David Ortiz approves of Bobby Valentine’s Red Sox alcohol ban ‘This ain’t no bar’

The frat house that allegedly was the Boston Red Sox clubhouse last season will be no more.

Bobby Valentine is putting his foot down in his first year as Sox manager, telling players during a Saturday meeting that there will be no boozing in the clubhouse or on return flights this season.

Valentine insists prohibiting alcohol is something he’s done as manager in the past and not only in response to the team’s notorious beer-and-chicken-guzzling affair that emerged after Boston’s remarkable September collapse last year.

David Ortiz agrees with his new skipper’s decision.

“We’re not here to drink,” Ortiz said. “We’re here to play baseball. You know what I’m saying? This ain’t no bar. This is an organization, a place that needs a lot of athleticism. Alcohol has nothing to do with that. People have alcohol in their houses. If you want to drink it, drink at home.”

And by that we hope Ortiz doesn’t mean, “If playing with a mean buzz is your thing, please take care of it before you come to the ballpark.” That would be irresponsible.

Bobby Valentine Says Josh Beckett ‘Pissed Off’ At Him Over Slow Pace Comments

Maybe reporters are making way too much of the dynamic between Josh Beckett and Bobby Valentine before their new relationship even starts, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly concerned as a Red Sox fan.  Beckett was said to be a malcontent in the Red Sox clubhouse last season.  In fact, a number of Boston sources even believe he is partially responsible for driving Terry Francona out of town.

With that in mind, the history between Beckett and Valentine is a bit alarming.  As you may know, Valentine ripped Beckett during a Sunday Night Baseball broadcast last season for taking too much time between pitches.  It’s a complaint Beckett has heard from a number of people, but it doesn’t sound like he has completely gotten over hearing it from Bobby V.

“I did reach out to Josh, and he didn’t want me to say anything so I’m not going to say anything other than after he got through telling me how pissed off he was, we had a really good conversation,” Valentine said Wednesday according to WEEI.com. “I’m not going to say anything about it.”

Alas, Red Sox fans get their first glimpse of what life with Bobby V. is going to be like.  Valentine wears his heart on his sleeve and is not very good at keeping issues in-house.  Even if Beckett is still angry with him over the comments he made, it would probably be best if the new manager worked through the issue behind closed doors.  Saying Beckett is still pissed about it might make him sound unreasonable and can be construed as throwing him under the bus.

Valentine has inherited a team of talented players with a poor reputation — a group which also was reportedly unhappy with his hiring.  If Bobby V. is capable of keeping quiet, his best bet would probably be to keep the media in the dark more often than not.

Brian Cashman Challenges Bobby Valentine to Rappel Down the Side of a 22-Story Building

It has been a tremendously busy few weeks for Bobby Valentine, who was finally introduced as the next manager of the Boston Red Sox on Thursday.  Brian Cashman wants to make it busier.  Now that Valentine has become opponent No. 1, Cashman decided to issue the first public challenge to the new leader of the BoSox.  The event: rappelling.

According to the NY Daily News, there is an annual tradition in Valentine’s hometown of Stamford, Conn. called “Heights of Lights” that involves rappelling down the side of a 22-story building among other standard holiday traditions.  Cashman, an annual participant, has challenged Stamford’s own to join him.

“I publicly challenge Bobby Valentine to join me on the building,” Cashman said Friday morning while he was practicing for the event. “Landmark Square, first week of December. Be there. 2012.”

Cashman also added the standard opponent’s praise of Valentine, saying that he is not thrilled to see him in the opposing dugout because he knows what he is capable of.  Before long, the two of them — along with Ben Cherington and Joe Girardi — will be engaging in offseason battles to acquire new players and playing mind games along the way.  But for right now, nothing says “I’m the bigger man” like making your way down a 22-story building with a harness and some rope.

Fist pound to the USA Today’s Game On! for sharing the story.

Red Sox Players Unhappy with Bobby Valentine Hiring? Here We Go …

Whether the players, fans, or general manager like it or not, there is a 99.9 percent chance Bobby Valentine will be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox.  When Boston inevitably announces that it has chosen the self-proclaimed creator of the wrap sandwich as its next leader, it will be impossible for newly-hired G.M. Ben Cherington to pretend this was his decision.  Cherington, who has been with the Red Sox since 1999, interviewed a handful of candidates — mostly bench and base coaches — who had minimal managerial experience at the MLB level.  He brought in guys like Dale Sveum, Gene Lamont, and Sandy Alomar Jr. and ended up with Bobby V.  This is a celebrity hire, and clearly one that was inspired by John Henry and Larry Lucchino.

That being said, everyone is going to be responsible for making it work.  Red Sox fans are crossing their fingers that a clubhouse full of players who admit to drinking beer during games and not caring about a collapse will buy into the Bobby V. way.  What that way is, we don’t really know.

Will Boston fans be treated to the Valentine who is a Sabermetrics fanatic and successful teacher of the game of baseball, or the one who had a falling out with the Mets front office in the earlier part of the decade.  Time will answer all that, but according to Buster Olney Valentine is not the man some Red Sox players wanted to see walking through the door.

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Starlin Castro Benched Day After ESPN Shows Him Not Paying Attention

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro was benched by manager Mike Quade for Monday’s game after ESPN showed video of the shortstop not paying attention at times during Sunday Night Baseball. ESPN caught Castro with his back to the batter during a pitch and showed the footage during their telecast. Analyst and former manager Bobby Valentine discussed the unacceptable lapse from Castro for several minutes.

Manager Mike Quade was not aware of Castro’s mishaps as of Sunday night, saying he was busy managing the game. That was understandable. After he went over the video, he decided Castro’s behavior was unacceptable and he benched him gave him a “mental day off.”

Here’s a look at the video via Clubhouse Cancer and Awful Announcing to judge for yourself:

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Bobby Valentine Called It…Jose Ortiz Wins Home Run Derby

I’m glad Bobby Valentine reiterated the fact that we weren’t taking a shot at the Home Run Derby when we gave you a recommendation for making it interesting on Monday.  Maybe Bobby should have taken my advice and bet on it. He’d probably have a better grasp of the contestants names if he had. The Home Run Derby is just tough to get amped up for, and that becomes evident when one of the three commentators for the event picks a former Rockies second baseman — who had 14 home runs in his three year career — to win the event. Or could he have meant the former center fielder and pinch runner for the White Sox 30 years ago — who hit zero homers in his three year career — was going to take home the crown? Check out the video of Bobby Valentine picking Jose Ortiz to win the Home Run Derby:

Of course, Valentine meant to pick David Ortiz.  I’d even give him a little credit for an accurate prediction if he didn’t forget the name of one of the most well-known figures in the history of Major League Baseball.  When all else fails, just call him Big Papi.   I’m sure Bobby will remember that in 2011.

Video Credit: YouTube user stella5378