Bowling Green had one of the sweetest blocked punts you’ll see (Video)

Bowling Green did not have a good game against Indiana on Saturday. In fact, they lost 42-10 and did not score an offensive touchdown. But they did score on one of the sweetest blocked punts you will see.

Linebacker Paul Senn was one of two Eagles to come in unblocked on a first quarter punt by the Hoosiers. Senn took the ball off punter Erich Toth’s leg and returned it 44 yards for a touchdown. It was all done in one fluid motion, almost like he was just taking a handoff from the punter.

Bowling Green was actually up 10-7 at one point, but IU scored 35 unanswered points for the win.

The special teams touchdown from Bowling Green is not a surprise. Since 2009, they’ve blocked 15 kicks and have four punt returns for a touchdown.

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Bowling Green SID Dave Meyer allows DT to lay him out (Video)

Bowling-Green-SID-laid-outBowling Green is preparing for the upcoming NCAA football season like hundreds of other teams across the nation, but the Falcons are warming up a bit differently than most other squads. We know this because we highly doubt there are many sports information directors out there who are willing to allow a 280-pound defensive lineman to lay them out.

As you can see from the video above, Bowling Green Sports Information Director Dave Meyer volunteered to take a crushing hit from senior defensive tackle Ted Ouellet.

“I’m really hoping Ted doesn’t get hurt bouncing off of me like that,” Meyer joked before leaving his life in Ouellet’s hands. “When I came up with this idea a month ago it made a lot of sense so we’ll see how this goes. I kissed my kids goodbye when I left the house this morning and my heart hurts right now.”

Here’s the monstrous hit in GIF form:

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