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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: boxscores

A Save in a 12-1 Ballgame

Contributor JS emails in to alert me about an odd occurrence in the Cubs game on Wednesday. A save was awarded despite the final score being 12-1. On any given day in baseball, several closers will be awarded saves. However, it’s not often that a non-closer gets a save, especially in a ballgame where the…Read More

Bad Night to Be Twins RP Jason Miller

He had truly one of the worst — if not the absolute worst — pitching lines I’ve ever seen. Let me describe it: seven hits, two walks, eight runs (all earned), all over 1/3 inning. Yes, Jason Miller managed to give up eight runs while getting only one out. His ERA for the outing was…Read More

Nick Swisher Is Better Than the Entire Oakland Team

OK, first check the final score of the game, and then check the scoring summary below: Pretty impressive huh? The A’s were held to just four runs, but miraculously Nick Swisher drove in six. Incredible! The boxscore was from the usually impeccable Yahoo! Sports.

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