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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Bob Costas

Bob Costas botches first pitch, asks for second throw (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Bob Costas threw out the first pitch prior to Tuesday’s Cardinals-Reds game … and he also threw out the second. The noted broadcaster and St. Louis native went all the way to the rubber and did a half windup for his first pitch, but he flung it wildly to…Read More

Bob Costas supposedly got pink eye from Botox gone wrong; NBC denies

As if the story of Bob Costas’ pink eye during the Sochi Games weren’t already juicy enough, now there’s a rumor that will blow everything away. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that a source told them Costas got pink eye from a botched pre-Olympics Botox injection. Costas is one of the top broadcasters…Read More

Matt Lauer zings Bob Costas with classic joke about red eyes

Bob Costas returned to his position as host of NBC’s Olympic coverage in Sochi on Monday, and his eyes are looking much better. While wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day during an appearance on “The Today Show” Friday morning, Costas fell victim to a cheap joke from Matt Lauer. Lauer appeared to be making innocent…Read More

Bob Costas’ eyes are better and he is back hosting on NBC

Bob Costas is back hosting NBC’s Olympics coverage in Sochi after nearly a week off to let his infected eyes heal. Costas first began promoting the Olympics with a few appearances on NBC programs the day before the opening ceremonies. He was wearing glasses and it was clear that there was something wrong with his…Read More

Keith Costas explains what happened to dad Bob’s eye (Video)

Just when you thought all angles of Bob Costas’ eye infection had been explored, we get this video. Keith Costas, who is Bob’s son and apparently an employee at MLB Network, created a funny video to explain what’s up with his father’s eye. Keith says that it wasn’t the bad water at Sochi or pink…Read More

Matt Lauer temporarily replacing Bob Costas for Olympic coverage

Bob Costas has temporarily accepted defeat. If you have watched any of NBC’s Olympic coverage since the start of the Sochi Games, you know that Costas has been battling a nasty case of pink eye. He made fun of himself for the infection earlier in the week, but it has gotten worse in recent days…Read More

Bob Costas and Mary Carillo drink vodka (Video)

Bob Costas convinced Mary Carillo to drink a glass of vodka with him for a great reason. During Monday night’s “Olympic Late Night” coverage, Costas and Carillo were holding glasses of vodka, though Costas admitted “I’m not really much of a vodka guy.” Carillo seemed stunned that the two were going to consume alcohol while…Read More

Bob Costas’ pink eye has spread to both eyes!

Bob Costas is really running into some terrible luck these days. When Costas first started appearing on TV from Sochi to promote NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics, the redness and infection in his left eye was quite visible, and he was wearing glasses. He didn’t take long to address the obvious and even made…Read More

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