Bill Simmons’ Wimbledon joke backfires

Bill-SimmonsThe 2013 Wimbledon Championships have featured a number of unexpected upsets on the ladies’ singles side. The semifinal matches have been set, with 15th-seeded Marion Bartoli awaiting her Thursday meeting with 20th-seeded Kristen Flipkens and 23rd-seeded Sabine Lisicki pitted against No. 4 Agnieszka Radwanska.

The big names are lacking. Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka all lost in the fourth round or sooner, which will likely result in lower ratings for the semis and final. Bill Simmons attempted to mock the lack or star power remaining in the tournament on Tuesday, but he made an embarrassing mistake.

Let’s have a massive round of applause for NBC Sports for making sure there was no way Simmons’ idiotic tweet flew under the radar. Granted, Simmons has never been shy about criticizing ESPN in the past, so he probably would have tweeted it anyway. But he was definitely attempting to be witty and failed miserably.

Between this tweet and the drama-filled week he had sparring with Doc Rivers, Simmons should probably just give it a rest. He’s going to give himself and thousands more a headache.

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Bill Simmons fires back at Doc Rivers, calls him ‘Glenn’

Bill SimmonsThe beef between Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers continued on Friday, and Simmons got personal when he called the former Boston Celtics coach by his real name.

The whole thing started on Thursday when Simmons, a popular writer for ESPN who served as a commentator at the NBA Draft, accused Rivers of quitting on the Celtics. ESPN’s Shelley Smith presented Rivers with Simmons’ accusations during an interview on Thursday, and Rivers essentially called Simmons an “idiot” who doesn’t know the full story of what went on between the coach and the Celtics.

Simmons maintains that Rivers keeps changing his story about what led the coach to be traded from Boston to the Los Angeles Clippers. On Friday, Rivers tried to explain what happened, and he also called Simmons a fan who has an agenda. Rivers’ son, Jeremiah, even got involved in the exchange.

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Simmons, never one to let a good Twitter beef pass him by, decided to respond on Friday evening. First he retweeted this tweet from WEEI’s Ben Rohrbach:

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Doc Rivers: Bill Simmons ruined the NBA Draft broadcast

Doc-RiversDoc Rivers and Bill Simmons brought us a bit of rare, unscripted entertainment on Thursday night when they engaged in some verbal sparring on live television during ESPN’s coverage the NBA Draft. Rivers was asked about Simmons’ assertion that he quit on the Boston Celtics, to which Doc responded that Simmons is an idiot who doesn’t know the whole story.

Rivers elaborated on Friday during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“They wanted to unload contracts for draft picks,” he explained. “I happened to be one of those contracts. This is a direct quote from an owner: ‘This is a win-win for us. If we can get get a pick for you and you have a chance to go to a team like the Clippers and continue to pursue winning and we can get to rebuilding.’

“That’s exactly what happened last night. Clearly, I had a selfish motive. I had a chance to not rebuild and go to a team that is in a different phase of their franchise. I hope I benefitted from it, but this was done together. This was not me walking into the Celtics and saying ‘I quit’ or anything like that.”

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Doc Rivers’ son Jeremiah blasts Bill Simmons; Simmons has hilarious reponse

Bill-SimmonsThe feud between Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons that began on Thursday is not going to quiet down any time soon, thanks in large part to people like us who find it incredibly entertaining. However, Doc’s son Jeremiah has also done his part to help keep the war of words going.

As you have likely seen, Rivers called Simmons an idiot during the NBA Draft telecast after the ESPN analyst accused him of quitting on the Boston Celtics. Rivers insists that Simmons does not know the entire story (which is probably true), but Simmons’ argument is that Rivers needs to just admit he didn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding project instead of playing coy. Jeremiah Rivers disagrees. First came the resume:

Then, Jeremiah accused Simmons of being a flip-flopper:

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Doc Rivers calls Bill Simmons an ‘idiot’ (Video)

Doc-RiversLongtime Boston Celtics fan Bill Simmons is not pleased with the current state of his favorite NBA team. In particular, the ESPN analyst is angry about the way Doc Rivers forced his way out of town.

At the NBA Draft on Thursday night, Rivers was asked about Simmons’ assertion that the coach quit on the Celtics. As you might expect, Doc disagrees.

“I would like to call him an idiot, but I’m too classy for that,” he said. “That’s just his opinion. That didn’t happen. He really needs to know the whole truth, which he doesn’t.”

Again, we have the whole Talladega Nights “with all due respect” thing, but that’s beside the point. Simmons defended his stance.

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Bill Simmons brings up ‘The Decision,’ TV feed cuts out (Video)

ESPN’s TV signal for the postgame show in Miami following the Heat’s 95-88 win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 cut off just as Bill Simmons was about to bring up “The Decision” on Thursday night.

Analyst Magic Johnson was praising Pat Riley for assembling the Heat roster when Simmons jumped in and said LeBron James deserved most of the credit for the roster. Then, just as Simmons was about to bring up “The Decision” — the one-hour program on ESPN where James announced he would be signing with the Heat as a free agent — the feed cut out and Jay Harris took over from ESPN’s studio in Bristol.

Conspiracy theorists are having their fun with this one tonight, but I’m guessing it was simply a technical issue that resulted in the feed being killed.

That wasn’t Simmons’ only brush with excitement after Game 7. He also had a crazy fan come at him hard during the postgame show:

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Bill Walton jokes about Bill Simmons suspension, Ray Lewis limousine

Bill-WaltonBill Walton had a night for the ages while he was calling the Pac-12 Tournament game between Washington and Oregon on Thursday night. Those who are familiar with Walton know that the NBA legend has never shied away from saying what’s on his mind and telling the truth. That was certainly the case on Thursday night while he was working for ESPN, and I’m sure the network has already spoken to him about some of his comments.

For starters, there was Walton’s bold remark about spending time in a limousine with Ray Lews:

As you may know, a limo had a lot to do with Lewis’ murder trial back in 2000. One witness who was riding in a limo with Lewis said she saw another passenger get out and dump a laundry bag, which many believe contained Lewis’ bloodstained white suite that was never recovered, into a garbage bin outside a fast food restaurant. Walton’s partner Dave Pasch quickly and uncomfortably changed the subject.

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