Serge Ibaka hits Blake Griffin by groin (Video)

Serge Ibaka Blake GriffinSerge Ibaka got away with what appeared to be a hit to Blake Griffin’s groin at the end of Oklahoma City’s 108-104 win over the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday.

The two were fighting under the basket for position as Matt Barnes’ 3-pointer from the corner went in with less than two minutes left in the game. As the ball was nearing the basket, Ibaka hit Griffin below the waist.

It’s unclear if Ibaka’s hand landed on Griffin’s thigh or nailed his Captain Winky, but Griffin hit the deck quickly. Griffin is known for flopping, so it’s difficult to base the severity of the chop on his reaction.

The play was reviewed and Ibaka received a flagrant-1 foul. Griffin made one of his two free throws.

Ibaka’s play was dirty and egregious, and he’s lucky to have escaped a flagrant-2 foul which would have resulted in an automatic ejection.

Blake Griffin dunks on Spencer Hawes; DeAndre Jordan joins the fun (Video)

Blake Griffin dunk on Spencer HawesThe Los Angeles Clippers beat the Philadelphia 76ers 107-90 Monday, which was the team’s largest margin of victory over the 76ers in franchise history. At one point, the game became somewhat of a dunking exhibition for the Clippers, which is nothing unusual for them.

Blake Griffin put together another spectacular dunk. The power forward switched hands and jammed on Philly center Spencer Hawes with his left hand during the third quarter. Griffin was fouled on the play and attempted a free throw which he missed, but center DeAndre Jordan power-jammed it home, giving the Clippers highlight-reel worthy dunks on back-to-back plays.

Griffin had 20 points, nine rebounds, and five assists in 28 minutes. Jordan had eight points and 10 rebounds in 24 minutes. Despite appearances, the Clippers did have one blunder. Jordan missed an alley-oop attempt in the second quarter:

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Blake Griffin does a pretty solid Harry Caray (Video)

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin has emerged as one of the more entertaining athletes off the court. Not only does he electrify with his amazing dunks, but the man has displayed an outstanding sense of humor both on Twitter and in commercials. He also isn’t bad at impressions.

After the Los Angeles Clippers’ 86-76 win over the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, Griffin apparently was doing his Harry Caray impersonation.

Grayson Gregory of 810 CBS Sports Radio in Orlando says he heard Griffin talking to teammate Lamar Odom like Caray after the game, so he asked the forward to describe Ryan Hollins’ performance while doing the Caray voice. The result was the video you see above.

Hollins had 13 points and 8 rebounds in 24 minutes off the bench. Griffin didn’t play because of a hamstring injury, which gave him plenty of time to do his Caray.

Griffin’s impression was definitely solid, but it’s not quite as good as Ryan Dempster’s.

Blake Griffin bricks a three-pointer; Warriors bench clowns him (Video)

Warriors-clown-Blake-GriffinThe Los Angeles Clippers had a number of poorly-executed offensive sets during their 115-94 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, but one of those sets was particularly embarrassing for Blake Griffin. With the Clippers trailing by 12 late in the third quarter, Griffin somehow wound up with the ball in his hands deep in the corner and just over 1 second on the shot clock. Uh oh.

As you can see, Griffin hit the side of the backboard on a three-point attempt. It was the 11th three-pointer he has attempted this season, only two of which he has knocked down. For his career, Griffin is 11-of-51 from beyond the arc. This amused the Warriors’ bench, who made the most of the rare opportunity to clown on Griffin for the horrible shot.

When your highlight reel consists of monster dunks like this and this, you’re typically the one doing most of the laughing. Having opponents point and laugh at him was probably unfamiliar for The Blake Show.

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul wear ugly Christmas sweaters (Picture)


Blake Griffin and Chris Paul closed out an exciting day of Christmas hoops on Tuesday the only way the NBA’s biggest superstars should — by wearing awesomely ugly Christmas sweaters. As you can see from the photo above that Dan Woike of the Orange County Register shared with us, CP3 and Griffin made it impossible to choose who was wearing the bigger eye sore.

The L.A. Clippers defeated the Denver Nuggets, 112-100, so Paul and Griffin were probably feeling extra comfy in their festive threads. In terms of overall Christmas spirit, I’m still going to have to give the nod to the FOX NFL broadcast crew for the amazing selections they made in holiday attire. You just can’t beat the sweater that Daryl Johnston was rocking.

Blake Griffin says T.O. was begging Clippers for a contract

Terrell Owens has always fancied himself an excellent basketball player. After struggling to find work as a professional football player, the 39-year-old unemployed wide receiver apparently was trying to convince the LA Clippers to give him a shot.

Clippers forward Blake Griffin was a guest on “The Dan Patrick Show” Tuesday and was asked which football players could play in the NBA. That’s how T.O.’s name came up.

“Well Terrell Owens — he was at our practice facility a lot this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said.

Asked by Patrick if T.O. has game, Griffin answered, “He can play a little bit.”

Griffin also discussed his own football career. He says he played wide receiver, and that he wonders what he could have done in the sport. Griffin says he wishes he had played football a little longer, but he’s glad he chose basketball because it’s less physically demanding.

Even though most people will view this as a joke, or another desperate ploy for Owens to get work, it must be pointed out that T.O. does have a basketball background. He played basketball for three seasons at Tennessee-Chattanooga while in college, and he won MVP in the Celebrity Basketball Game during the 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend. He played in the United States Basketball League in 2002, and he even was offered a contract by the Atlanta Vision of the ABA in 2006.

Laugh at Owens all you want, but recognize that he is an exceptional athlete.

UPDATE: Owens’ publicist says T.O. never begged to play for the Clippers. “She adds It is not surprising that Terrell was at their practice facility this summer. One of his best friend’s, Jason Powell, is the head trainer for the Clippers.”

H/T Pro Football Talk

Blake Griffin critical of Vinny Del Negro after Clippers loss to the Hornets

After starting out the year with an 8-2 record, the Los Angeles Clippers have officially hit their first skid of the 2012-2013 season. Their loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Monday night was their fourth straight, and some slight finger-pointing is already underway. Blake Griffin seemed to pin the blame on head coach Vinny Del Negro, while Del Negro thought Griffin and company were at fault.

According to the L.A. Daily News, Griffin felt as though the Clippers should have stuck with their game plan down the stretch against New Orleans instead of making too many adjustments.

“I think we tried to change some things, tried to change our schemes and some things we have been successful at and that hurt us,” he said. “I think we should play teams how we play every team. We made adjustments down the stretch when certain guys hurt us and I think we should have stuck with what we had been doing and what has made us successful.”

Del Negro, on the other hand, said he went with a small lineup because DeAndre Jordan and the rest of his big men were not getting it done. Griffin, who scored a season-low 4 points on 1-for-9 shooting, is one of those big bodies.

“(Jordan) wasn’t involved,” Del Negro said. “It wasn’t just ‘D.J.’ It was all of our big guys. They weren’t active. They weren’t physical. They didn’t set the tone for us from the start. It’s not just one guy. It’s everybody.”

Hopefully a home game against the 6-7 Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night can get L.A. back on track. We wouldn’t want a divide between head coach and his superstars this early in the year.

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