Bob Costas botches first pitch, asks for second throw (Video)

Bob Costas threw out the first pitch prior to Tuesday’s Cardinals-Reds game … and he also threw out the second.

The noted broadcaster and St. Louis native went all the way to the rubber and did a half windup for his first pitch, but he flung it wildly to the left.

Bob Costas pitch

Dissatisfied with his errant toss, Costas asked for a do-over and did much on his makeup toss.

He had a lot of sink action on the second pitch, too.

Only Costas would demand a mulligan on his ceremonial first pitch. I mean I probably would have, too, but then again I would have thrown a strike on my first attempt.

Bob Costas supposedly got pink eye from Botox gone wrong; NBC denies

Bob Costas pink eye glasses

As if the story of Bob Costas’ pink eye during the Sochi Games weren’t already juicy enough, now there’s a rumor that will blow everything away.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that a source told them Costas got pink eye from a botched pre-Olympics Botox injection.

Costas is one of the top broadcasters for NBC and was expected to serve as the network’s studio host during the Games’ two-week run, but his reign was marred by a case of pink eye. Costas was forced to wear glasses throughout his entire time in Sochi because of his eye infection. He was even sidelined for six days after the pink eye spread to his right eye.

Page Six’s source not only says the infection was contracted during a botched Botox injection, but they added that it wasn’t Costas’ first time receiving Botox. However, NBC Sports vehemently denied the rumor.

“This has zero truth to this. Zero,” an NBC spokesperson told Page Six.

Page Six is known for embellishing stories — they are the kings of turning a public appearance by two people into a dating rumor — so we are always leery of their reports. We’ll just share that we’re keeping our eye on this one.

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Matt Lauer zings Bob Costas with classic joke about red eyes

Bob Costas returned to his position as host of NBC’s Olympic coverage in Sochi on Monday, and his eyes are looking much better. While wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day during an appearance on “The Today Show” Friday morning, Costas fell victim to a cheap joke from Matt Lauer.

Lauer appeared to be making innocent conversation when he asked Costas when he will be leaving Sochi. Costas said he is leaving Monday. And then the punchline:

“You are?” Lauer said. “Taking the redeye home?”

Now THAT is a low blow. Costas handled it like a champ and admitted he walked right into it. He took a shot at himself over the red eyes before drinking vodka on live TV toward the beginning of the Olympics, so Costas has been a good sport about it all along. Good for him.

Bob Costas pink eye glasses

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Bob Costas’ eyes are better and he is back hosting on NBC

Bob Costas eyes

Bob Costas is back hosting NBC’s Olympics coverage in Sochi after nearly a week off to let his infected eyes heal.

Costas first began promoting the Olympics with a few appearances on NBC programs the day before the opening ceremonies. He was wearing glasses and it was clear that there was something wrong with his left eye. Costas’ assistant said that he had an infection and they were hoping it would heal, but it only got worse. By Monday, the pink eye had spread to Costas’ right eye, and he was pulled off Olympics coverage and replaced by Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira on Tuesday.

Six days later, Costas was back hosting from the NBC Fortress of Solitude and had this to say (per Deadline):

“Sincere thanks to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira – two friends and true pros who stepped in for me on short notice. My thanks as well to all of you who expressed your concern, and my apologies to everyone for the unavoidable but uncomfortable circumstance of a broadcasters ill-timed affliction getting in the way, even for just a few moments, for what we all came here for — the Olympic Games.”

At least Costas is back. Nice to have you back on, Bob. Can’t wait for you to be glasses-free.

Below is the before and after pic for comparison:

Bob Costas eyes Olympics

At least now he doesn’t look like someone just squirted lemon juice in his eyes.

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Keith Costas explains what happened to dad Bob’s eye (Video)

Just when you thought all angles of Bob Costas’ eye infection had been explored, we get this video.

Keith Costas, who is Bob’s son and apparently an employee at MLB Network, created a funny video to explain what’s up with his father’s eye. Keith says that it wasn’t the bad water at Sochi or pink eye that caused his dad’s eye problem. Oh no. Instead, Keith says that Costas’ eye infection is due to an argument with FOX MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal over who is taller.

If you missed that original video, you can watch it below to catch up on the whole thing:

Look at Bob Costas, all 5-foot-6 of him, talking trash to 5-foot-4 Ken Rosenthall. Fantastic. Talking about how he can post him up. Sheesh, if he keeps this up, I might end up actually liking him.

Bob Costas pink eye

Matt Lauer temporarily replacing Bob Costas for Olympic coverage

Bob Costas pink eye glasses

Bob Costas has temporarily accepted defeat. If you have watched any of NBC’s Olympic coverage since the start of the Sochi Games, you know that Costas has been battling a nasty case of pink eye. He made fun of himself for the infection earlier in the week, but it has gotten worse in recent days and spread to both eyes. As a result, Costas is being replaced by Matt Lauer on Tuesday.

“As a practical matter, I simply couldn’t do my job because my eyes had become so blurry, watery and sensitive to light,” Costas said in a press release on NBC’s Olympic website. “I’m hopeful the symptoms will improve in the next couple of days and I can return to the broadcast. Also, the last thing I want is to go through the rest of my life owing Matt Lauer a bunch of favors.”

Costas has had a great sense of humor throughout the entire ordeal. He said he would continue doing the broadcast if it was simply a matter of being uncomfortable, but the infection has gotten so bad that he can barely see. He called into “The Today Show” to speak with Lauer on Tuesday morning.

“Well, even worse than when you saw me this morning, Sochi time,” Costas said when asked how he was feeling, via USA Today. “So, reluctantly, I was trying to throw a complete game here, but I think we’re going to have to go to the bullpen. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you’re Mariano Rivera, at least tonight.”

Costas drank vodka on television with Mary Carillo on Monday night and said his eyes can’t get any redder, but he may have been wrong. While we have poked fun at him and made poop particle jokes like everyone else, we wish Costas a speedy recovery. You hate to see anyone on the shelf with an injury.

Bob Costas and Mary Carillo drink vodka (Video)

Bob Costas vodkaBob Costas convinced Mary Carillo to drink a glass of vodka with him for a great reason.

During Monday night’s “Olympic Late Night” coverage, Costas and Carillo were holding glasses of vodka, though Costas admitted “I’m not really much of a vodka guy.”

Carillo seemed stunned that the two were going to consume alcohol while on TV, but Costas put her at ease with a great line.

“My eyes can’t get any redder no matter what I do,” he said.

Carillo said she would drink to that, and they both did.

When in Russia …

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