Bobby Petrino regularly texted ex-Miss Bikini USA Alison Melder

Bobby Petrino is the gift that keeps on giving. On Wednesday, Deadspin posted records of the former Arkansas football coach’s cell phone activity since September. On Thursday, they posted that Petrino was in regular contact with Alison Melder, a winner of the 2008 Miss Bikini USA and Miss Motorcycle Mania competitions. Deadspin says Petrino traded at least 200 texts with Melder, who is now a senate assistant for the Republican Party of Arkansas, from September-November, though to the best of their research, no calls were exchanged. Oh yeah, and Melder sent Petrino seven picture messages. We’re guessing those pictures weren’t of sample voting ballots.

I only have a few things to say. One, at 51, Petrino was impressively pulling more 20-year-olds than most college guys. Two, how did this guy even find time to coach with all the texting he was doing? And lastly, how dumb could this guy be to do all of his pimping from a university-issued phone knowing the records were available to the public? It’s obvious he thought he could do anything he pleased, but that’s just pure stupidity. You always have separate phones for your mistresses — that’s just common pimp knowledge.

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Bobby Petrino’s phone records show roughly 4,300 texts, 300 calls with Jessica Dorrell since September

The public is still in the process of learning more about disgraced former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino‘s relationship with 25-year-old alleged mistress Jessica Dorrell. But on Wednesday, phone records revealed the two had been in contact since at least last September.

The records for Petrino’s university-issued phone were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (you can see them at Deadspin), and one of the first calls Petrino made back in September was to Dorrell. Since then, countless calls, texts and pictures were shared around the clock between the two on a regular basis. The Associated Press reports Petrino exchanged over 4300 texts and 300 calls with Dorrell since September. Dorrell, a former all-SEC volleyball player for the Razorbacks, was hired to the football program last month.

Last week, Petrino attempted to cover up what he later described as an “inappropriate relationship” with Dorrell, who was a passenger on the coach’s motorcycle when he crashed it April 1.

Records indicate that Petrino and Dorrell spoke for a total of 16 minutes around 3:30 p.m. the day of the accident. Petrino also apparently sent a few text messages during their ride, though it’s unclear if he sent them while driving. After the accident, which occurred approximately at 6:32 p.m., the coach made a handful of calls, including at least one to the off-duty police captain who serves as his security guard during the season and brought Petrino to the hospital alone.

On April 5, the day the police report of the crash was made public, revealing Dorrell’s involvement in the accident and relationship with Petrino, the two shared (by our count) 11 brief phone calls.

As mentioned, these records show just the previous seven months of contact, so it’s unclear how much longer Petrino was making regular contact with Dorrell.

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Arkansas made unpopular, but right decision to fire Bobby Petrino

If there’s one thing I learned from being in sports radio for several years, it’s that Arkansas football fans are as passionate as it gets. They probably don’t get as much attention as other fan bases because they don’t poison trees, get punched at fast food restaurants, or have a huge rival, but Hog fans love their team and are as fervent as they come. That’s why I was expecting Arkansas to appease its fan base by penalizing Bobby Petrino embarrassing the school with his crash and affair rather than outright firing him. I was wrong; athletic director Jeff Long made the bold and moral decision to fire Petrino.

Petrino came to Arkansas after leaving the Atlanta Falcons mid-season. He notified his players he was leaving them with a note taped in their lockers. Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer called him a “gutless coward” for the way he handled things. Arkansas knew the poor character Petrino had when they got him, but after the Houston Nutt mess, it didn’t matter — they wanted a winner. And that’s what they got.

Petrino needed just two years to turn the Hogs into a winner, going 5-7 and then 8-5 in his first two seasons. He took it to another level leading Arkansas to back-to-back double-digit win seasons the past two years. The program was enjoying its greatest success since Ken Hatfield was coach in the late ’80s. They hadn’t quite reached the Frank Broyles level of success from the ’60s, but they were close. The fan base had been clamoring for a return to those days and they were nearly there. That’s why firing Petrino is such an unpopular move.

But Bobby deserved to be fired. He hired his mistress for a position on the football staff, giving her the job over 158 other applicants, and paying her $20,000 as a gift. He got into a motorcycle crash and lied to the school to cover up his “inappropriate relationship.” Based on his history, Petrino leaving the school on bad terms is not a surprise. What’s surprising is that Arkansas, which hired a guy who left his NFL team mid-season, decided to draw a line and say they weren’t willing to stoop lower than that to win.

Whether it was because they felt embarrassed over the negative publicity, were upset they were lied to, or like they needed to protect themselves in a legal sense, or that they just didn’t want Bobby Petrino representing the university anymore, Arkansas made the right decision to move on. They’re sacrificing potential success on the field to stand their moral ground. It was the only call to make.

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Ozzie Guillen and Bobby Petrino show us the coaches in charge aren’t the sharpest

Sometimes it’s great to live in a country where Presidents forget the definition of is, Jimmer becomes a popular baby name, and the closest our children come to learning mathematics begins and ends with Octomom. But, sometimes the best part about tithing (and then some) to Uncle Sam with the prospect of getting peanut shells in return is the ability to somehow link an Arkansas football coach with a Venezuelan baseball manager all in one week filled with buffoonery.

I took a Sabbatical from this year’s NCAA basketball tournament focusing on what seemed like a fait accompli: me winning the Powerball jackpot. I went through the typical cycle. The delusions of grandeur. Telling all the superiors at my job where they could go — surprisingly they didn’t get the memo that the T.J. Maxx customer service department was my metaphor for Hades. Also, I had to decide which island in the South Pacific I would soon purchase and on which I would subsequently build an oasis made out of coconut shells and Twinkies. Alas, the dream died when I forgot to fork over the money for lottery tickets. Regardless, that prospect was about as likely as Vasser beating Kentucky in the final of the college tourney, but a nice dream nonetheless.

Thus, I wake up from my stupor to find that two coaches have failed to wake from theirs. Ozzie Guillen’s love-affair with Fidel Castro and Bobby Petrino’s relationship with a former school volleyball player half his age that should have, well, been spiked, have stirred the sports world from its early-April-induced haze.

As much fun as it would have been to use this column space to debate the merits of having Yu Darvish pose with a cowboy hat on media day, this seems to be eminently more interesting. Perhaps if Ozzie had just greeted the adoring public wearing a T-shirt with the image of Attila the Hun, this would have blown over by now. Had Petrino maybe just had a chat with Flo before getting on that motorcycle, he would have been able to maintain his surreptitiousness.

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Bobby Petrino admits ‘inappropriate relationship’ with Jessica Dorrell, placed on leave

Bobby Petrino issued a statement late Thursday in which admitted he hid details from the public and university regarding his motorcycle crash. In his statement, Petrino said he tried to hide that Jessica Dorrell was riding on his motorcycle to protect his family “from a previous inappropriate relationship becoming public.”

“In hindsight, I showed a serious mistake in judgment when I chose not to be more specific about those details,” his statement reads.

Petrino was placed on administrative leave while the school investigates the matter. Petrino has a clause in his contract that states the school can fire him if he did something that negatively affects the program. Here’s what they will have to decide.

Is keeping Petrino worth the embarrassment he’s caused? He lied to the school about what happened. Specifically, he tried to hide that Jessica Dorrell, with whom he was having an affair, was riding with him on the motorcycle. He also just hired Dorrell for a position on the football staff last week. Arkansas is a public state school and there likely are state laws about having a sexual relationship with a subordinate, even if it’s consensual.

The question is if Arkansas will choose to address any of this and exercise their termination clause. Petrino just led the school to back-to-back double-digit win seasons and a BCS bowl game. They became a mess under Huston Nutt and couldn’t wait to have a successful coach lead the school. They were so desperate to win they hired a man who walked out on his team midseason without so much as a phone call.

I think they’ll ultimately choose to keep Petrino while penalizing him in some way that makes it look like he’s been disciplined. That is not the proper way to address things, I just think the University of Arkansas cares more about having a winning football program than about having a lying, cheating, sleazy coach.

Here is the full text of his statement via Arkansas Sports 360:

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25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was on Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle during crash, and he covered it up

Not only was Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino riding a motorcycle without a helmet when he crashed Sunday night, but he also had a 25-year-old athletic department employee riding with him, and he lied about that detail.

The police report from the crash says 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was on the back of Petrino’s motorcycle, though she miraculously was uninjured. Dorrell left in her car while Petrino was taken to the hospital by a police captain who also serves as Petrino’s security guard during the football season. That’s where the cover-up began.

A release from the University of Arkansas earlier this week said Petrino was involved in a wreck “that involved no other individuals.”

Petrino also left out that Dorrell was on the motorcycle when speaking with the media.

“When I came out of a ditch, there was a lady there that had flagged down a car. And the guy that was in the passenger seat said get in we’ll just take you right to the hospital,” he said, per ArkansasSports360.

Petrino told the media that he had spent the day at a lake with his wife, Becky.

In a statement issued late Thursday, Petrino says he hid the detail about Dorrell from the school.

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Bobby Petrino wears neck brace at Arkansas press conference (Picture)

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino held a press conference after being released from the hospital Tuesday following his motorcycle crash. Petrino was injured in a crash Sunday and was listed in stable condition. He said he wasn’t wearing a helmet, so he’s lucky if wearing a neck brace is the worst thing that happened to him. Petrino was cleared to watch football practice from the press box. He said he has four broken ribs. Guess the Razorbacks forgot to add the no motorcycle clause to Petrino’s contract.

Photo from ArkansasRazorbacks.com, via Arkansas Sports 360