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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Batista

Batista responds to haters of his blue outfit at Payback

Batista turned heads during Sunday’s WWE Payback show, and not in a good way. Fans immediately noticed that Batista was wearing an all-blue outfit that made him something look like a Power Ranger or Megaman, for all you old school NES fans. In fact, an entire Twitter movement began where people were mocking Batista and…Read More

Fan has epic meltdown after Batista wins Royal Rumble (Video)

Batista winning the Royal Rumble over the weekend did not go over well with wrestling fans. Check that: anyone other than Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble would probably have gone over poorly with fans. But was anyone more heated over the outcome of the event than this fine lad? Just look at this dude….Read More

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