Boston Bruins didn’t rope off their logo to protect it from Justin Bieber


As it turns out, the Boston Bruins did not execute one of the funniest sports jokes of the year before Justin Bieber performed at the TD Garden on Saturday night. Like several other sites, we were tricked by a photoshop job that made it look like the Bruins roped off their locker room logo so Bieber wouldn’t step on it like he did with the Chicago Blackhawks’ logo earlier this month.

A reader named Derek pointed out to us that the photo was taken by a fan during some sort of locker room tour in 2012. Apparently the Bruins wanted to stop fans from stepping on the logo then, but Bieber never even made his way into their locker room on Saturday. Here is the original photo, which was obviously cropped:

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Boston Bruins rope off locker room logo to prepare for Justin Bieber concert


Justin Bieber created a stir last week when he visited the United Center and stood on the Chicago Blackhawks logo in the team’s locker room. Bieber is from Canada, so many hockey fans felt he should know that stepping on the team logo is bad luck and considered disrespectful. He insisted it was an innocent mistake.

On Saturday night, Biebs is performing at the TD Garden in Boston. Having learned from the situation in Chicago, the Boston Bruins decided to take no chances and rope off the logo in their locker room so Bieber knows not to walk on it.

Bruins — 1, Bieber — 0.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this turned out to be a hoax. The Bruins did not rope off their logo and Bieber did not go into their locker room. The photo above is a cropped version of a photo taken last year.

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Tyler Seguin’s mother rips Bruins after guarded hotel room report

Tyler-Seguin-Siren-GameThe Boston Bruins traded Tyler Seguin to the Dallas Stars on Thursday, and much of the talk surrounding the deal has had to do with the 21-year-old allegedly acting unprofessionally. Multiple reports from the Boston area on Friday highlighted stories about Seguin staying up late and irritating the Bruins with his partying antics, but one was particularly alarming.

According to Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald, Seguin’s “reckless partying” got so out of hand during the playoffs that the Bruins ordered him to live in a hotel room. The team also reportedly hired a guard to make sure he was in his room before games instead of out partying. Tyler’s mom, Jackie Seguin, told the Toronto Star on Friday that the report is completely false.

“That’s not true,” she said. “I know that for a fact. The whole team lived in the hotel. That’s crap. Oh, my God. That’s stupid stuff. That’s very unfair to say that. He’s a professional. That makes me very angry.”

Jackie added that Tyler oftentimes would opt for staying at the hotel with the team rather than going out to dinner. She also said that he spent three days in Boston during the Stanley Cup Final and a week with his father, adding that he was either at the hotel or with his dad.

“You know what is happening?” Jackie asked. “Boston is now trying to justify why they’re getting rid of Tyler. Obviously, they don’t want a fan backlash against (general manager Peter) Chiarelli,” she said. “Now they’re making up stories.”

That may be true, but Seguin’s performance on the ice in the playoffs over the past three seasons was reason enough to trade him. A certain MLB manager would agree with Jackie that the Boston media can be incredibly harsh to players and coaches on their way out the door. That being said, Boston received a solid two-way player from Dallas in Loui Erikkson. It’s not as if they gave Seguin away, so the team shouldn’t have to plant stories. In any event, mom feels her son is being poorly represented. Instincts are tough to control.

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Bruins may have traded Tyler Seguin because he parties too much

Tyler-Seguin-Siren-GameThe Boston Bruins need look no further than Tyler Seguin’s statistics in the 2013 NHL playoffs if they want to justify trading him to the Dallas Stars. Seguin scored only one goal and tallied seven assists in 22 postseason games. That brought his total to six goals in 42 career playoff games with the team. And this guy is supposed to be a scorer.

However, the more we hear about Thursday’s blockbuster trade, the more it sounds like the move was as much about off-ice behavior as it was on-ice performance. Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com reported on Friday that the 21-year-old had been spending way too much time partying. During last weekend’s NHL Draft, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said Seguin “needs to become a better professional.” What prompted that?

For starters, Seguin reportedly had too many instances of late-night partying during the regular season after signing a six-year, $34 million extension with Boston. Then there was the first round of the playoffs in Toronto, when Seguin is said to have been out late partying in his home town of Toronto. According to Haggerty, he was confronted by members of the organization when he showed up at the Air Canada Centre wearing the same clothes for three-straight days. Seguin played particularly poorly in Games 3 and 4 of that series.

On Thursday, Chiarelli downplayed the influence of Seguin’s off-ice behavior in the decision to trade him.

“I don’t want to really play [the maturation thing] up too much,” he said. “He’s a 21-year-old that played as an 18-year-old, and I think he was just a 21-year-old kid. He was maturing and growing up. He liked to have fun like the rest of them,” said Chiarelli. “I don’t really think it was such a big deal. But when I said earlier about focus, [it was] just about little things, about preparing to play. It was nothing about extracurricular activities.”

Perhaps this will be the wake-up call Seguin needs to start meeting expectations. He’s a natural center, so it may have hurt his growth that the Bruins used him as a winger. Boston also plays a style of hockey that is more defensive, so it’s no surprise a pure finesse player like Seguin didn’t thrive in Claude Julien’s system. On paper, it looks like a change will be beneficial for both sides.

Blackhawks thank Bruins and their fans with full-page ad in Boston Globe


On a day when the Chicago Blackhawks are parading through the streets of their city to celebrate a second Stanley Cup victory in four years, the team’s owners took the opportunity to show a great deal of class by thanking their opposition. The full-page ad you see above appeared in Friday morning’s edition of the Boston Globe. It was aimed at thanking the Boston Bruins and the city of Boston for their hospitality.

The 2013 Stanley Cup Finals was one of the most dramatic and entertaining in recent history. Players fought through everything from a pulled hamstring to a lung puncture, and their toughness was not lost on the fans. In addition, the past few months have presented trying times for Bostonians outside of the sporting world. The Blackhawks’ letter to Boston read as follows:

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Boston Bruins gave fan free tickets for life when she could no longer afford them

Bruins-flagThe prices of Boston Bruins tickets have increased rapidly over the past decade, in part because of basic inflation but also because of the recent success of the team. As a result, fans who could attend games during the early part of the century can no longer afford the cost that comes along with venturing to the TD Garden to cheer on their team.

One fan, 77-year-old Marge Bishop fro Gloucester, Mass., has been going to Bruins home games since the 1960s. According to the Boston Globe, Bishop contemplated giving up her seats in 2004 when the price went from $73 per game to $90. However, she received a personal call from Charlie Jacobs, the son of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, asking her to join the season-ticket advisory board. After the renewal window had closed, Jacobs made sure her tickets were not released to the public. She ended up changing her mind.

But Bishop, who is know by name around the rink because she gives chocolates to the Zamboni drivers between periods, faced the same issue in 2006 — this time on a larger scale. Her seats went from $90 per game to $150 per game, and at that point she knew there was no way she could afford the increase in price. Jacobs saved the day again.

Bishop said Jacobs invited her to a backstage tour of the TD Garden, where her showed her a plastic Patriots VIP pass that he carries around with his name on it.

“He could go to any (Patriots) game he wanted at any time,” Bishop said. “At first I didn’t know why he was showing me it.”

Jacobs then gave Bishop a similar card, but one that was good for all Bruins games.

“It was the most unbelievable gesture,” she said. “People just don’t do things like that. … I’m just a regular person. And I’ve been given this remarkable once-in-a-lifetime gift. It’s incredible. It’s the most remarkable story.”

Since that day, she has never missed a game. Bishop usually brings her husband, but he begins work at his construction job at 5 a.m. and is sometimes too tired to attend. When that happens, she asks anyone from her physician to a random supermarket cashier named Maria to join her at the Garden.

“Her name was Maria,” Bishop said. “She saw I was wearing a Bruins pin and she said, ‘Oh, I love the Bruins!’ So I asked if she wanted to join me.”

And for the record, it was Bishop’s decision to go public with the story so you can’t call it a PR stunt. Bravo, Charlie Jacobs. Maybe there is such a thing as ownership loyalty.

Patrice Bergeron reportedly has a ‘small hole’ in his lung

Patrice-Bergeron-BruinsAfter the Boston Bruins lost Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Chicago Blackhawks, several Boston beat writers tried to console Bruins fans by telling them it is unlikely the team would have been healthy enough to win Game 7. The latest news surrounding Patrice Bergeron has me inclined to believe them.

After the Bruins were eliminated, Bergeron revealed that he played through a trio of injuries that included a broken rib. On Wednesday, Boston GM Peter Chiarelli added that Bergeron has been in the hospital since Monday night and has a ‘small hole in his lung.’ According to CSNNE.com’s Joe Haggerty, Chiarelli clarified that the puncture must have happened after the game because Bergeron would not have been able to play through it.

If that’s the case, that would seem to indicate the man who the Bruins refer to as the heart and soul of their team would not have been available for Game 7. That would have been a major obstacle for Boston to overcome, especially on the road.

Chiarelli also confirmed that Nathan Horton will need surgery to repair the chronic shoulder separation problem he had been dealing with since the end of the regular season. Zdeno Chara was also dealing with a “very bad” hip flexor and Dennis Seidenberg was battling a painful hamstring issue that felt “like a knife” in addition to a bone spur in his right elbow. Joe McDonald added that Jaromir Jagr hurt his head in Game 6.

To be clear, I’m not making excuses for the Bruins. Everyone is injured in the NHL playoffs, and the Blackhawks were undoubtedly battling through a plethora of injuries as well. A healthy Blackhawks team could beat a healthy Bruins team at home anyway, and they certainly didn’t need help. The point is it sounds like Boston had no chance. The loss was heartbreaking, but a win may have been delaying the inevitable.