SF Batkid saves Giants mascot Lou the Seal during heroic day

Bat Kid Lou the Seal

America was swept up Friday with the awesome story of “Bat Kid,” a 5-year-old boy named Miles who went around the city of San Francisco like Batman to save the city for the day as part of a Make-A-Wish dream.

Miles’ has battled leukemia most of his life, but it is now in remission. San Francisco’s Make-A-Wish chapter worked with the city to grant Miles’ wish of being Batman for the day, and the results were spectacular.

Parts of San Francisco were turned into Gotham City, with the streets lined with hundreds of people calling for Miles’ help. Miles, a huge superhero fan, was dressed in a full Batman costume, and had several tasks throughout the day.

Here was the schedule of events via ABC:

10 a.m.: Miles receives the Police Chief Greg Suhr’s call for help
11:15 a.m.: Batkid apprehends the Riddler
12:30 p.m.: A flashmob in Union Square alerts Batkid that the Penguin has kidnapped Lou Seal
1:10 p.m.: Batkid chases the Penguin around AT&T Park before rescuing Lou Seal
2 p.m.: Miles is awarded the key to the city in a presentation at City Hall

First, the Batmobile arrived for Batkid:

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