Bill Belichick has priceless reaction to QB controversy question (Video)

Tom Brady had a bad game in what turned out to be a disastrous loss for the New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, and his poor performance actually led one reporter to ask about a quarterback controversy.


The Pats were blown out 41-14, with Brady going 14/23 for 159 yards with a touchdown, two interceptions and a lost fumble. Making matters even worse, one of the interceptions was a pick-six.

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After the game, Belichick was his usual grumbling, monotone, one-word-answer self with the media. Except he did give us one awesome moment.

Bill Belichick media

One reporter actually had the audacity to ask whether the quarterback position needed to be evaluated since rookie backup Jimmy Garoppolo played alright in the fourth going 6/7 for 70 yards and a touchdown. Belichick laughed it off, getting more animated about that than anything else in the presser. At least he gave us something.

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Bill Belichick has great interaction with reporter who is wearing golf shoes (Video)

Tom-Curran-golf-shoesTom Brady must be doing just fine, because New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was in a good enough mood on Friday to crack a smile and joke around with a reporter. When Belichick noticed during his press conference that CSNNE.com’s Tom E. Curran was sitting in the front row with golf spikes on, he couldn’t resist pointing it out.

“Going golfing today, Tom?,” Belichick asked.

Curran, who obviously has a very comfortable relationship with Belichick, explained that he actually forgot his shoes when he was leaving his house this morning so he had to wear golf spikes instead. He then criticized Belichick for what he was wearing.

“I have never seen this arrangement, by the way,” Curran shot back. “With the gingham (shirt) under the pullover.”

Curran also noted that the Patriots coach was wearing flip-flops. The reporter claimed he had to rush out of his house to figure out what was going on with the Tom Brady injury situation.

“You’re in flip flops,” Curran joked. “I have to work today. This is an oversight because I have to find out what happened to your damn quarterback so I ran out of the house.”

Despite Curran’s best efforts to turn the tables on Belichick, The Hoodie fired the last shot.

“We’re talking about your style, not mine … On your way to the golf course, you stopped by here,” he said with a big grin. “I got it.”

For what it’s worth, Brady was back at practice on Friday. Curran has no excuse to be wearing golf shoes on Saturday.

Aaron Hernandez, Bill Belichick exchanged a ton of text messages

Bill-Belichick-Aaron-HernandezBill Belichick was recently interviewed by Massachusetts detectives who are investigating one of the murders that Aaron Hernandez has been charged with. Belichick, Robert Kraft and several other members of the New England Patriots organization gave statements to authorities. What we found particularly interesting was how often Belichick and Hernandez texted each other in the months leading up to the Odin Lloyd murder.

Jenny Wilson of The Hartford Courant reports that prosecutors turned over 33 pages of text messages that were exchanged between Belichick and his former tight end from February 2013 to May 2013. That’s at least several hundred texts. Odin Lloyd was shot and killed on June 17, 2013.

Considering all of those text messages were exchanged during the offseason, that seems like a ton of communication between a coach and player. Based on some of the stuff we heard when Hernandez was first arrested, we shouldn’t really be surprised.

In March 2013, police were reportedly called to Hernandez’s rental home in Hermosa Beach, Calif. after he allegedly put his fist through a window during an argument with his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins. No charges were filed, but Belichick was supposedly made aware of the incident and “exploded” on Hernandez, telling him that he would be traded or cut if he didn’t shape up.

Prior to the alleged domestic dispute, Hernandez reportedly flew to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to confide in Belichick that he believed his life was in danger. Belichick allegedly advised Hernandez to rent a safe house and lay low for a while when the former Florida Gator said he was worried a group of gangsters wanted to kill him.

The question is how much did Belichick and the Patriots know. There have been various reports about Hernandez’s alleged paranoia in the months leading up to Lloyd’s murder, and we all know there have been concerns about his off-field behavior since he was in college. In all likelihood, Belichick checked in with Hernandez frequently to make sure he was staying out of trouble. That doesn’t necessarily mean he had any information he should have gone to the police with.

Darrelle Revis: Bill Belichick is a ‘players’ coach’

Darrelle-RevisIsn’t it amazing how fast a player’s tune can change after he switches teams? Two years ago, Darrelle Revis called Bill Belichick a “jerk” and later said he was sticking to it. Of course, that was when Revis was a New York Jet. Now that he is a member of the New England Patriots, it sounds like Revis considers The Hoodie to be a close friend.

“When you’re on the outside looking in when you’re playing with another organization, you look at things totally different,” Revis told reporters Thursday, via CSNNE.com’s Phil Perry. “Especially coming from New York and New England being up here, it’s a lot. You look at things totally different. … Everybody here has accepted me as much as they can to make it feel like home. Even Bill has. I feel fine with it. I’m fine. We’re on good terms.”

That all sounds pretty standard, but some might be surprised to hear Revis describe Belichick as a “players’ coach.”

“One, he’s a great coach,” Revis said. “I really respect him for winning three championships. I really do. Another thing is that I feel like he’s a players’ coach. A lot of people might not say that outside looking in, but we’re with Bill everyday. We hang out with him every day. We’re in the meetings with him every day, so we’re around him all the time. I really feel like he’s a players’ coach.”

That’s not just Revis kissing up. A lot of people take Belichick’s snarky attitude with the media to mean he is tough to work for, and that rarely seems to be the case. He definitely has a no-nonsense attitude, but there’s a reason so many players respect him. He hates talking to reporters. He doesn’t hate coaching.

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Bill Belichick on missing coaches’ photo: ‘They can photoshop me in there’


Every NFL head coach posed for a photo together at the annual head coaches meetings in Orlando on Monday with the exception of one. We’ll give you one guess who didn’t show up.

On Tuesday, Bill Belichick was asked why he was the only one of 32 current NFL head coaches who chose not to partake. He simply responded that “they can photoshop me in there” if they want. Naturally, the internet didn’t need to be told twice. The photoshops began rolling in almost immediately, with most of them featuring Belichick in his infamous pirate attire.

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Bill Belichick works out with girlfriend Linda Holliday in trademark hoodie


When I think of Bill Belichick’s infamous hooded sweatshirt as it pertains to his and Linda Holliday’s relationship, I like to think it is something the three-time Super Bowl champion coach’s girlfriend only lets him wear during games. I envision a closet full of hoodies with the sleeves cut off and Holliday saying something like this about them.

“Don’t put any of those things NEAR my clothes!”

Maybe I’m wrong. Belichick also wears the trademark hoodie when he works out. On Monday, Holliday posted a photo of her and her boo hitting the weights. Belichick was in midseason form with his wardrobe selection.

Now that I think of it, Linda did once rock a “Ms. Belichick” jersey on the sideline during a game. Belichick was wearing the hoodie when she did that. She must dig it.

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Michael Lombardi brings Browns draft guide to Combine with Bill Belichick


The New England Patriots hired former Cleveland Browns general manager Michael Lombardi as an assistant to the coaching staff last week. Lombardi, who was Bill Belichick’s director of player personnel with the Browns in the 1990s, is expected to help the Pats evaluate talent and build their roster. Is he using the same strategy he would have used in Cleveland?

Cameras spotted Lombardi thumbing through a guide at the NFL Scouting Combine on Monday that had the Browns logo on it. He was sitting next to Belichick at the time and they were presumably discussing draft strategy.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing, as Lombardi has probably been compiling notes for months and wasn’t about to copy them over into a new notebook strictly because he got a new job. That said, there are a lot of Patriots fans who would probably like to see him dispose of that book. Anything that has been going on in Cleveland for the past several years hasn’t worked.

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