Red Sox fan Tommy Corsi predicted exact outcome of World Series back in March

John-Farrell-World-Series-trophyDan Shaughnessy, a Boston Globe writer who has drawn the ire of Boston fans for a number of years for his obsession with writing pessimistic articles, summed up the 2013 Boston Red Sox on Thursday morning the only way he knew how.

“Nobody saw this coming,” Shaughnessy wrote in his column. “Nobody.”

For a guy who wrote back in February that it is “tough to feel good about David Ortiz” and that the 2013 edition of the Red Sox could be “really bad,” that is a convenient way of putting it. The fact of the matter is most Boston fans were certain their team was not a championship contender after last year’s abysmal 69-win campaign — even though they had ridden themselves of Bobby Valentine and others. Tommy Corsi was not one of those fans.

There are plenty of fans in the world who are going to be optimistic no matter what the situation looks like. Proclaiming that your underdog team is going to “win it all” is nothing new, but Corsi nailed the opponent and the amount of games Boston would need in the World Series to get the job done. Whether it was a complete guess or not, that is amazing.

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Red Sox fan during celebration: ‘There’s so many girls we can hook up with right now’ (Video)

Red-Sox-fanThe Boston Red Sox won their third World Series title in the past 10 seasons on Wednesday night, but that didn’t stop fans from celebrating like it was the first championship they had ever seen. Multiple arrests have been made and at least one car was flipped in Boston and several more on college campuses across New England. One fan who was coming off Landsdowne Street after the win had something else on his mind.

“There’s so many girls we can hook up with right now!” a Red Sox fan could be heard yelling.

Male and female fans were both feeling elated after arguably the most surprising championship in Red Sox history. Did that lead to a little bit of action for some of Red Sox nation? Most likely. Hopefully that guy found what he was looking for. And if he did, we pray he went about it in a classy manner.

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Red Sox fan predicted exact outcome of World Series back in March
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Red Sox fan had faith in Shane Victorino because he’s ‘the f—in t—ies’ (Video)

Red-Sox-fan-Shane-VictorinoBoston Red Sox fans are incredibly jacked up for their unexpected trip to the World Series to take on the St. Louis Cardinals. If you think they’re pumped now, you should have seen them when Shane Victorino hit a go-ahead grand slam against the Detroit Tigers that proved to be the series-clincher in Game 6.

Dan Hausle of WHDH in Boston was lucky enough to catch up with of those ecstatic fans who has no use for the letter “R” outside of Fenway Park on Saturday night. The young man, who appeared to be intoxicated, explained how Sox fans never lost faith in Victorino despite the fact that he was struggling the entire series.

“All of us got faith in Victo, you know what I’m saying? He’s the f—in’ t—ies.”

Hausle has been around long enough to know the risk he was taking, though the dude did basically force his way on camera. These games end late at night for ratings reasons, but exchanges like this show us there is more benefit to it than that. Drunk Red Sox fans being interviewed outside Fenway is not something children should be watching.

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Red Sox fan yanks home run ball out of woman’s hand, throws it back (Video)

Red Sox fanOne Boston Red Sox fan may have separated himself from the rest of the crowd attending Game 2 of the ALCS at Fenway Park on Sunday by committing an all-time jerk move.

This fan did not catch Alex Avila’s home run ball, but that didn’t stop him from forcibly yanking the ball out of a woman’s hands and throwing it back onto the field in a display of frustration.

Maybe Luke Scott was right when he called Sox fans ruthless and vulgar. Steve DelVecchio says that idiot doesn’t represent all of Red Sox nation.

Vine video via @AmandaRykoff

David Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole goes off on Red Sox fans, David Ortiz

David-Price-girlfriend-Tiffany-NicoleTampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price handled himself in a regrettable manner after giving up seven runs in a Game 2 ALDS loss to the Boston Red Sox. For starters, the left-hander ripped David Ortiz for admiring a home run. He then took to Twitter to brag about all of his accomplishments during his MLB and collegiate careers, as if any of that mattered following a playoff loss.

Price later apologized for his rant and admitted it got out of hand. But before he took aim at his critics and Big Papi, Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole was on Twitter venting about how classless Red Sox fans are.

For those of you who are unaware, “POS” stands for “pieces of s—.” Naturally, the Red Sox supporters came out of the woodwork and began bashing Tiffany for grouping all fans together. Others called her names and basically told her to stuff it, but she refused to back down. She claimed fans were throwing trash and taunting opposing players’ children.

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Red Sox fan wreaks havoc in stands after Shane Victorino catch (Video)

Red-Sox-fan-beer-in-faceThe Boston Red Sox absolutely destroyed the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night with a 20-4 victory during which they belted eight home runs. Before things got completely out of hand, Shane Victorino actually made a nice catch near the stands that helped keep Boston in the game. It also led to a fan destroying nearly everything in his path.

Keep your eye on the guy in the navy blue shirt with the red sleeves. First, while everyone was helping Victorino back to his feet, he knocked a woman’s cell phone out of her hand and onto the field. That was party foul number one. Then, he knocked another woman’s beer into her face while raising his arms.

To summarize, this guy may have destroyed two cell phones — if the beer got the phone wet — and soaked a woman all in the span of about 30 seconds. And this was before the Sox put up 20 runs, so he can’t blame being excited over that. In a season where we have shown you phenomenal catches in beer cups, it’s important to remember that not all fans make the highlight reel.

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Young Red Sox fan fools Yankees coach into giving him foul ball (Video)

Red-Sox-fan-fools-Yankees-coachA lucky young Red Sox fan who was sitting behind the New York Yankees’ dugout went home with a foul ball on Saturday, but he had to get creative to land the souvenir. During the third inning of New York’s win over Boston at Fenway Park, Jose Iglesias chopped a foul ball toward the visiting dugout. Yankees third base coach Rob Thomson snagged it and began looking for a fan to toss it to.

That’s when Thomson spotted a young boy who was wearing a Yankees cap and flipped him the ball. The boy, who was wearing a Red Sox hat underneath the Yankees hat, then removed the New York hat and stashed it under his seat.

Of course, there’s a chance Thomson was simply looking for any kid to throw the ball to and not just a Yankees fan. Still, we like to think the clever young fella fooled the visiting coach. It’s much more fun that way.

Video via Boston.com