Ben McLemore on losing dunk contest to John Wall: this is bulls— (GIF)

Apparently Ben McLemore is the only person around who didn’t think John Wall had the best dunk of the night in the Slam Dunk Competition on Saturday.

Wall brought down the house by taking the ball from the Wizards mascot in the air, double-pumping and then dunking. He did it all while jumping over the mascot. It was pretty darn impressive, and it left many people saying that Wall brought the dunk contest back.

But McLemore thought his dunk was deserving of a victory over Wall. As he was waiting to hear from the judges, someone appeared to say something to him and you could see him respond that the judging was bulls–.

McLemore did an entire king-themed dunk that involved Shaq, who is a part-owner of the Sacramento Kings. You can see both his and Wall’s dunks in the video below:

I don’t know what McLemore was complaining about. Even he was impressed by Wall’s dunk. Check out his original reaction:

Ben McLemore reaction

Look at how much air Wall got on his dunk:

John Wall dunk

How could you not pick him? No surprise, the Wizards guard was named the Slam Dunker of the Night. It was definitely deserving, regardless of how McLemore felt.

Charles Barkley bags on Ben McLemore for having nappy hair

Ben McLemore hair

Charles Barkley has no filter. No filter whatsoever.

As TNT was getting ready for the Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night, the crew was asked to give their picks to win it. Shaq said his pick to win the competition was Ben McLemore, which led Chuck to take a shot at McLemore for having some nappy hair, in his opinion.

“Ben McLemore needs some of that green grease that people used to put in their hair back in the hood where I grew up. Get some of the naps out of there.”

Thanks Chuck. At least that dude has hair on his head. And it’s better looking than that taco meat on your chest.

Ben McLemore hair nappy

As far as that green grease he mentioned, was he talking about Dax Pomade? This is what all the homies used back in the day.

Dax Pomade

If Chuck were so concerned about McLemore’s hair, he should have just given him some of that Vaseline he carries around in his belly button to help a brother out.

LeBron James dunks on Ben McLemore, just destroys him (Video)

Ben McLemore has played 24 career NBA games, but it wasn’t until his 25th that the rookie truly had his “welcome to the league” moment.

During the first quarter of Friday’s Miami Heat-Sacramento Kings game, LeBron James just destroyed McLemore with a vicious dunk. The dude almost got Mozgov’d.

Let’s give McLemore credit for trying to take the charge in the situation. He’s a brave soul. But he will also go down in the long chapter of victims of LeBron’s huge slams.

By the way, that was a heck of a job by the Kings with their defensive switch after the high pick.

This photo of the dunk is outstanding:

LeBron James Ben McLemore