Bobby Petrino has $10 million buyout at Louisville

Bobby Petrino LouisvilleLouisville knows how much Bobby Petrino jumps around from job to job, so they’re doing what they can to ensure he sticks with the Cardinals for a long time now that he’s in his second stint as the program’s head football coach.

Petrino’s buyout, should he leave Louisville for another job, is $10 million, according to the Courier-Journal.

Petrino and Louisville reached a deal for him to return to the school seven years after he left the program to coach the Atlanta Falcons. Petrino’s time in Atlanta didn’t go well, and he left before his first season ended to take a job with Arkansas. Petrino had four successful seasons in Fayeteville, but he was fired because of the sex scandal — he lied about having an affair with an athletic department employee — and he was then hired by Western Kentucky. Petrino went 8-4 in his only season at Western Kentucky, and now he’s back at Louisville.

“I think (athletic director Tom Jurich) understands this is where I want to finish my career,” Petrino said on Thursday.

Petrino doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter because his buyout is so astronomical. His $10 million buyout figure is only one million shy of Louisville’s fee to leave the American Athletic Conference. Petrino’s contract is seven years for $3.5 million per season.

Now we’ll really see if Petrino is a man of his word … for the first time in his coaching life. I just know that buyout would make it really tough for him to leave. It’s almost like a handcuff tethering him to Louisville whether he likes it or not.

Bobby Petrino is going back to Louisville

Bobby Petrino neck brace

It’s mighty peculiar how things work out in life. Almost exactly seven years after Bobby Petrino left Louisville to take the Atlanta Falcons job, he is coming back to the Cardinals to coach the football program again.

Bowling Green Daily News reporter Chad Bishop confirms that Petrino has been offered and accepted the head coaching position at Louisville.

Petrino’s journey back to Louisville has been a long, convoluted one. Petrino signed a five-year, $24 million deal with the Falcons in 2007, the year Michael Vick was investigated, suspended and punished for bankrolling a dog fighting ring. Petrino had to roll with Joey Harrington at quarterback instead of Vick, and the team struggled. He ended up leaving the Atlanta mess during his first season to take the Arkansas job. He left notes in the lockers of his players to let them know he was ditching them mid-season. Current Cincinnati Bengals coach Mike Zimmer ripped Petrino, calling him a “gutless coward” for the way he handled things.

Petrino’s move to Arkansas was looking like a good career move for him. Though the Hogs went 5-7 in his first year, they improved to 8-5 after that and then went 10-3 and 11-2. He led them to a BCS bowl and some serious success, but he was ousted as coach for his affair and motorcycle scandal involving athletic department employee Jessica Dorrell, whom Petrino hired over many other qualified candidates.

Just when it looked like Petrino had done too much damage to his reputation and career, Western Kentucky hired him to replace Willie Taggart. He led the Hilltoppers to an 8-4 season.

With Charlie Strong leaving the Cardinals for the Texas job, Louisville needed a coach and is going for round two with Petrino. And now it all comes back full circle. We imagine he’ll do very well at Louisville because he is a very good coach, but you have to question how long he’ll stay there.

Bobby Petrino was worried he might not have opportunity to coach again

Bobby PetrinoBobby Petrino did an impressive job revitalizing the Arkansas football program and was on his way to making the Razorbacks a force in the SEC until he was busted for his motorcycle scandal in April 2012. The school fired him for his inappropriate relationship with a co-worker, lying about it to cover it up, and much more. Arkansas was coming off back-to-back double-digit win seasons, a BCS bowl game appearance, and a Cotton Bowl win, so you know Petrino’s actions were awfully bad for the school to deem them worthy enough to fire him. Combining the Arkansas scandal with the unprofessional way he left the Atlanta Falcons, it was conceivable that Petrino wouldn’t get another head coaching gig.

While Petrino did not coach the 2012 football season, Western Kentucky hired him in December as the replacement for Willie Taggart, who left for South Florida. During an interview with AL.com’s Tommy Hicks, Petrino said he did have some concern that he would not get an opportunity to coach again following the scandal.

Q: Was there a concern that the opportunity to get back in coaching wouldn’t be there for you?

A: Certainly, there was always that concern. I just worked hard and tried to fix things with my family and see what opportunities were going to come about. This one came about really quickly. I appreciated how direct and how aggressively Todd Stewart went about it.

Petrino is gearing up for the 2013 season. Arkansas stumbled to 4-8 under John L. Smith and replaced him with Bret Bielema, who went 68-24 over seven seasons at Wisconsin. I’m guessing it won’t take long for Petrino to dominate the Atlantic Sun Conference.

If there’s one thing we can take away here, it’s that as long as you’re a great football coach, there will probably always be a job for you. What else is new?

Bobby Petrino reportedly interested in Kentucky, eager to coach

Bobby Petrino is out of work and interested in the coaching vacancy at Kentucky, the Courier-Journal reports.

Kentucky announced on Sunday that Joker Phillips would not return as head coach of the football team next season after a 1-9 start to this season. The Wildcats are in the market for a new head coach, and Petrino reportedly is interested in the job.

Petrino has been out of work since being fired by Arkansas in April for his affair with co-worker Jessica Dorrell and attempted coverup of the relationship. Columnist Adam Himmelsbach spoke with Petrino’s father, who says that his son is itching to coach again and that he would love to return to the SEC.

“I know he wants a job; he needs a job … He just misses coaching so much,” Petrino Sr. told the Courier-Journal.

“I just know this, that he’s interested in Kentucky,” the father said. “He wants to stay in the SEC. That was his life’s goal was to go to the SEC.”

It seems like the interest from Kentucky fans is mutual. A poll on WDRB has eight potential head coach replacements listed, and 29% of voters say they want Petrino as the team’s next head coach — more than any other candidate. Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart is second on the poll with 18% of votes.

Though the fans seem to want Petrino, the school may not. Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde reported on Sunday that Kentucky is not considering Petrino for the job. But between this report and the fans’ desire, they may reconsider.

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Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell costumes are popular this Halloween (Pictures)

Arkansas fans are missing Bobby Petrino now that the football team is 3-4 without him as the head coach, but at least they’re able to have some laughs about the scandal that cost him his job. Above is a picture of an Arkansas couple who dressed up as Bobby Petrino and his motorcycle mistress, Jessica Dorrell, for a recent Halloween party.

The lady in the picture is Bridgette Walter, and she says she and her husband, Joey, dressed up as Petrino and Dorrell for what is sure to be a Halloween costume trend in Arkansas. They really nailed it perfectly, too.

Bridgette is rocking the blond wig to resemble Dorrell, and Joey has the neck brace, Arkansas hat with a curved bill, and Arkansas pullover like Petrino. The bruised and scraped face just completes the look perfectly.

Walter tells us her husband also dressed up as Petrino last Halloween, and she dressed as a referee to complement him. She says they decided to follow up on the Petrino costume this year.

Here’s what the real Petrino and Dorrell look like for comparison:

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Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle from infamous crash now up for auction

After being fired last month, Bobby Petrino has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth and for all we know gone into hiding with Sarah Phillips and Gregg Williams. But that’s not stopping an integral part of the Petrino scandal from momentarily returning to the spotlight.

The 2007 “Hawg Wild” Harley Davidson that the philandering former Arkansas coach was riding when he and alleged mistress Jessica Dorrell crashed off the side of a highway last month has been put up for auction and could be yours for less than its value. Granted, there are a few repairs you’ll need to make to the mutilated bike. And by “a few repairs,” we mean $18,000 worth.

The current bid is at $4,600 with the auction ending May 30. According to Copart.com, where you can wager on the bike, the Harley’s estimated value is $16,000.

It doesn’t take a math expert to see that, with the $18 grand you’ll need to make in repairs, you’ll be overpaying for the motorcycle. But this is a bike that has history! Memorabilia collectors who specialize in items shrouded in shame and regret should be all over this one. This is like the Lewinsky dress of college football scandals.

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Jessica Dorrell-Bobby Petrino relationship became physical in October when she asked ‘Are you going to kiss me?’

A timeline of the relationship between Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino indicates that the relationship between the two became physical when they kissed last October, and ended when they decided to remain just friends in February.

The timeline became public thanks to notes compiled by Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long that were released to The Associated Press via the Freedom of Information Act. According to Long’s notes, phone records show the two began exchanging and text messages last April or May. They exchanged over 2,000 texts in both September and October, which is when the relationship became physical, according to what was told to Long.

According to Long’s notes, the coach and employee shared their first kiss at Dorrell’s urging. Petrino and Dorrell reportedly were sitting in a car, eating lunch and talking and “she said are you going to kiss me.”

Below is a chart detailing the phone contact between Petrino and Dorrell (via Chris Bahn):

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