Yasiel Puig does a bat flip on routine fly ball to center (Video)

Does anyone misjudge his own batted balls worse than Yasiel Puig? I’d have to say no.

The guy has been playing in the majors for like a grand total of one season, and he already has a full blunder reel of times he’s given great home run bat flips on what turned out to be routine outs. And the great part is no matter how many times he does it, it’s never not funny.

Yasiel Puig bat tossOn Wednesday, Puig went bat flip on a routine fly ball to center with two on and two outs in the top of the eighth inning against the Nationals. After taking a few steps following the bat flip, Puig probably realized the ball was staying in the park, so he began to jog. Denard Span caught it like it was no big deal.

Even though we have plenty of laughs at Puig’s expense here, this repetitive issue with him is probably a reflection on the Cuban baseball culture. Players are showmen in Cuba, so celebrating and posing after big hits is part of the game. This is probably habitual for Puig. The only problem is that he’s so terrible at differentiating between his flyouts and his dingers.

And if it’s any consolation, he’s not the first person to do this sort of thing. There was this from Alfonso Soriano last year. There was this bat flip by a player in the Korean league on a foul ball. And then my personal favorite, this spectacular gem from the Korean league. At least he has plenty of company.

Here’s another look at the bat flip:

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Korean baseball player gives epic bat flip on … foul ball (Video)

Oh is this precious.

Choi Jun-seok of the Korean Baseball Organization’s Doosan Bears thought he had himself a big time jimmy jack after turning on a fastball up and in on Monday. Choi just destroyed the pitch, hammering it down the line. He absolutely pulverized it and knew he got all of the ball as soon as he hit it. In fact, he even gave an epic bat flip. Unfortunately for Choi, the ball went about 100 feet foul down the line, leaving Choi with nothing but a 1-1 count. His team went on to lose 10-3 to the Lotte Giants.

If that awesome video looks familiar, it’s because back in May we had an even better premature celebration from the Korean league.

Below is a GIF in case the video gets pulled.

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Korean baseball player’s hilarious premature celebration includes bat flip, home run point (Video)

This is easily one of my favorite baseball videos in a long time.

According to Deadspin, this took place during a Wednesday game in the Korean Professional Baseball league between the Lotte Giants and NC Dinos. The Dinos were up 6-4 in the ninth when Giants outfielder Jeon Jun-woo came up with one out and a man on.

Jun-woo took a slow, hanging breaking ball and pulverized it to left. Dude totally thinks it’s gone. He does a bat flip, home run point, points to his teammates in the dugout, and begins his home run trot. Only one problem: he had warning track power.

The ball was caught by the left fielder, and a stunned Jun-woo was left stranded by first base wondering what the heck happened.

Let’s break down all the awesomeness of this “Major League II” Willie Mays Hayes real-life moment.

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