Jarome Iginla reportedly preferred Penguins over Bruins

Jarome-Iginla-FlamesBoston Bruins fans went to sleep on Wednesday night feeling the sting of a 6-5 shootout loss to the Montreal Canadiens. It doesn’t get much worse than blowing a 5-3, third-period lead against your most bitter rival, but there was a tremendous silver lining even after the most painful loss of the season. It appeared certain the Bruins had landed Calgary Flames star Jarome Iginla.

When Boston fans wake up, they’ll be in an even worse mood than they were when they hit the sheets. Despite various reports that Iginla to Boston was a done deal, the 15-year veteran has been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. How could this have happened? Iginla picked it himself.

“He agreed to waive and come to Pittsburgh,” Penguins GM Ray Shero told the team’s official website. “The trade conference call was done with the league. Everything was final. That was it. I talked to him a while ago after it. He said he was excited to come to Pittsburgh. He said he would help anyway he could, didn’t care about role or who he was playing with. He wants to help the team win and be a part of it.”

In fact, TSN’s Bob McKenzie has reported that the Flames preferred Boston’s offer of a first-round pick and two prospects, but Iginla would not waive his no-trade clause to be sent to the Bruins. Considering he had been a healthy scratch for the first time in his career and two of the Bruins’ top prospects were scratched from their AHL affiliate’s game, it seemed certain Iginla was Boston-bound.

Perhaps he watched the Bruins’ meltdown and changed his mind at the last second. Boston was unable to score on six attempts in the shootout, and goalie Tuukka Rask threw a classic spaz and broke his stick after letting in the deciding goal. Pittsburgh is already one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and recently got even better by trading for former Dallas Stars forward Brenden Morrow. Iginla makes them the clear-cut favorite in the East.

Claude Julien rips Canadiens for embellishing: It embarrasses our game

Claude-Julien-BruinsSunday night’s game between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins featured a full-on playoff atmosphere, with Montreal winning a 4-3 thriller that went down to the wire. Penalties were one of the stories of the evening, as the Bruins served 32 minutes in the box compared to Montreal’s 16. The Canadiens had five power play’s, while Boston had only six.

After the game, Bruins head coach Claude Julien was furious over what he perceived to be a significant amount of acting from the visiting team.

“The frustrating thing is that we get 17 minutes into the penalty box when we should have been on the power play,” Julien told reporters, via Joe Haggerty of CSNBoston.com. “It’s as simple as that,” said Julien. “It’s frustrating because tonight – as everybody saw – there’s a lot of embellishment. This is embarrassing for our game: the embellishing. Right now they’ve got over 100 power plays [this season] and it’s pretty obvious why.

“We’re trying to clean that out of our game, and its got to be done soon. It’s not about [Sunday]. It’s about the game and the embellishment embarrasses our game. We need to be better than that. It’s pretty obvious when P.K. [Subban] gets hit and throws himself into the glass and holds his head. You know what? If we start calling those penalties for embellishment, maybe teams stop doing it. But until we take charge of that it’s going to be an issue.”

The play Julien was referring to happened in the third period, when Shawn Thornton hit PK Subban in the corner and Subban grabbed his head before looking to the officials for a call. Julien was also angry over a no-call when Montreal defenseman Alexei Emelin crossed checked Tyler Seguin in the midsection near center ice late in the second period. Seguin fell to the ground in pain, and Zdeno Chara started a fight with Emelin after the shot. Chara was given an instigator penalty and the Canadiens went on to score on the power play.

The Canadiens lead the league with 100 power play chances this season. You typically don’t earn that title without a bit of acting, so you can understand why Julien was upset. Boston and Montreal have one of the oldest rivalries in hockey, and they happen to be two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference this season. That should make for some epic battles heading forward.

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Bruins Refused Shots from Canucks Fan Ryan Reynolds After Argument

Like any wild pack of happy hockey bros should, the Boston Bruins partied hard after they won the 2011 Stanley Cup Championship.  They took a trip down to Foxwoods Resort Casino and reportedly ran up a tab of $156,000 — even though most of the damage from that resulted from gifts people had given them.  Heck, even former LBS writer Shallon Lester found her way into the headlines for partying with the Bruins post-victory.

One man who did not party with the boys from Boston was actor Ryan Reynolds, who is a known Vancouver Canucks fan.  According to the Boston Herald, some of the Bruins players were out continuing to celebrate at Red Lantern a few nights ago (so what if they won almost three months ago?) when they had an interaction with Reynolds.  The source claims Reynolds and the 22 players and friends got mouthy with one another in what sounded like a typical sports trash-talking scenario.  For whatever reason, Reynolds decided to send 22 shots of tequila over to the Bruins’ table.

In picture-perfect screw you fashion, the Boston players and their crew passed the shots along to a table full of women who were enjoying a bachelorette party.  Yes, the gesture was a nice one from Reynolds.  That doesn’t make the Bruins decision is any less hilarious.  If anything, Reynolds should just be thankful Shawn Thornton didn’t decide to punch him out.

H/T to Deadspin for the story.

Ex-LBS Writer Shallon Lester Had the Amstel Light at the Bruins’ Cup Celebration

Remember that infamous night of partying the Boston Bruins enjoyed at Club Shrine at Foxwoods Casino two weekends ago? You know, the one where they racked up a $156,000 bar tab and drank out of a $100,000 bottle of champagne straight from the bottle? Yeah, well the people at Amstel Light noticed that on the lengthy receipt, there was a single bottle of their beer for the cool price of $6. They tried to track down the player who ordered their beer to offer him free beer on July 4th and during his day with the Cup.

One problem.

That him was a her.

That’s right, former LBS writer Shallon Lester, who did fantastic work here in her brief time as a contributor, is the culprit, as she revealed in a tweet linked on Deadspin.

Sorry if the folks at Amstel Light were disappointed by this revelation, but it’s quite the thrill for us. It’s also some nice pub for Shallon, who by the way has a book out. Check out Shallon’s site here and go here to check out her book. I promise it’s a good read — everything she wrote for us was humorous and on the money, though I have to say, I never pegged her as an Amstel Light drinker.

Boston Bruins Say Most of $156K Bar Tab at Foxwoods Club was Comped

The Boston Bruins had a memorable Stanley Cup victory celebration at Club Shrine in Foxwoods two weekends ago. Their epic celebration included players drinking out of the Cup, drinking from a $100,000 bottle of champagne, and dancing around half naked. The club’s owner posted the team’s bar tab on his twitter account and their bill was over $156,000. Naturally everyone was blown away by the tab, but I said on twitter that I was 99% certain the Bruins hardly paid anything of the tab. The players later confirmed that was the case.

“The champagne was a gift from somebody, so that’s out the window before it even starts, it was a very generous gift and it wasn’t necessary but it was very nice of them and then obviously the people at Shrine, Ed Kane and Randy, they helped us a lot with the bill, too, and Foxwoods really took care of us, setting up the rooms and all that stuff, too,” Shawn Thornton explained on The Sports Hub last week. “It wasn’t like Mr. [Zdeno] Chara and his $7.6 million just pulled out the black card and said ‘Here, it’s on me,’ so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.”

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Zdeno Chara Rides his Bike to Bruins’ Championship Parade in Boston (Video)

The Boston Bruins have been soaking in their Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks going on a world tour. They racked up over a $150,000 tab at Club Shrine Saturday night, showed up at Fenway Park on Sunday, and attracted over a million people to their team parade Saturday. The best part of the parade had to be Zdeno Chara riding his bike to and from the celebration. Check out the video captured by directorman12:

Chara riding his bike is somewhat of a metaphor for the Bruins’ down-to-earth, humble team. It also is representative of another interest of Chara’s: cycling. He’s been biking since he was a kid.

In an interview with the Boston Globe last year, Chara explained that his dad “was a physical therapist and masseuse for a cycling team. I helped him out and the guys in his club put a bike together for me. That’s how I first got started riding.” He says he likes to ride his bike around town to get groceries and site see rather than drive a car. I know this used to be his mentality, but after winning the Stanley Cup you can’t help but wonder if his method of transportation will change now that he’s a celebrity in the city. Hopefully it won’t.

Boston Bruins Celebrated Stanley Cup with $100,000 Bottle of Ace of Spades

Remember when we told you about the Dallas Mavericks taking the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy to Club LIV in Miami? During that party night at the club, owner Mark Cuban reportedly dropped $110,000 including his $20,000 tip. The biggest expense on the bill was a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne he bought for the team. Well the Boston Bruins took home the Stanley Cup a few days later, and they outdid Mark Cuban’s bottle of champagne.

The Bruins took the Stanley Cup Trophy to club Shrine at Foxwoods Saturday night. During their celebration, they drank from a 30 liter bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” champagne that was double the size of the bottle Cuban purchased for his team. Zdeno Chara even drank the champagne from the Cup’s Bowl. Here’s another picture of the Bruins drinking the champagne:

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