Bobby Wilson quits Twitter with saddest tweet possible

Angels backup catcher Bobby Wilson announced on Twitter Thursday that he was done with the social media service because he couldn’t stand the negativity:

Nothing like a self-deprecating announcement to elicit some sympathy.

Wilson is a career .215 hitter and batting .228 with two home runs for the Angels this year. He saw daily action after Chris Ianetta got hurt, but he’s been playing sporadically since Ianetta returned. He’s caught C.J. Wilson the last two times he started, and the southpaw was hit hard both times. Perhaps that’s the root of the criticism he’s faced.

LBS went back to look at the tweets Wilson was sent over the past week, and it really wasn’t too bad. He had about as many supportive tweets as critical ones, and it’s not like he was bombarded with very many at all. But we do have a feeling it was tweets like the ones below that got him down:

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Mark Teixeira Running Over Bobby Wilson: Clean or Dirty?

Two weeks ago, the Angels had a surplus at the catcher position. After this weekend, they’re somewhat thin. Things started a week ago when Jeff Mathis, who had been hitting his way into a regular gig, got hit on the wrist trying to block a pitch in the dirt. He landed on the disabled list with a fracture. Then on Friday night, minor league call-up Bobby Wilson was plowed over by Mark Teixeira at the plate and suffered a concussion. He too is now on the disabled list. The big question that emerged over the weekend was whether or not Teixeira’s play was dirty. I say no. Watch the video of Mark Teixeira running over Angels catcher Bobby Wilson and let me know what you think:

To me, that was a bang-bang play and Teixeira was ensuring that he scored the run. As a catcher, if you’re prepared to block the plate to keep the running from scoring, then you also have to be prepared to get hit. Just because Wilson got hit in the head and wound up on the disabled list doesn’t change that Teixeira went in hard to make sure he scored. I wouldn’t have wanted my player to go into home any other way. Even Angels manager Mike Scioscia, a former catcher who mastered the art of blocking the plate, said the play was clean. Others like Torii Hunter are probably upset one of their teammates wound up on the DL and suggested Teixeira was getting revenge for being hit by a pitch earlier in the game. That sort of passion and pride is what makes Hunter such a good teammate. I just don’t think there was anything wrong about Teixeira’s play, and neither did Wilson. It’s just unfortunate that Wilson wound up hurt.

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