Jacksonville anchor Dan Hicken blows up at Bob Costas (Video)

One local news anchor was not happy with NBC’s Bob Costas for apparently going over his designated time frame last week during Olympics coverage, so he spent the first minute of his newscast ripping into the veteran broadcaster.

Dan Hicken, who as been the sports director of 12 News in Jacksonville since 1991, ranted about Costas taking up too much time doing Olympics coverage.

“Bob doesn’t know that 12 o’clock means 12 o’clock,” Hicken ranted. “It doesn’t mean 12:02, it doesn’t mean 12:04, it certaintly doesn’t mean 12:07. Bob, when it’s 12 o’clock, you say ‘goodnight.’”

“I love him, though,” Hicken said. “He’s a great broadcaster.”

So maybe Hicken isn’t so crazy after all? Yes he is. He apparently began railing on Costas via Twitter well before his TV meltdown.

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Bob Costas plans to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre even if the IOC won’t

The 2012 Olympic Games mark the 40th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the history of international competition. At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, 11 Israeli athletes were killed by a Palestinian terrorist organization known as Black September. Two athletes were killed initially and nine others were later killed after being taken hostage. Shortly after the hostages were taken, the Palestinians demanded that the 234 prisoners being held in Israeli jails be released. The nine hostages — along with five of the eight members in Black September — were killed during a failed rescue attempt.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) rejected Israel’s initial request to pay tribute to the athletes during the Opening Ceremony and has rejected several appeals since. IOC President Jacques Rogge simply explained that “the IOC has officially paid tribute to the memory of the athletes on several occasions.”

This has not pleased Bob Costas, who is planning to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the tragic event when the Israeli national team enters the Olympic Stadium on Friday. Costas, who has never been shy about speaking his mind, described his plans to The Hollywood Reporter and called the IOC’s decision “baffling.”

“I intend to note that the IOC denied the request,” he explained. “Many people find that denial more than puzzling but insensitive. Here’s a minute of silence right now.”

It will be interesting to see how NBC reacts to the somewhat controversial move by Costas, but it certainly sounds like he is doing the right thing. A political disagreement cost 11 athletes their lives 40 years ago at the same event that is about to take place. It’s tough to imagine what the harm would be in acknowledging those victims.

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Bob Costas Says Ty Cobb Was a Son of a B**** on MLB Network

Good thing MLB Network isn’t an over-the-air channel, because I do believe you can get in trouble for saying “son of a b****” on TV, which is exactly what Bob Costas did. I’m not even kidding. Of all sports broadcasters around, I’d probably put Costas in the same category as Vin Scully and Dick Enberg for guys I’d least expect to hear a dirty word or phrase come from. Here’s the video:

That video was aired Thursday on MLB Network and it featured Costas providing Hall of Fame thoughts to Matt Vasgersian. To clarify the title of this post, Costas actually says Cobb was by all accounts an SOB, but that’s not really our concern. The simple stunner is that he said “Ty Cobb by many accounts was the worst son of a bitch who ever lived.” As I wrote on twitter, I didn’t know he had that in him. Then again, he is friends with Buzz Bissinger, so I guess that makes anything possible.

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