Video: Jeff Garcia Hit by Quentin Jammer, Gets Face Bloodied

There’s a reason I had picked the Buccaneers to win this game, and Jeff Garcia was a big factor in that decision. I said his playmaking ability and desire to win would be a difference. That didn’t exactly turn out to be the case, but Garcia showed once again that he’s one of the tougher QBs in the league. Check out the punishment he takes from Quentin Jammer on this hit and the bloody mess he becomes afterward:

Later in the game the blood was just pouring down his face in streams of red. Too bad he had the two picks because Garcia’s face had gamer written all over it. The Bucs defense really imploded, and Rivers also showed it’s a joke he wasn’t selected to the Pro Bowl.

Video: Santonio Holmes Hit by Chris Crocker, Comes Up Woozy

I’ve posted lots of big hits here on the site, but I really feel bad for Santonio Holmes when I post this. He got crushed. Lit up. De-cleated. Destroyed. You could see how woozy he was after he got up from the shot, his legs all wobbly like he just took a combination from Mike Tyson. Ben Roethlisberger was like the first guy over, ostensibly feeling bad for leaving the guy hanging out to dry. Enough of the chit-chat — let’s go to the videotape:

The video doesn’t really show Holmes losing his legs from under him when he gets up from the hit. I really feel bad saying that they’re missing like the best part. Just goes to show you why so many receivers are shy about going across the middle — it leaves you wide open to shots such as that one. At least he hung onto the ball and made it semi-worthwhile.

Takeo Spikes: NFL Getting Carried Away With Fines for Defensive Players

I’m all for penalizing unnecessary roughness on the football field and discouraging late hits or helmet-to-helmet hits, but I believe the NFL has become too aggressive in doling out fines to defensive players. Take for instance the fine on Eric Smith of the Jets. Smith was just laying a normal hit on Anquan Boldin of the Cardinals, it just so happens that Boldin was severely injured on the play. No reason to fine Smith for the hit, but the NFL did. They’ve become fine-happy with guys like Hines Ward and have all but sent a message that players should think twice before delivering hard hits. At least that’s how 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes said he felt when he was a guest on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio:

I think some of the fines have been kinda high as far as what’s been going on lately with defensive players. A lot of times when you go in to hit a quarterback or you’re going up to make a big hit on the receiver to try knock the ball away from him, as a defensive player you never want to think — you just want to react. That’s just the standard role of a defensive player. But now you find yourself doing that at times and that’s not good.

I completely agree with Spikes on the matter. They’ve made it so one-sided now where it seems like defensive players might be thinking twice about delivering hits because the NFL has made it clear they don’t want the play to get too rough. Aside from penalties, you know if you keep that motor going you could be facing some serious fines for delivering big hits. That’s not the way the league should be going. Only blatantly late hits, illegal hits, or helmet-to-helmet hits should be fined so as to maintain the integrity of the game and not compromise the mentality of defensive players.

Video: Ike Hilliard Hit, Sandwiched by Leroy Hill and Lofa Tatupu, Ouch!

This hit on Ike Hilliard of the Buccaneers was so brutal it really makes you cringe. I really wonder if Jeff Garcia feels bad for putting Hilliard in such a bad situation. Even if it was the right throw to make, Garcia probably has some sorrow for the Hilliard family on that one. It’s like Hilliard ran into a cement wall. Check it out:

Probably something you missed while watching the Rays beat the Red Sox. Football is a brutal, brutal game. And in case you were wondering, both Ike Hilliard and Lofa Tatupu sustained concussions from the play. Not sure what happened with Hill, but it’s right up there with Hines Ward for hit of the week.

Hines Ward Hits Keith Rivers, Breaks His Jaw and Knocks Him Out for the Season

Hines Ward is notoriously one of the toughest players in the NFL. He’s been fined several times throughout his career for his brutal play, including an incident two weeks ago for unncessary roughness against the Ravens. Apparently the strain on his wallet hasn’t deterred him from bringing his physical play to the field. Check out this hit he delievered on Bengals rookie linebacker Keith Rivers that resulted in a broken jaw:

While there was nothing illegal about the hit, you can’t help but feel sorry for Rivers after taking that punishment. Lesson be learned: always go hard and stay on your toes when you’re occupying the same space as Hines Ward. Otherwise you’re going to wind up hurt.

Video: Knowshon Moreno Hit by Tennessee’s Eric Berry, Ouch

Just as I went berserk over Knowshon Moreno’s amazing touchdown runs and hurdles over defenders, I feel like I must also pass along the times when he gets crushed by a defender. I was watching live when this hit happened and thought it sounded just as bad as it looked. Turn up the volume for this crack laid on Moreno by Tennessee’s Eric Berry. You might want to skip ahead to the :35 second mark.

What’s shocking is how good Georgia’s running game was even when Moreno was knocked out of the game. Caleb King finished up the drive and looked great on some of his runs (even if his final numbers indicate otherwise). Still, Moreno better get his head straightened out quickly — the Dogs have Vandy, LSU, and Auburn in the next three weeks. Any wonder why it’s nearly impossible to escape the SEC unscathed?

Cal’s Jahvid Best Hit so Hard by Maryland’s Kevin Barnes He Throws Up

We’ve already seen Brandon Jacobs run over LaRon Landry, and Sheldon Brown crush Steven Jackson, but the hit of the year might be Kevin Barnes of Maryland on Cal running back Jahvid Best. I’m not sure you can place a hit on some more squarely than this one. No doubt Jahvid agrees.

Thanks to LBS tipster Andy, a saddened Cal fan, for emailing that in. We know lots of Cal fans who traveled cross-country to watch this game. Let’s just hope they didn’t see Best puking from where they were sitting, considering that one play probably encapsulates the entire game for Cal fans. Video courtesy of Mister Irrelevant via Deadspin.