Tennessee commit Joc Bruce destroys WR with huge hit (Video)

Joc Bruce, a senior “athlete” at South-Doyle High School in Tennessee, is a man-child on the football field.

Bruce committed to Tennessee in June and it’s easy to see what makes him SEC-material. The video above came from South-Doyle’s 47-21 win Friday over Hardin Valley Academy in Knoxville. Bruce hits the wideout so hard the kid’s helmet pops off like he just got demolished by Jadeveon Clowney.

Joc Bruce hit

Amazingly, Bruce is only listed at 5-foot-10 and 168 pounds. But the guy has more facial hair than I’ve ever had.

That wide receiver just learned the hard way to buckle up that chinstrap next time!

Le’Veon Bell gets jacked up by DeMeco Ryans (Video)

LeVeon-Bell-jacked-upPittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell made the trip to Philadelphia for a preseason game against the Eagles on Thursday despite being arrested for possession of marijuana on Wednesday. The guy’s such a hero he supposedly bought his own plane ticket. DeMeco Ryans probably made Bell wish he just stayed home.

Ryans absolutely leveled Bell on a pass over the middle of the field in the first quarter, drawing a flag for unnecessary roughness in the process. It looked like Bell could see the hit coming and got T-rex arms, which is why the ball ended up going off his hands. He paid the price anyway.

Fantasy football owners were already nervous about a potential suspension for Bell, though that would likely come later in the season and would probably only be a one-game ban. I’m sure seeing him get lit up like that didn’t make them feel any better.

GIF via SB Nation

UCF RB William Stanback trucks Rutgers DB Anthony Cioffi (Video)

William-Stanback-truckUCF freshman running back William Stanback delivered one of the most devastating hits of the season on Thursday night in a blowout win over Rutgers. Typically we’re talking about defenders lighting people up when we show you big hits, but Stanback showed off his incredible strength in the second quarter when he destroyed Scarlet Knights defensive back Anthony Cioffi.

Stanback caught a pass in the flat from UCF quarterback Blake Bortles and turned up the sideline. Unfortunately for Cioffo, who tried to break down and make the open-field tackle, Stanback picked up a head of steam and literally ran through his fellow freshman.

It’s not the first time we have seen an offensive player truck a defender, but Stanback barely even broke stride. He’s obviously part of the reason UCF has itself in position for the programs first BCS Bowl appearance.

H/T LBS reader Rory

Ndamukong Suh wonders if Pat McAfee will be fined for huge hit

Pat McAfee hit Trindon HollidayIndianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee delivered one of the biggest hits of the weekend when he knocked Denver Broncos kick returner Trindon Holliday out of bounds with a huge tackle in the first quarter of Sunday’s game.

Holliday was racing up the sideline in the middle of a big return when McAfee closed on him and leveled the diminutive returner. Many noticed that McAfee led with his helmet when he laid the huge hit. Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was among those who pointed it out and wondered whether the league would fine the punter for the hit:

The league may have double standards — we know they go harder on repeat offenders — but it’s not like Suh hasn’t deserved his fines. Will McAfee receive a fine for the hit? We’ll see. Even though he made helmet-to-helmet contact, he didn’t lead with the crown of his helmet. But the last person who should be whining about fines is Suh, who is the dirtiest player in the league. His teammates have complained about him playing dirty in practice both in college and the pros. Nobody wants to hear it from you, Suh.

GIF via @cjzero

High school player leveled on hit, helmet goes flying (Video)

Mekhai Bates hitTake a look at this massive hit from a Kansas 8-man high school football game. MaxPreps posted this and says it’s Mekhai Bates of Hill City in Kansas who laid the wood on that lethal hit. The team’s running back, Gabe Hamel, ran to the right initially but reversed field and cut back, leading to the defenders changing direction to chase him. The result was Bates catching an opposing player offguard in a punt return-like block. Dude hit his opponent so hard the kid’s helmet popped off.

I’m not sure who the opposing team was, but Hill City’s most recent game came was a 44-30 loss to Quinter.

Of course, we can’t post this without obligatorily linking to the Jadeveon Clowney hit. You can see more big hits here.

Oklahoma LB Eric Striker lights up Case McCoy (Video)

Eric-Striker-lights-up-Case-McCoyThe annual Red River Rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas brought the usual hard-hitting, face-paced football we’re accustomed to seeing on Saturday. Texas quarterback Case McCoy got a taste of that in the first quarter when Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker lit him up.

McCoy, who is the brother of NFL quarterback Colt McCoy, essentially was forced to do a backflip when Striker came off the edge and hit him as he threw. Striker was flagged for roughing the passer on the play and cost his team 15 yards. Here’s another angle of the hit:


Aside from his hand making contact with McCoy’s helmet, I thought Striker laid a pretty clean stick. He didn’t launch himself or lead with his helmet, but rules are rules. McCoy should be pretty sore tomorrow from that one.

H/T The Score

Jay Cutler trucked the crap out of Steelers DB Robert Golden (GIF)


Jay-Cutler-lowers-shoulderChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had arguably the best hit of Week 3 during his team’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. With Chicago leading 27-24 in the fourth quarter, Cutler took off and scrambled for 13 yards to pick up a crucial first down on 3rd-and-10. Steelers safety Robert Golden made the tackle on the play, if you even want to call it that.

Rather than sliding like most coaches kindly ask their quarterbacks to do, Cutler lowered his shoulder and trucked Golden. Bears coach Marc Trestman probably asked him to never do it again, especially since he led with his throwing shoulder. Here’s another look at the play:


The play was fun to watch, but it was also incredibly idiotic. Chicago is 3-0 and its new offense appears to be clicking nicely. The last thing the team needs is to lose Cutler because he didn’t feel like sliding. There will be plenty of time during the offseason to act like that oversized Pee Wee football player who loves to lay the lumber.

GIFs via Bleacher Report