up and subsequently hazed. This is Angels top prospect Mike Trout dressed up as Lady Gaga after Sunday’s loss to the Yankees:

Yup, Trout’s Lady Gaga outfit even came complete with a gratuitous nip slip. Thanks Mike! You sickos may have enjoyed seeing him in a Gaga outfit, but I still say Jered Weaver’s prank of Trout was even better.

Thanks to LA Angels Insider for the picture, and head over to their album to see plenty more pictures of the Angels rookies in funky costumes.

Arizona Diamondbacks Dress Rookies Up in Speedos and Swim Outfits for Hazing

If August is the month for rookie hazing in the NFL, then September is the time for rookies to get it in baseball. First it was the Twins dressing up their rookies in cartoon and Sacha Baron Cohen costumes, and then it was Logan Morrison in a hideous outfit. While that’s nothing compared to getting awful looking haircuts, it’s probably better than walking around the Bay Area in speedos and swim caps, as the Diamondbacks rookies had to do. Thanks to AZ Snake Pit for the tip:

On second thought, it’s not too different from Bay to Breakers. They probably did blend in around the area.

Photo Credits: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Baseball Players Know how to Haze

My favorite was a while back when the Dodgers took Chan Ho Park’s finest suit and turned it into a tank top and shorts on a road trip. As you could imagine, Chan Ho was none too pleased about that. Here’s Josh Barfield from last year, courtesy 100% Injury Rate:

Also head over there to check their awesome compilation of the best rookie hazing this year in baseball. Believe me, there are some beauties.