Bowler Shawn Beam bowls a perfect game in a wheelchair (Video)

If you’re under the impression that bowling a perfect game is difficult, that’s because it is. In order to conquer the amazing feat, you have to bowl 12 straight strikes. Head down to the local bowling alley in your spare time and try to roll three in a row and let us know how it turns out. Then try doing it from a wheelchair. If you pull it off, Shawn Beam has nothing on you.

According to KDFW in Dallas-Fort Worth, Beam recently became the only known person in a wheelchair to bowl a perfect game. Born with a pinched nerve in his neck, Beam has been confined to a wheelchair his entire life. He decided bowling was a sport that interested him during his teenage years and has been hitting the lanes for about 22 years now. When he rolled 10 straight strikes last Friday, Beam said everyone at Cityview Lanes began to gather around.

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NCAA will no longer allow female bowlers to bare midriff

The NCAA announced several changes to the rules of certain sports Friday. The ones getting the most attention are the changes to kickoff rules in college football. For instance, kickoffs will now be from the 35 instead of the 30-yard line.

I know that’s what everyone is talking about, but they’re actually missing the real story: women bowlers will no longer be able to flash their washboard abs during competition.

In bowling, PROP approved a new rule that states the bottom half of the player uniform shall have at least a four-inch inseam.

The uniform bottoms should fit loosely at the opening above the knee. Loose-fitting shirts are to be tucked into the lower body garment or folded. Form-fitting shirts may be worn, but at no time should a student-athlete show a bare abdomen or midriff, including during the completion of a shot.

Also, the official will be the only person allowed to make a ruling on a foul decision. Previously, coaches were permitted to make rulings of this nature.

Women’s bowling was already fledgling as a spectator sport, and now they do this? How do they expect to ever win back the fans?

H/T Josh Ward