Video: Bobby Petrino Cusses at Les Miles After Late Field Goal

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino apparently was unhappy with LSU coach Les Miles for kicking a field goal late in the Tigers’ romp over the Razorbacks Friday. LSU was already up 38-17 when they decided to tack on three points to make it 41-17. The CBS cameras then flashed to a ticked off Petrino who tossed a few choice cuss words Les Miles’ way:

If Petrino indeed was upset with Miles for running up the score, it would be pretty hypocritical. 70-7, 59-7, 55-7, 61-10, and 69-14 were all scores Petrino won by as head coach at Louisville. The dude practically invented the concept of running up the score. I really hope that wasn’t his issue.

No surprise, he was in a pretty foul mood for the postgame handshake too:

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Ryan Mallett Took Public Speaking Based on Bobby Petrino’s Recommendation

If Auburn’s Cam Newton hasn’t been the most scrutinized figure in the NFL draft this year, then Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett certainly has been. Rumors of regular drug use by the quarterback have been as consistent as the praise over his cannon arm and tall frame, even though Mallett has never tested positive during a drug test. As if that’s not bad enough, NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes called him a “Caucasian street guy” who speaks with an Eminem or Vanilla Ice type of slang.

Apparently Dukes isn’t the only one who’s made that observation about Mallett. According to ESPN, Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino tried to polish up Mallett’s speech his first summer in Fayetteville to make him appear more like a face of the program. Petrino had Mallett attend a class on speaking with the public and had him hone his communication skills with Chuck Barrett, the voice of Razorbacks football. “Blame it on texting and technology, Petrino says” according to the article.

Now even if Mallett’s character is defended vigorously against rumors of drug use by Petrino, a few noteworthy comments make you wonder if some of the stuff is true. Mallett’s father called his son “immature” his first year at Michigan (where Ryan first went to school before transferring to Arkansas). Ryan even admitted it took some time to mature after transferring. I understand that 17-year-olds can be immature when they’re living on a college campus for the first time — I’m sure I was — but maybe that’s where some of the character concerns have come from.

The only question now is whether Mallett is still immature, or if he’s ready to be the leader of an NFL team. When it comes to draft time, all it takes is one team out of 32 to believe he can be a leader and he’ll be set. Then it’s on him to prove all the character concerns were unfounded.

Mike Zimmer on Bobby Petrino: He Is a Gutless Coward

It’s good to know that a coach can’t just walk out on his team and players in an embarrassingly unprofessional act and have everyone forget about it. We certainly won’t, and I’m sure Alge Crumpler hasn’t either. Count current Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer as someone who won’t ever let go what the slimeball Petrino did.

In case you don’t remember, Bobby Petrino used to be the coach at Louisville from 2003-2006 and he did extremely well. He became the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for the 2007 season, the year Michael Vick wound up going to jail. With Joey Harrington as the team’s starting quarterback, you knew Petrino would be line for a tough season. The team went 3-10 and he quit mid-season, leaving a note in the locker room for the players that he was taking the Arkansas job. Yeah, class act I know.

So what does Mike Zimmer, who was the Falcons’ defensive coordinator at the time say about Petrino? Well, it’s nothing positive:

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Bobby Petrino Too Scared to Play Texas

I think this story slipped by nearly everyone, well, with the exception of The Wiz and my man Arnie Spanier at Sporting News Radio. According to the Austin Statesman, Arkansas called over to Texas to ask about canceling their scheduled game for ’09, the back end of a home-and-home series. The teams will meet this coming season in Austin, a home game for Texas, but Bobby Petrino’s backing out of the game in ’09. One has to wonder why Arkansas would cancel a future home game against a notable opponent, but the answer became clear: Bobby Petrino is a manipulative weenie when it comes down to it.

Apparently Arkansas will begin playing Texas A&M in the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium in Arlington beginning in ’09, scoring a major payday for each team. The paper says Arkansas does not want to have both Texas and Texas A&M on their non-conference schedule in the same season. I think we saw this season that having a creampuff schedule is the way to go these days in college football, given the success of Kansas and Ohio State to name a few. I could easily understand it if coaches tell their ADs to start scheduling patsies in the future. But to come right out and ask to cancel a game with a tough opponent? That spells wussie, chicken, puss, whatever you can think of. Certainly seems like Bobby Petrino’s M.O, so I can’t really say I’m surprised.

Rich Rodriguez Might Be King of the College Football Scum

Back when Bobby Petrino left Atlanta for Arkansas, I pondered whether or not the meeting between Petrino’s Razorbacks and Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide would be the worst matchup ever. I may have to amend that post. If Arkansas and Michigan were to meet, I think that would be the worst game ever. As JS emailed in with the tip, West Virginia is suspicious of former coach, Rich Rodriguez, who may or may not have destroyed some old football documents. The files contained information — good or bad — on every single player in the West Virginia program. They reportedly disappeared between the time that Rodriguez resigned and the team returned from the Fiesta Bowl. Important documents? I wonder, where could they have gone?

And as far as my title and whatnot goes, even if Rodriguez is cleared of this issue, he’s still way up there on the scum list. Think about it; Rodriguez ran a program that boasted both Pacman Jones and Chris Henry as its star student athletes. Can you believe the two encountered this much trouble in the NFL but none in college at West Virginia under Rodriguez? Gimme a break. And what does it say about West Virginia for letting Rodriguez run the program with those cats only to leak this story to the press for sympathy as soon as he leaves? Don’t think I’m not seeing right through you enablers.

Saban vs. Petrino: Worst Game Ever?

This morning on the radio, my man Chris Moore made mention of Saban and Petrino when discussing Rich Rodriguez leaving West Virginia for Michigan. When the two coach against each other in the SEC for an Alabama/Arkansas game, for whom do you root? In other words, could Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide taking on Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks be the worst game ever? That got me thinking (which is a dangerous thing, I admit it), has there ever been a game with two bigger villains pitted against each other? Could you imagine the type of hype surrounding the game when these teams meet?

I’m trying to consider what I would do when those teams play. Perhaps a 0-0 tie would be in order. Apart from Bama and Arkansas fans, is there any sports person in the country that actually wants to see either of those coaches succeed after their shenanigans? I can’t remember a match up of two worse villains recently, so I’m going to go ahead and say this would be the worst game ever. Maybe you can come up with a worse scenario that I could be forgetting. Until then, I’m going Petrino vs. Saban. That’s hard to beat.

Alge Crumpler Rips on Falcons, Petrino

Really, I don’t care much about the Falcons. But they are a disaster, and as one of the train wrecks in the NFL, it’s kinda fun to see the collision happen before our eyes. This week, Alge Crumpler, who’s been a good tight end his entire career (even with Vick throwing to him!), went off on the Falcons and Petrino since being phased out of the offense:

When we cross the 50, we’re the worst offense in the National Football League.

We’re trying to trust them. They keep telling us, ‘Trust us, trust us.’ We’ve been trying to trust them the whole time.”

It’s weird. This is a young guys’ game we’re playing now. It’s been taken out of our hands. It’s just been taken out of the veterans’ hands. When we get into situations, we’re not being given opportunities.

Newly signed fullback Ovie Mughelli has called the situation a “bad dream.” Joey Harrington is back to his Detroit Lions form, and Byron Leftwich was splitting the uprights on Sunday — and he’s not a kicker. Meanwhile, Louisville’s defense couldn’t stop the Powder Puff girls, and Petrino walked out on a 10-year deal he had just signed with the university. Payback’s a bitch Petrino, it’s all karma. I hope your team goes 1-15.

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