Boise State fans can’t help homeless player Antoine Turner because of NCAA rules

Antoine-TurnerBoise State recruit Antoine Turner is currently homeless. He will not be officially enrolled at Boise State until he arrives on campus in June, so he is left to stay at motels and in his girlfriend’s car until the school year begins. And if you want to help him out, well, you can’t — NCAA rules prohibit it.

A segment that was aired on Boise’s KTVB 11 on Sunday evening documented Turner’s story, explaining to viewers how he stayed with his girlfriend last year while playing at Fullerton Junior College in California. He later moved in with his uncle but can no longer stay with him because of government housing regulations.

As you might expect, the story touched the hearts of many. Realizing that, the Boise State compliance office asked KTVB to air a memo urging fans to not provide Turner with any benefits.

We need to make it clear to your viewers and Bronco fans that it is NOT permissible within NCAA rules for boosters of Boise State athletics to provide benefits to Mr. Turner. That would include money, loans, gifts, discounts, transportation costs, etc.

While Mr. Turner’s need is abundantly clear, it is not permissible for Boise State, the athletics department or supporters of the athletics department to assist Mr. Turner at this time. Once Mr. Turner arrives on campus for the start of the summer school program, he will be well taken care of–receiving full tuition, room and board, books, fees etc. In the meantime, the compliance office is exploring a potential waiver with the NCAA that would allow us to provide assistance prior to the start of summer school.

And this is why everyone hates the NCAA.

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Boise State QB Joe Southwick sent home from bowl for allegedly urinating off balcony

Joe-Southwick-Boise-StateIf Boise State is able to beat Oregon State in the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve, the Broncos will be doing so without their starting quarterback. Joe Southwick was sent home last week for a violation of team rules. When he returned to Boise, Southwick told KTVB that he was banned from the Hawaii Bowl after being accused of urinating off a balcony at the team hotel.

The issue, Southwick says, is that he didn’t do it. The senior said he went out last Thursday night and witnessed a player urinating off the hotel balcony when he got back. When he woke up the next morning, he found out he had been accused of doing it.

“It just turned to finger pointing, and it ended up being three people against one person saying something, and I guess the temper tantrum of one person didn’t look good and there was no investigation,” Soutwick explained. “This was an absolute rushed decision, probably made in about 20 minutes.”

Southwick added that he has reached out to Boise State administrators and encouraged them to launch an investigation to figure out what happened. He also showed KTVB the results of a polygraph test that he took, which he said he would like to show to the school.

“I don’t want this to turn into me against Boise State,” he said. “I love Boise State. What they’ve been able to do for me these past five years, is life changing. And this situation that occurred the last five days could also be life changing, obviously for the negative for me.

“It’s just really important for myself and my family to get this cleared up and show that really the decision makers in place had a rushed decision, there was no process to properly judicate what happened. It’s really disappointing that it came to this.”

We have no way of knowing if Southwick is telling the truth, but you’d hate to see him miss the last game of his collegiate career for something he didn’t do. It’s hard to imagine that Boise State would have kicked a player off the team strictly because of finger pointing. There has to be more to the story.

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Nate Dogg’s son Naijiel Hale reportedly receives scholarship offer from Boise State

Naijiel-HaleNaijiel Hale is a high school defensive back prospect and the son of late rapper Nate Dogg, aka Nathaniel Hale. It appears that Naijiel is going to continue the trend of legendary rappers’ sons playing college ball at top-tier schools, as he reportedly received his first Division-1 scholarship offer on Tuesday.

According to Greg Biggins of FOX Sports (via @ScottEnyeart), Hale landed an offer from Boise State. If he accepts, that means he could have an opportunity to wear one of the sickest helmets in the country.

As you likely know, Nate Dogg died back in 2011 from complications due to multiple strokes. Now, we’re left wondering how long it will take for Jim Mora to get UCLA involved in recruiting Hale. Mora seems to love recruiting the sons of famous rappers and entertainers, as P. Diddy’s son Justin Combs has already committed to UCLA and Snoop Dog’s son Cordell Broadus has received interest from the Bruins and other teams.

Don’t ask me what the correlation is between rappers and talented football players, but three times in the past year or so can’t be a coincidence.

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Boise State unveils sick black helmets as part of black out uniforms (Picture)

There’s going to be a lot of black and blue around on Saturday when Boise State hosts UNLV, and we’re not talking about bruises. Between Boise State’s trademark blue turf and the new “Black Out” uniforms they will be wearing — which still contain some blue and orange — the Broncos’ stadium will be black and blue all over.

As you can see from the photo above that Lost Lettermen shared with us, the helmets are clearly the best part. During a season in which we have seen some hideous helmets like these horrible ones Notre Dame wore a little over a week ago, Boise State’s black shells are a welcome change. I give them a 10 out of 10.

Boise State Corn Maze is Here (Picture)

We’ve seen a Tim Thomas corn maze tribute, a John Calipari corn maze, and now we have a Boise State football maze. This corn maze comes from Linder Farms in Meridian, Idaho.

Pictured is the Boise State logo, a quarterbacking throwing a ball, and the new Mountain West Conference logo. The Idaho Statesman says this is the third straight year Linder Farms has featured a Boise State theme. The maze is mighty impressive, but if they had any real skills they would have made the quarterback a lefty. Just sayin’.

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Georgia Regrets Scheduling Boise State, Thought Kellen Moore Graduated

College football teams schedule their non-conference games with one of two goals in mind: to pick up an easy win or build their strength of schedule.  By scheduling Boise State as one of their non-conference opponents, Georgia was hoping to give themselves an opponent that would demand national attention but was also beatable. According to Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt, that was before Georgia knew Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore was sticking around.

On Friday, Deadspin passed along an interview between Richt and WCNN in Atlanta from Sports Radio Interviews.  Here is what the Georgia coach had to say when asked about scheduling the Broncos.

“[The athletic director] came to me with that and he was like, ‘Well, that quarterback’s a senior and he’s leaving.’ I really didn’t look at it. I knew that he had been there a long enough time that he was probably on the way out. After we signed on the dotted line, then I went and looked at the depth chart and realized he was still there. Then I was hoping he would turn pro early and he didn’t do that.”

Richt has every right to be concerned about Moore, who has been an absolute monster over the past couple seasons.  He has thrived in the Broncos’ system to the tune of 39 touchdowns and three interceptions in 2009 and 35 touchdowns and six interceptions last season.  Joining the Mountain West and not wearing blue uniforms at home could hurt his production a little, but Moore is as legit a college signal-caller as they come.  Next time the Bulldogs will do their homework.

Boise State Banned from Wearing All Blue Uniforms on Blue Turf

Everyone knows there are teams in the college football world that take issue with the color of Boise State’s field turf.  To many, it is seen as a competitive advantage.  Some coaches have made an attempt to have the blue turf removed from Bronco Stadium while others have painted their own practice field blue in preparation for a game at Boise State.  A hat manufacturing company, Zephyr, even decided to create a ridiculous hat that references the blue turf.

According to ESPN’s College Football Nation Blog via Deadspin, the Mountain West has decided to take some form of action.  The turf can stay, but the all-blue uniforms must go during home games.  Apparently it is believed that the uniforms make the Broncos invisible and give them an unfair advantage.  They certainly can give viewers a headache.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” head coach Chris Petersen said. “That’s our colors. That’s who we are. That’s who our fans have wanted us to be since I’ve been at Boise State. That’s what it’s been through and through.”

Ridiculous it may be, but I can’t say I’m unhappy about it.  The blue turf is tough enough to look at as is let alone throwing royal blue uniforms into the mix.  As Deadspin’ Emma Charmichael pointed out, an argument could be made that the concept is the same as a team in all-green uniforms playing on a green surface.  That’s a fair point, but I suppose you can say this is the price the Broncos will have to pay for joining the Mountain West.