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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Brad Childress

Brad Childress Found Out Randy Moss Was Trying to Get Him Fired

Well yeah, the obvious answer is all he had to do was listen to Randy Moss’ postgame press conference following the Vikings’ loss to the Patriots to know that was the case. Still, it was pretty interesting to read Brad Childress’ interview with the Pioneer Press and hear him defend himself. Keep in mind, this…Read More

Was Brad Childress Joking with Brett Favre Hug Comment?

The disastrous season for the Minnesota Vikings was on the brink of growing even more embarrassing until the team made a valiant comeback Sunday. Down 24-10 late, Adrian Peterson and Visanthe Shiancoe had touchdowns to help tie things at 24 with Arizona. The Vikings won 27-24 in overtime and turned a desperate moment into a…Read More

Brad Childress: Patriots Some of the ‘All-Time Great Signal Stealers’

Being accused of cheating is nothing new to the New England Patriots.  Since 2007, when Eric Mangini sold the Pats out for filming opponents’ signals, they’ve had fingers pointed at them for everything from toying with opponents’ headsets to filming their Super Bowl walkthroughs.  It’s fun to call someone a cheater, especially when they’re good…Read More

Brad Childress on The Headshrinkers Wrestling Team and Fahu Tahi

The Vikings were without fullback Fahu Tahi in their win over the Packers on Sunday. Unless you’re a hardcore Vikings fan, you’re probably saying to yourself “who the eff is Fahu Tahi?” Right. I’m in the same boat. But I do know that Tahi wound up inactive for the game because of an eye injury….Read More

Troy Williamson vs. Brad Childress: Who Ya Got?

If pressed, I’d be willing to pay as much money as one month of the NFL Sunday Ticket costs to watch a cage match between Troy Williamson and Brad Childress. The way they’re going, it might actually happen. Last year Vikings head coach Brad Childress fined his then receiver Troy Williamson for missing a week…Read More

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