Josh Hamilton photobombs some Rangers fans at the ballpark (Picture)

This is the worst. You’re trying to enjoy a day at the ballpark with your friends and take a few photos to capture some of the best moments and some clown goes and does something like this. As you can see from the photo above that @amm_94 shared with us on Twitter, three lovely young ladies got an opportunity to pose for a picture in front of the dugout with the field in the background over the weekend and Josh Hamilton had to go and spoil it.

Guy obviously has no respect for a good photo opportunity. We’ve seen some unintentionally graphic videobombs recently and some that were done with a specific purpose in mind, but there’s no excuse for this. These girls probably hate their picture now and they didn’t even realize it until they got home. What could have been a memorable moment is now nothing but a lousy digital camera file that has probably already been erased.

H/T The Big Lead

Fan interrupts Webb Simpson NBC interview in awesome fashion (Video)

A man wearing a funky British flag hat and outfit pulled off one of the best videobombs of all time. The crazy man interrupted U.S. Open winner Webb Simpson’s interview with NBC following his championship round by jumping in front of the camera and making some bizarre bird-like noises.

Bob Costas reacted by saying “Always something to spice matters up,” but it was Simpson’s line that was the best.

“Enjoy your jail cell, pal,” is what he thought.

Yeah, I don’t know if that fan is getting jail time, but I’m sure the 10 seconds of fame were worth it just like it was for this man.

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