Jayson Werth is the most hairy bobblehead ever


The Potomac Nationals, a Single-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are giving away Saturday what’s arguably the most disturbingly detailed bobblehead of all time. The first 1,000 fans to show up at Pfitzner Stadium will be going home with a very hairy miniature Jayson Werth.

We have seen plenty of bobbleheads that pay homage to a player’s beard or long hair, but this one has actual hair-like material coming off of it. Werth basically has a mane coming off his head. The length of his hair — which is halfway down his back on the bobblehead — may be a bit exaggerated, but it’s all part of the fun.

Werth must be flattered.

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Photo: Twitter/Potomac Nationals

Giants to give away bobbleheads of Hunter Pence broing out


The San Francisco Giants will be giving away fantastic bobblehead dolls to the first 40,000 lucky fans who show up to AT&T Park on April 9. And by fantastic we mean they feature Hunter Pence riding a scooter with his hat backwards and a backpack on.

You won’t find a more bro-worthy bobblehead in America than this one. Here’s another angle, courtesy of MLB.com’s Cut 4:

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Yankees fans freak over delay in Mariano Rivera bobbleheads

Mariano Rivera bobblehead

A hitch in the delivery of Mariano Rivera bobblehead dolls resulted in a chaotic scene at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.

The New York Yankees are playing their final home series of the season this week, and they decided to continue honoring their legendary closer, who is retiring after the year, by giving away a bobblehead doll in his likeness to the first 18,000 fans through the gates. Bobblehead giveaways are typically very popular, but when you factor in that this was the last Rivera giveaway before the Hall of Famer retires, and that there was a limited amount of dolls, this was a highly-sought after item.

Fans began lining up outside the stadium hoping to be among the lucky 18,000:

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar honored with statue, sweet bobblehead (Pictures)

Ask and ye shall receive. Former Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar complained last year that there wasn’t a statue of his likeness outside Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the problem was rectified on Friday when a bronze statue of him was unveiled.

The statue depicts Abdul-Jabbar wearing goggles and short-shorts, and it captures him doing his signature sky hook move. The statue will sit outside Staples Center alongside the statues for former Lakers greats Magic Johnson and Jerry West. Magic, West, and other Lakers legends such as Elgin Baylor, and coach Pat Riley were in attendance at the press conference on Friday where Abdul-Jabbar’s statue was unveiled.

Kareem played 14 seasons for the Lakers, helping lead the franchise to five championships. He won three MVP awards while with the team, and six total for his career (the other three were with Milwaukee). A 19-time All-Star and basketball Hall of Famer, Kareem is one of the best players in NBA history. The statue was long overdue.

In addition to the statue being unveiled, all fans in attendance for Friday’s Lakers-Suns game received a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bobblehead doll that shows him in goggles and doing the sky hook. This is one of the sickest bobbleheads we’ve seen:

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Kirk Gibson thinks it’s weird having a Dodgers bobblehead as D-backs manager

The Dodgers held a Kirk Gibson bobblehead giveaway on Tuesday night to celebrate the former slugger’s memorable pinch-hit home run in the 1988 World Series. Though the gesture was cool, and the idea to have the figurine’s fist pump also bobble was awesome, the giveaway comes at an odd time; Gibson now manages the opposing team.

“It’s got to be weird for the Dodgers,” Gibson said before the game. “We’re going to try to beat their tails tonight.

“I have the Diamondbacks red on tonight. I dislike the Dodgers a competitive, respectful way,” he said, per Jack Magruder.

Gibson said before the game that he agreed to the giveaway before realizing he would be managing the opposing team the night fans received it. I’m sure Dodgers fans won’t mind; even if the team loses, at least they got a cool souvenir.

And being on the opposite isn’t the only aspect of the giveaway that’s drawn attention; the positioning of Gibson’s fist-pumping arm is too:

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Phillies will still give away Hunter Pence bobbleheads despite trade

Tuesday’s MLB trade deadline gave us a Phillies mini-firesale, with the club shipping two-thirds of its starting outfield westward. Not too long after trading Shane Victorino to the Dodgers, the last-place Phillies sent right fielder Hunter Pence to the Giants. The latter deal, however, poses a problem to the team’s promotions department, which had scheduled a Pence bobblehead giveaway day for Aug. 21’s game against the Reds.

But, fear not, bobblehead aficionados and Hunter Pence fans:

We’ve seen the A’s do this previously with Jason Giambi. The truth is ball clubs get promotional items weeks, sometimes months, in advance of their distribution date, often long before unforeseen roster transactions happen. So, the Phillies somewhere in the doldrums of Citizens Bank Park have thousands of cheap toys that marginally look like Pence readily stashed away, and they are not just going to throw them in the dumpster.

But it still has to be weird for the Phillies to celebrate a guy they unceremoniously shipped away three weeks prior. The Phillies can’t do anything right when it comes to bobbleheads.

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Ryan Roberts Bobblehead Comes Complete with Tattoos (Picture)

Ryan Roberts won a fan vote conducted by the Diamondbacks to have a bobblehead made in his honor. The first 15,000 fans in attendance for Saturday night’s Giants-Diamondbacks game will receive this snazzy Roberts bobblehead:

Typically when you see bobbleheads they look nothing like the player. I’m actually convinced that the same mold used for a Miguel Cabrera bobblehead is also used for a Justin Verlander one. They just change the name and number. But that Roberts one not only looks like him, it also has all his tattoos. Now that is worth a trip to the ballpark. And suddenly Dusty Baker has competition for the best bobblehead of the year.

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