Blake Griffin and Spencer Hawes to arm wrestle over number?

Spencer Hawes CavsThe Los Angeles Clippers signed Spencer Hawes to a four-year deal on Friday night, which is good and bad news.

On the good side, the Clippers get some much-needed depth and a big man who can stretch the defense with his outside shooting. On the bad side, there will now be competition for jersey No. 32.

Hawes wore No. 32 last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Blake Griffin has worn 32 his entire career. That conflict inspired Hawes to send Griffin a funny tweet Saturday:

Does this mean Hawes will be infringing upon Griffin’s ground as the funniest guy on the Clippers? New guy already trying to flex his funny bone? Not on Blake’s territory.

I bet Hawes ends up wearing No. 31 or 00, which are other numbers he’s worn during his career. Or maybe he’s trying to needle Blake so Griffin gives him a Kia or free membership to GameFly to smooth things over.

Blake Griffin sent great tweet about Tim Duncan and Father Time

Tim Duncan SpursOn Thursday night, 38-year-old Tim Duncan looked like the same Tim Duncan that has led the San Antonio Spurs to four NBA championships since 1999. He scored 21 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a Game 1 win over the Miami Heat. That stat line is similar to the one Duncan averaged while winning four rings from 1999-2007.

Simply put, Duncan’s level of play at his age is remarkable. Most players with his physical stature and body of work would have been long retired by now. Blake Griffin summed all that up with a perfect tweet.

In many instances, Duncan is playing against opponents that could easily be his children. His overall numbers have dropped a bit since the Spurs won their last championship in 2007, but Duncan’s play in the postseason this year has reminded us that he is far from finished.

Only 25 players in NBA history have won five or more championships. Many of them are role players that were lucky enough to play alongside legends like Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and Kobe Bryant. Should the Spurs go on to beat the Heat, Duncan has every right to be remembered as a legend himself.

Serge Ibaka hits Blake Griffin in the nuts (GIF)

Serge-Ibaka-Blake-Griffin-nutsIt took Blake Griffin less than a minute to get nailed where the sun don’t shine in Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday. Griffin made a move to the basket against Serge Ibaka and couldn’t finish, but it wasn’t the missed layup he was left thinking about.

Ibaka fell into teammate Kendrick Perkins and Perkins shoved off of him to try to get position. Ibaka lost his balance and ended up punching Griffin directly in the nuts. Griffin stayed down for a few seconds but was able to shake it off.

We’ve (unfortunately) seen plenty of nut shots over the years, and that was one of the worst. Ibaka didn’t do it on purpose, but it looked very painful. Somebody get the Griff man an ice pack.

GIF via GIFD Sports

Blake Griffin called out for flopping after Draymond Green foul

Blake Griffin Draymond GreenBlake Griffin has a big reputation around the NBA as a flopper, and plays like this are part of the reason why.

Griffin was smacked by Draymond Green with 5:41 left in the third quarter of Game 3 between the Clippers and Warriors on Thursday and went down hard. Green hit him in the face with a hard chopping motion and was called for a flagrant one foul.

There’s no denying that Green made hard contact with Griffin, but Warriors fans felt Blake exaggerated his reaction to the contact. They began chanting “flopper” as the play was reviewed by officials. Griffin did have a big smile on his face after the foul was called, possibly because he knew he flopped, or maybe because he knew he was getting the best of Golden State.

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Keep in mind that the Clippers were up by 15 at that point and Griffin was killing the Dubs at the time the fans were chanting, so it really didn’t mean much.

Also recall that before the series began, Klay Thompson called out Griffin for flopping. At the end of the series, we’ll know who got the last laugh.

Doc Rivers: Too many weak fouls called on Blake Griffin

Doc RiversDoc Rivers believes that the referees called a few too many weak fouls on Blake Griffin during Game 1 of the Clippers’ playoff series with the Golden State Warriors Saturday, which they lost at home 109-105.

Griffin only played 19 minutes before fouling out in the final minute of the game, and he never really got into a rhythm.

Rivers was asked after the game whether he felt the officials were primed to call the series closely because of some of the pre-series talk, such as Klay Thompson saying Griffin is a flopper.

“Do you want me to get fined? Come on, why would you ask me that question?” Rivers responded with a smile and laugh before answering honestly.

“Yeah, I do, I thought all the hype had an impact on how the game was called,” said Rivers. “Lot of tight, touch fouls. I thought three of [Blake's] six were probably touch fouls. Same thing with CP. But the way I look at it is both teams have to play under the same rules. And they did a better job playing under the same rules that we have to play under.

“I wish there were less calls in that way, yeah.”

So Rivers got to make his point while still saying the game was called fairly. That’s Rivers being masterful.

It’s fine for the Clippers, because the officials just won’t call as many fouls on Griffin in Game 2 which should allow them to tie the series.

Blake Griffin spills water on Warriors fan, fan is all ‘WTF?’ (Video)

Blake Griffin was pretty upset over fouling out in the final minute of Game 1 between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors on Saturday, and he reacted by throwing a drink back — literally — after seeing a replay of his foul.

The question is: did he mean to soak the fan behind him, or was that unintentional? The great part was seeing the fan react like “what the f—?” to Blake after getting soaked.

Blake Griffin Warriors fan water

The fan was wearing a yellow Warriors shirt, so knowing Blake, he probably did it on purpose. Plus, that sneaky smile out of the corner of his mouth kind of gave it away, too.

So awesome.

Video via @cjzero

Blake Griffin won’t respond to Klay Thompson’s flopping comments

Blake GriffinThe Clippers and Golden State Warriors have engaged in one of the better NBA rivalries in recent years. Not only have they been two of the better teams in the Western Conference the last few seasons, but they always seem to mix it up when they play, which makes their upcoming first-round playoff series even more intriguing.

The teams fought during and after a game in December. Earlier in the season, the Clippers refused to hold chapel with the Dubs.

Much like when he plays the Thunder, Blake Griffin seems to be in the middle of physical play against the Warriors. And he might have some extra hate towards them after they clowned him for missing a 3-pointer last season.

Things were stirred again this week when Golden State’s Klay Thompson called out Griffin for flopping during a radio interview Wednesday.

“He is a good guy off the court but he probably just … I mean … plays pretty physical and flops a little bit,” Thompson said on The Wheelhouse on 95.7 The Game radio in San Francisco.

“He flairs his arm around so you know you might catch a random elbow or something that doesn’t you know rub off too well on guys,” Thompson said of Griffin. “He’s kind of like a bull in a china shop, kind of out of control sometimes. And then you do just see him flop sometimes like how can a guy that big and strong flop that much.

“I can see how that gets under people’s skin and be frustrating to play against.”

Blake has long had a reputation for being a flopper, though other guys like Karl Malone think Griffin is just a victim of a bunch of cheap shots because he’s so big and so good.

Blake has been made aware of Thompson’s comments, but he’s not biting.

ESPN LA’s Ramona Shelburne says Griffin refused to engaged in a verbal war when asked about the comments Thursday.

“This isn’t my thing. I play basketball. I don’t want to get into back and forth,” Griffin said, per Shelburne.

That’s probably smart of him. He’ll have plenty of time to do his talking on the court in what should be a great series that begins on Saturday.

Below is Thompson’s interview with The Game. The comments come in the final minute when Thompson was asked what about Blake ticks off opponents:

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