Bill Murray is all about Pabst Blue Ribbon … even on the golf course

Bill Murray Pabst Blue Ribbon pants

How great are those pants? I need a pair. Badly. I mean if Bill Murray is rocking those PBR pants on the golf course, then there’s no shame in wearing them everywhere possible. I’d put ‘em on to go to the supermarket. I’d rock those to the gym. I’d wear them in court. I might even sport them on a date.

Seriously, one of you reading this needs to buy me a pair. Want.

Oh, and wondering about the young lass in the photo? Her name is Lindsey Boetsch. Here’s her Twitter account.

Photo via Twitter/TravisDgibson

Bill Murray beat up Lee Corso on College GameDay (Video)

Bill-Murray-Lee-CorsoBill Murray made a guest appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning, and the legendary actor/comedian did not disappoint. He and Lee Corso created a fantastic dynamic that ended with Corso dressed as an Indian chief and Murray stomping on him.

Corso walking onto the set carrying a spear and wearing a headdress is an image that will likely make the Washington Redskins ownership group cringe. At the same time, it was vintage Corso and the type of antics we have grown used to seeing from him over the years. Remember, this is the same guy who once dropped an F-bomb on live television and called a little kid a “midget.” Gotta love him.

Video via The Big Lead