Brad Marchand penalized for snowing goalie in Game 7 (Video)

The NHL officials meant business during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals series between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night. Seconds into the second period, they penalized Bruins winger Brad Marchand for snowing Canadiens goalie Carey Price.

Brad Marchand snow goalie

The Bruins managed to kill the power play, but the real question is why the officials are calling that penalty in a Game 7? Claude Julien wants answers, people.

Brad Marchand: Andrew Shaw scratched my forehead like a kitty cat

Brad-Marchand-Andrew-Shaw-fightBoston Bruins forward Brad Marchand and Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw found themselves at the center of the melee that broke out near the end of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. There wasn’t really much of a fight between the two, but they dragged each other down to the ice and exchanged a few blows. According to Marchand, Shaw did more than just that.

After the game, Marchand accused Shaw of gouging at his eyes while he was on top of him. He also gave him a new nickname.

“It was a bit of a scrum there in front, and stuff happens in hockey, especially in the playoffs with tempers running high,” Marchand said, per Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com. “When [Chara] is battling with their guy, everybody is going to come in, and things just happen.

“Stuff happens. I’ve done that [punched a guy on the ice] before. The eye gouge is what I didn’t particularly like, but it’s part of the game. I’ve got a nice little scratch mark on my forehead from the claw marks from the … you know … kitty cat.”

Neither Shaw nor Marchand are exactly enforcers, so this will probably go nowhere. The most we will see is a few signs at the TD Garden with Shaw’s face on a cat’s body, but don’t expect the two to drop the gloves after the opening face-off or anything. Although, Shaw does blatantly drop F-bombs in his postgame press conferences. Maybe he’s more of a tough guy than we’re giving him credit for.

Dave Bolland gives Brad Marchand a fake tough guy move (GIF)

Dave Bolland Brad MarchandChicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland was called for tripping early in the second period of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and he didn’t exit the ice without trying to gain the upper hand on Brad Marchand.

Marchand drew the penalty, and Bolland gave him the old “make him flinch” move before being escorted to the penalty box. Marchand appeared to call Bolland an a–hole for pulling the fake tough guy charade.

Sorry, Bolland, but do you really think that middle school move is going to work on the Noseface Killah? Not a chance.

GIF via Erik Malinowski

Brad Marchand trash talks Matt Cooke, burns him for goal (Video)

Brad-Marchand-Matt-CookeThere were plenty of individual cases of embarrassment for the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night, as they lost to the Bruins 6-1 to dig themselves into an early 2-0 hole in the Eastern Conference Finals.

For starters, you had Sidney Crosby turning the puck over to spot the Bruins a lead 28 seconds into the game. Then, we saw Tomas Vokoun benched after allowing three first-period goals. Marc Andre-Fleury replaced him, only to allow three goals of his own. There was also Kris Letang, a Norris Trophy finalist, turning the puck over with a pass from behind his own net to give Boston a 2-0 lead.

The list goes on and on, but no player should feel as horrible on Tuesday morning as Matt Cooke. We all saw Brad Marchand’s second goal of the game with 8.1 seconds left in the second period to completely deflate the Penguins 25 seconds after they scored their first goal of the game. What many did not see, however, was Marchand and Cooke talking trash to one another just before it happened.

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Brad Marchand raffling off playoff suite to raise money for family of 8-year-old Boston Marathon bombing victim

Martin-Richard-BruinsBoston Bruins forward Brad Marchand is the latest athlete to come up with an idea to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. The family of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who was one of three people killed in the blast, said Martin loved the Bruins. A photo of Martin in Bruins gear at TD Garden began circulating the internet after word of his tragic death became official.

According to the Boston Bruins’ official Twitter account, Marchand has decided to raffle off a suite to the team’s first playoff home game, with the proceeds going to the Richard family. The bidding is currently underway on the Bruins raffle website.

“Our whole team saw the photos of Martin at our game from last Thursday and learned that he and his family are big fans of ours,” Marchand said. “This is just one small gesture which I hope can help the Richard family during this incredibly sad time for them.”

Marchand is one of many athletes who have tried to do their part to help the healing process for the victims, their loved ones and the people who were affected by the event. New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola has already pledged money to relief funds for each pass he catches and drops next season. Hopefully the great ideas for raising money keep rolling in.

Brad Marchand wasn’t in the Bruins’ Stanley Cup DVD because he was drunk

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand played a big part in the team winning its first Stanley Cup in 39 years last season, tallying five goals and two assists in the Finals against the Canucks. And yet, somewhat curiously, he was nowhere to be found in the team’s commemorative DVD. Now we have the reason: he was intoxicated.

Three days after Boston closed out the series in June, the team was partying at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The following day players were scheduled to take part in interviews for the DVD. However, Marchand was excused from participating because he was still too drunk.

“(After the Cup, linemate Tyler Seguin) and I went on a bit of a tear, partying pretty much every night for a while,” the 23-year-old Marchand told Sports Illustrated this week. “I went home and kinda continued it. I thought (winning a championship) was something that might never happen, so I was trying to take it all in, enjoy it.”

You might remember the infamous bender the Bruins went on after claiming the Cup, which included a six-figure bar tab and photos of the team partying bouncing all over the Internet. So Marchand’s confession is the least bit surprising. But we still think an inebriated Marchand would have made for an amazing interview — it may have looked something like this.

Photo via Busted Coverage

Brad Marchand Punches Daniel Sedin Six Times in the Face (Video)

I understand that some guys in the NHL don’t like to fight.  That’s fine, and it just isn’t the way some people like to play, particularly flashy scorers like the Sedin twins.  But aren’t there times when even non-fighters have to stick up for themselves?  When Brad Marchand had Daniel Sedin by the sweater during a Bruins Game 6 win on Monday night and was repeatedly punching him in the face, that would have been a good time to show some heart.  Check out the video of Brad Marchand punching Daniel Sedin, courtesy of SB Nation via SI Hot Clicks:

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