Boston Bruins Fan Flips Brian Boucher the Bird After he Gets Pulled (Picture)

If it’s not Boston Bruins players flipping the bird, it’s their fans. After Flyers goalie Brian Boucher gave up his fourth goal during Game 3 Wednesday, he was yanked. Naturally a Bruins fan gave him the good old Beantown salute goodbye (uncensored version below):

Just another reminder that Bruins fans (and TV analysts) are hardcore in case you didn’t already know.

For a full video replay of the fans waving Boucher goodbye before flipping him off, head over to Mock Session. For the uncensored photo, see below:

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Boston Bruins Fan Kelly Park Pranks Montreal Canadiens Fan Boss (Video)

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are bitter rivals and possibly the biggest rivalry in the NHL. The rivalry is so bad that broadcasters take it out on the fans. Worse yet, it causes players to flip off the fans. It’s bad. The good news is the Bruins won the series in seven to keep my playoff beard alive. Another benefit to the win is that at least one Bruins fan was able to prank his boss because of the series.

Kevin Park is a web developer for a clothing company and his boss is a Canadiens fan. After the Bruins won the series, he decided to prank his boss by doing a little office redecoration. Check out the video via Puck Daddy:

The video’s title made it seem like Park was going to be fired over the prank but it sure seems like his boss took it well. Hey, at the worst, all he has to do is switch offices with Kelly, right? I mean why let all that beautiful work go to waste.

Boston Sports Fans Named Top 5 Most Loyal Across All Sports

Boston sports fans are similar to New York and Philly sports fans in that they’re very passionate and widely disliked because of it. But if there is one quality that Boston sports fans have it’s that they’re extremely loyal. Brand Keys conducted its annual sports loyalty test and Patriots, Spurs, Phillies, and Red Wings fans all were number one in their respective sports. Hardball Talk via Philly Sports Daily noted that the positive ranking for Phillies fans was a nice contrast to GQ which named the Eagles and Phillies fans the meanest last week. But the thread that stood out most to me was that the fans of all four major sports teams in Boston were in the Top 5.

In the NFL, the Patriots fans were ranked as the most loyal ahead of the Steelers, Colts, Packers, and Jets in that order. Celtics fans were named the fourth most loyal, behind the Spurs, Lakers, and Mavs fans but ahead of the Suns. Red Sox fans were named third most loyal behind Phillies and Yankees fans, but ahead of Giants and Dodgers fans who were 4th and 5th. And in the NHL, Bruins fans were 5th most loyal behind the Red Wings, Flyers, Sharks and Canucks. Not all teams’ fans seemed to be included in the surveys, but it still gives us a pretty good idea of something we probably already knew, that Boston fans are enthusiastic and extremely loyal.

Anyway, getting back to Phillies fans, this is great news for their reputation. Most of us know them for horrendous antics like this, this, this, and this. Way to redeem yourselves, Phillies fans!

Bruins Fan Gets Drunk, Tinkles on Others

I just don’t even get how people become so wasted to the point where they’re a) masturbating in public, or b) urinating on others in public or c) doing both. I understand urinating in public while you’re drunk — sometimes the urge persists. But honestly, have we lost all self-control? Apparently so, as the Boston Police Department tells us via With Leather regarding a fan at the Bruins/Canadiens Game 3 on Sunday:

During the Bruins game, officers’ attentions were drawn by numerous event goers as well as event staff to the upper seat section. Officers responded there and were directed to an individual in the stands. Officers were informed that the noted individual had been observed reaching into his pants with his hands and manipulating his hands inside his pants. According to event staff and event guests, the suspect then exposed himself and started urinating on event guests causing then to become hysterical and attempt to escape from the confined area.

Honestly, urinating on others in public? At a sporting event? What could possibly be going through someone’s mind to let that happen? These are the types of people that need to be locked up. For a long time. Does it get more disgusting than that? I couldn’t have even come up with that as a scenario even in a game of truth or dare.