ESPN spoke with Bob Knight over rape comment

Bob KnightESPN says it spoke with Bob Knight about his comment Tuesday that the NBA has “raped” college basketball.

“We spoke with him. ESPN regrets the use of the word,” the network said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, Knight was appearing on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” when he described what the NBA has done to college basketball by drafting talented freshman as raping the sport.

“If I were involved with the NBA I wouldn’t want a 19-year-old or a 20-year-old kid, to bring into all the travel and all the problems that exist in the NBA. I would want a much more mature kid. I would want a kid that maybe I’ve been watching on another team and now he’s 21, 22 years old instead of 18 or 19, and I might trade for that kid. On top of it all, the NBA does a tremendous, gigantic disservice to college basketball. It’s as though they’ve raped college basketball in my opinion,” he said, via Sporting News.

“Major League Baseball has the best idea of all. Three years before they’ll take a kid out of college, then they have a minor league system that they put the kids in. I’m sure that if the NBA followed the same thing, there would be a lot of kids in a minor league system that still were not good enough to play in the major NBA.”

This was not the first time Knight was criticized for his casual use of the word.

In 1998, Knight was asked by NBC News correspondent Connie Chung how he handled stress.

“I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it,” Knight said.

Indiana’s president at the time said the comment was in “very poor taste” and did not represent the school.

What else can you say about it besides that Bob Knight is just a jerk? I’m really not sure what he adds for ESPN and I don’t understand why they would continue to use him.

Bob Knight needs difference between shot clock and game clock explained (Video)

Getting old isn’t easy, and college basketball coaching legend Bob Knight gave us a small reminder of that during Thursday night’s game between Kentucky and Vanderbilt. With roughly 18 seconds remaining in the game and Kentucky up by three, Nerlens Noel converted a crucial floater to give the Wildcats a two-possession lead. However, replay showed that Noel did not get the shot out of his hand in time before the shot clock expired.

This greatly confused the 72-year-old Knight.

“I think that was a different zero they had out there,” Knight said. “This said 17.3 and now it says 7.6. That 17.3 was up there and the zero was on the bottom. I don’t know what that meant.”

Fellow ESPN broadcaster Rece Davis then kindly explained to his colleague that the zero was what we call the “shot clock” and the 17.3 was what we call the “game clock.” Knight eventually seemed to grasp that the argument was over whether or not Noel got the shot up before the shot clock expired, not the game clock.

Now Bob, were we drinking beer or falling asleep again during the broadcast?

Thanks to The Bloody Owl via Awful Announcing for the video

Pat Knight gets thrown out of Lamar game, calls father Bob Knight for advice

Of all the things Lamar basketball coach Pat Knight has inherited from his father, Hall of Fame legend Bob Knight, his passion for the game of basketball seems to be at the forefront. That’s a nice way of saying they both have tremendous tempers.

Pat was ejected from Lamar’s 75-47 loss to Alabama on Tuesday night after he received two technicals while arguing a non-call. In classic Knight fashion, Lamar’s assistant coaches reportedly had to hold him back while he got his “money’s worth” after being tossed by the officials.

“I didn’t earn the first one; I earned the second one,” Knight said after the game. “The physical play, calls need to be called. It’s that simple. It’s tough being a small school coming into a bigger school. You always don’t get the calls. … I got my money’s worth.”

After he was ejected, Knight went to the locker room and called the man he knew would understand exactly how he felt at that moment — his old man.

“(He) said don’t worry about it,” Pat said. “That’s part of the game.”

It’s a bigger part of the game for the Knights than it is for most, as evidenced by Pat’s epic rant on his players last year and moments like this one where he went nuts on the referees. That’s what makes this coaching family so fun to watch.

Was Bob Knight caught sleeping on the GameDay set? (Video)

Bob Knight is 71 years old. By most people’s definition, that is old. And we all know old people also need their sleep. So, by this conjecture, Bob Knight needs to sleep. But was he catching up on some Z’s when John Anderson and Len Elmore kicked it to Knight and the rest of the College GameDay guys during ESPN’s coverage of the Final Four on Saturday? It’s hard to tell. (Although, this wouldn’t have been the first time Knight was purportedly caught sleeping on camera.)

There’s also the possibility Knight had one too many Hurricanes from Pat O’Brien’s the night before and had an insufferable hangover. Or perhaps he was just praying “that team from the SEC” wouldn’t win.

Whatever the case, Digger Phelps was there to jab Knight with his highlighter to remind him the camera was rolling. I always knew that highlighter would serve a purpose one day.

H/T R.L. Bynum via Awful Announcing

Bob Knight called Kentucky ‘The team playing from the SEC’

Bob Knight, in an apparent show of disrespect, refused to mention the University of Kentucky by name when discussing the NCAA Tournament Saturday.

According to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, when asked on “SportsCenter” which No. 1 seed was most susceptible to upset, Knight said “the team playing from the SEC.” It was apparently pretty obvious that Knight was pulling an Urban Meyer and refusing to call the school by its name.

For anyone thinking there was nothing negative intended by Knight’s words, history suggests otherwise. Knight is a champion of integrity in college basketball and has blasted John Calipari numerous times for being a dirty coach with a history of putting programs on probation. He even had to apologize last year for making negative claims about Kentucky’s program that were false.

So yeah, if you don’t think this was intentional from Knight, think again. I have no problem with it; the real problem is a dirty coach like John Calipari cruising through the tournament without anyone pointing out how his best seasons end up vacated because of cheating.

H/T Sports by Brooks Live

Was Bob Knight Drinking a Beer During the Duke-Michigan State Broadcast?

Too light for Coke, too dark for Ginger Ale. What else could it be? You can never rule anything out when it comes to Bob Knight, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a beer he was drinking during the Duke-Michigan State telecast Tuesday.

We’ve seen announcers fall asleep during broadcasts, so who’s to say they couldn’t also booze it up as well? Think about it: this is Bob Knight we’re talking about. Anything is possible with him. What, you think some lowly production assistant is really going to tell Bob Knight what to do? And you think he’s going to listen? Keep dreaming. I just hope it was some Newcastle.

via the pride of Iowa, Riley Schmitt, and Mock Session

Bob Knight Caught Sleeping on Mike Francesa Show (Video)

March Madness is among us as the NCAA Tournament Bracket has been laid out (fill yours out here for a chance to win some great prizes from LBS).  With all the analysis leading up to the start of the tourney comes plenty of tired analysts.  These guys are up until the wee hours of the morning filling out their brackets and analyzing every matchup so they have plenty to talk about all week.  As a result, some of them become sleep deprived.

It looks like the exhaustion bug bit Bobby Knight on Monday, as he was caught sleeping when he was scheduled to appear on Mike Francesa’s TV/radio show.  It happens to the best of us, and I’m sure it will happen more as we get older.  Check out the Bob Knight sleeping video, courtesy of Jimmy Traina: