Blake Griffin: Clippers Are Not a Joke Anymore

The Clippers are recognized as one of the biggest jokes of a franchise in sports. They’ve only had four playoff seasons since moving to LA, and that’s in a league where 16 of 30 teams make the postseason. Their draft picks often are busts, and the ones that aren’t get injured. Blake Griffin even suffered from the curse when he hurt his knee and missed his rookie season. He’s well aware of the franchise’s reputation, but he says the Chris Paul trade changes that.

“The only thing I’m going to promise is that you’re going to get our best every night,” Griffin said from practice Thursday. “When you hear the Clippers, it’s not going to be a joke anymore. I can guarantee that.”

The Clippers have only had two winning seasons since moving to LA. Two. That’s a big guarantee for Griffin to make, but with the roster they have put together, it would be a disappointment if they didn’t reach the postseason the next two years. If they achieve success, the question is whether they can sustain it.

Video: Blake Griffin Flips Out After Learning of Chris Paul Trade ‘Lob City’

The Clippers pulled off what could be a franchise-changing trade Wednesday when they dealt three players and a pick to the Hornets for Chris Paul. FOX Sports West had a camera around when some of the players learned of the deal, and let’s just say they were pretty ecstatic. Center DeAndre Jordan received a phone call while the team was visiting the Los Angeles Air Force Base, and Blake Griffin kept leaning over to hear the news.

Here is the video that Eric Gordon doesn’t want to see:

Two words: Lob City.

Chris Kaman Rips Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Native Blake Griffin Responds

Clippers center Chris Kaman seems to have spent a good part of the lockout in his native Michigan. Now that the lockout appears to have ended, Kaman is taking a road trip to LA for the season. While passing through the midwest, Kaman has been sending some tweets, such as this one:

“Passing through OK City, who would want to live here?”

Kaman was likely trying to upset teammate Blake Griffin, who’s from Oklahoma. Naturally, Griffin zinged him back.

“Me, Chris. Don’t you still live with your parents?”

If Kaman did spend the lockout with his parents, that wouldn’t make him the first NBA player to do so. Either way, he responded with some self-deprecating humor.

“Not anymore, duh lock out is over!”

Kaman later said that he was just joking with Griffin, but I’m sure there are plenty of Oklahomans who don’t find it funny. After all, we’ve seen how some of them take a joke. Maybe Kaman will have to offer some venison to Griffin as a truce.

Chest bump to That NBA Lottery Pick

Blake Griffin Poses as Mars Blackmon to Help Jordan Cameron’s Draft Stock

On Tuesday LBS writer Shane showed pictures of Blake Griffin dressed up in a Mars Blackmon type outfit for a recent Nike photoshoot. Well now we have a video that shows what the outfit was all about.

Griffin departed from his typically serious demeanor to joke around in a video where he portrays the character “Mars Blake Man.” In the video, Griffin hypes us his friend Jordan Cameron who is a tight end entering the NFL draft:

Cameron played both basketball and football at Newbury Park High School and actually went to BYU initially to play basketball. He went to a JC after that, then tried to play for USC’s basketball team before ultimately deciding his future lied with USC’s football team.

Cameron only had 16 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown in his career with the Trojans so that’s why he needs all the hype he can get. Oh yeah, and you might also recall Jordan is the brother of Brynn Cameron, the former USC women’s basketball player well known for being the mother of Matt Leinart’s son.

Blake Griffin Is Severely Underpaid by Nike in His Shoe Deal

When Blake Griffin was drafted number one overall in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers, he signed a reported 2-year shoe endorsement deal with Nike for $400,000/year.

To the average person, that’s nearly 10 years worth of salary or one year’s worth of free Nike products. To us fans, that seems like an incredible deal, one that we would sign in a heartbeat. But in the world of NBA mega-endorsements and multi-million dollar deals, Blake Griffin is severely underpaid. With his hype and fame skyrocketing higher and higher with each and every dunk, Blake’s value-to-cost ratio is growing.

Looking at the last few draft classes, here are a few examples of shoe endorsement deals for top flight rookies:

Player, Company, Draft year, Position, Contract

Kevin Durant/Nike – 2007, #2 pick, 7-years, $60 million
O.J. Mayo/Nike - 2008, #3 pick, $400,000 per year
Derrick Rose/Adidas – 2008, #1 pick,  $1 million per year
Michael Beasley/Adidas – 2008, #2 pick, $650,000 per year
Blake Griffin/Nike – 2009, #1 pick, $400,000 per year
Brandon Jennings/UnderArmor – 2009, #10 pick, 2-years $2 million
John Wall/Reebok – 2009, #1 pick, 5-years, $25 million

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NBA Press Release Crowned Blake Griffin Slam Dunk Champion Before Contest

Blake Griffin is without question the NBA’s best dunker. He throws down dunks like this one and this one on a nightly basis, and we have become so accustomed to seeing it that we tend to under-appreciate what the beast is capable of. The NBA, however, has plenty of respect for the Clippers star.

Remember how we (or, I) told you we thought the NBA had predetermined that Griffin was going to be the winner of the 2011 Dunk Contest at any cost? Thanks to Ben Maller, we now have that in writing. Have a look at this NBA press release, paying particular attention to the 1:20 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. time slot under “HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE.”

Griffin was indeed the winner of the contest after jumping over a car, but the issue lies in the timing of the press release.  It was sent out via email at 5:28 p.m. EST on Saturday Feb. 19. The competition began over an hour later.

The NBA sent out a corrected version of the press release later that evening, but the error has to leave fans wondering if calling Griffin the “winner” was a type-o or Freudian slip.  Those of us who weren’t impressed by the car dunk are going with the latter.

LA Has Become a Blake Griffin Story

He is the amazing Blake Griffin, able to leap tall Russians in a single bound. No one’s quite saying he is a superhero yet, after all he is a Clipper … Scavengers assemble! With Donald Sterling’s track record of nonchalance, the Spidey sense of LA Clipper fans should definitely be tingling at the moment, with his free agent status not too far away. Apparently, with great leaping ability comes great respectability. Of course there would be no Superman without Jor-El, but Blake has him beat with an assist from Al-Farouq. Commissioner Eric Gordon has also helped Griffin fight crime, corruption, and double digit deficits. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No … It’s a CLIPPER?!? For those who don’t know, a griffin is a creature from medieval lore that had the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and for some unknown reason consistently hit its head on the side of the backboard.

Last weekend’s slam dunk contest was quite entertaining fare. After the endless matchups of Dwight Howard-Nate Robinson that had become more played out than Rocky going toe-to-toe with Tommy Gunn, the world was introduced to the Blake Show at the All-Star Game. While the voting results may have been more rigged than a presidential election in Belarus, Griffin gerrymandered his way into the finals. Serge Ibaka landed a dunk while taking off from behind the foul line. In doing so, Air Congo became the first aircraft from the country to successfully land after flying 12 feet… Javale McGee was apparently workshopping ideas on how to get Washington back to the water mark. No word on whether the Wizards will be successful in petitioning the league to use two backboards and three basketballs to improve their odds. DeMar DeRozan reminded everyone … that the NBA still has a team in Toronto (contrary to popular belief).

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