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Friday, January 20, 2017

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Bill Belichick has funny response to Mike Tomlin A-hole comment

Bill Belichick isn’t about to get sucked into the controversial storyline involving some private comments made by Mike Tomlin that were broadcast in public inadvertently.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown broadcast some of the team’s postgame celebration after Sunday night’s win over the Chiefs on Facebook Live, meaning some of Coach Tomlin’s speech went public. In his speech to his players, Tomlin called the Patriots A-holes (full story here).

Belichick was on Boston radio station WEEI Monday and was asked about Tomlin’s comments. He answered in typical Belichick fashion.

Though Belichick is making it seem to the public as if he doesn’t care, you know a comment like that from the rival Steelers will fire him up privately.

The Patriots and Steelers face off in the playoffs seemingly every year, and this year’s AFC Championship Game will be just as intense as ever. As for Belichick’s derision of all things social media, well that goes back a long way.

Bill Belichick, girlfriend Linda Holliday caught sleeping on ferry to Nantucket

Given how many victories and championships he has won in his illustrious career, one might be inclined to think New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick never sleeps. That may be true when he’s at home, but we now know one place Belichick goes when he needs a little shut-eye.

With his team on a bye over the weekend, Belichick was spotted snoozing on the Nantucket ferry with his girlfriend Linda Holliday:

Belichick owns a home on the island of Nantucket, which is located about 25 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. If you’re a huge Larry David fans like LB and I, you may have heard of it in the HBO movie “Clear History.”

That may be Bill Belichick in the most human form you will ever see him. You just know he was watching film and studying for next weekend’s game on that laptop, but even the wicked need rest every now and then.

If we knew Belichick was going to fall asleep in public, we would have guessed it would have been more at a time like this. Even the most boring sports figures can surprise us sometimes — by being boring, I guess.

H/T Barstool Sports

Report: Bill Belichick reached out to Chip Kelly about role after Eagles firing

Chip Kelly 49ers

Chip Kelly did not have any coaching opportunities other than the San Francisco 49ers after the Philadelphia Eagles fired him. He did, however, have the chance to go to some other organizations in a lesser role.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, Kelly was invited to take up an informal role with a number of organizations after the Eagles let him go. Most prominent among them were the New England Patriots, where coach Bill Belichick reached out to Kelly.

Ultimately, Kelly took the first head job offered to him in San Francisco, in part due to lingering bitterness over the end of his time in Philadelphia and a desire to restart his career immediately.

Kelly likely won’t have that opportunity this offseason. While there are a number of NFL coaching jobs available, he won’t be high on anyone’s list. That makes a scenario like this one a bit more likely, and the knowledge that Belichick was interested in bringing Kelly aboard in some form a year ago will only fuel that.

John Harbaugh stands by claim that Patriots broke rules in 2015 playoff game


It has been nearly two years since the New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens in a playoff game thanks in part to a loophole in the NFL rule book, and John Harbaugh still has not completely moved on.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Harbaugh was asked about the Patriots exploiting the rules regarding eligible and ineligible receivers. He didn’t exactly ignore the question.

“I believe what I believe, and I think it’s all been proven to be right,” Harbaugh said, per Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “The point was, you had an ineligible receiver that wasn’t identified … and the official had no way to identify that for the defense. They had never addressed that before.”

On the play in question, Patriots running back Shane Vereen declared himself ineligible but lined up outside the tackle box. Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui became the fifth eligible receiver, though he was lined up like an offensive lineman. Vereen never passed the line of scrimmage and the Patriots threw pop passes to Hoomanawanui, confusing the Ravens.

Though referee Bill Vinovich clearly said over his microphone that Vereen was ineligible and even added “don’t cover 34,” Harbaugh was furious. The NFL later changed the rule and now requires all ineligible players to line up inside the tackle box.

At the time, however, the play was perfectly legal. Harbaugh’s only argument seems to be that it was unfair because it had never been done before. Of course, as Volin notes, Harbaugh had no problem using a similar play to his advantage last season.

So, uh, check out the #Ravens first TD yesterday. Watch the TE at the bottom and the slot WR at the top

A video posted by Ben Volin (@benvolin) on

And what about a few weeks ago, when the Ravens instructed all of their players to commit holding penalties in order to run out the clock at the end of the game? Some would argue Harbaugh was exploiting a loophole then. You can see a video of the play here.

At the end of the day, Harbaugh is angry that he was outsmarted. The fact that he still takes time to address the play two years later further proves that.

Bill Belichick not amused by butt fumble question (Video)


Bill Belichick struggled to hide his disdain when asked a question about the infamous “butt fumble” ahead of the New England Patriots’ game against the New York Jets.

Belichick, who famously dislikes press conferences on a good day, was clearly unimpressed on Wednesday when asked if his team had been studying film of the butt fumble as part of their prep work.

Belichick’s face when asked the question is priceless.

We know Belichick doesn’t hold back when he gets questions he doesn’t like. It’s also fairly obvious that he didn’t really appreciate this reporter’s attempt at injecting some humor into the press conference.

Chip Kelly has funny comment about relationship with Bill Belichick

Chip Kelly 49ers

Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly have a friendly — dare we say close? — relationship that dates back several years. With the New England Patriots traveling to San Francisco to take on the 49ers this weekend, Kelly was asked about that relationship in a conference call on Wednesday.

He described it as perfectly as he could:

If Belichick didn’t once refer to social media as “Snapface,” we’d be inclined to believe that he is friends with Kelly on Facebook. But since The Hoodie has been known to lose his cool simply by trying to use a tablet, we’re guessing he’s never been on Facebook, Snapchat, Bookface, Tweeter, Instaface or whatever other gizmos and gadgets the kids use these days.

For evidence of Belichick’s friendship with Kelly, look no further than the comments Bill made after Kelly was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles. That was about as candid as you’ll ever hear the Pats coach get in terms of discussing another team’s business.

Bill Belichick could not understand why Seahawks went for 2

Bill Belichick

Pete Carroll made a call to go for a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter that left many — including Bill Belichick — surprised.

The Seahawks were up 31-24 after scoring a touchdown late in the game and decided to go for two instead of kicking an extra point. Patriots coach Bill Belichick was surprised by the decision:

The thinking was if they failed to convert, the game would go to overtime if the Pats scored because New England would likely just kick an extra point, or Seattle would have a chance to stop a 2-point conversion and win. However, if Seattle converted, they would have gone up by two scores with 4:24 left, which would have been a tough deficit for the Pats to overcome.

Former Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy was among the critics who disagreed with Carroll’s call:

Even though Seattle failed to convert, their defense came up huge with a goal-line stand at the end of the game.

The Seahawks’ decision to go for two actually made sense. The surprise was seeing an aggressive, outside-the-box thinker like Belichick question it, especially when he’s been responsible for similar choices like this.

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