Teenager Bladimir Barreto nearly dies after trying to jump over moving car (Video)

A 19-year-old named Bladimir Barreto nearly died on Wednesday after he tried to impress college football recruiters by jumping over a moving car. According to WKMG in Orlando, Barreto was airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical center with several broken bones and head injuries. He needed 89 stitches in one leg alone and has not woken up since the accident.

As you can see from the disturbing video above, Barreto had one of his brothers film him while he attempted to jump over a moving car, which was reportedly driven by his 17-year-old brother Jerome. Barreto thought executing the stunt would help show college football coaches how athletic he is (think these videos for comparison), but he was unable to clear the car. He flipped several times in the air and landed directly on the pavement beneath him.

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