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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Brad Stevens

Rajon Rondo sounds interested in playing for Brad Stevens

As soon as the Boston Celtics announced the hiring of Brad Stevens as their new head coach, people began to wonder that that meant for Rajon Rondo’s future. Rondo is 27 and recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL in his knee. Though he is one of the best point guards in the league,…Read More

Boston Celtics hire Brad Stevens as new head coach

The Boston Celtics announced on Wednesday that they have hired Brad Stevens as their new head coach, replacing Doc Rivers. The Celtics operated in completely stealth manner; there were no reports about them pursuing any candidates much less nearing a hire. “Brad and I share a lot of the same values,” said Celtics President of…Read More

Brad Stevens showing commitment to Butler over UCLA?

Brad Stevens is at the top of UCLA’s wish list when it comes to their search for a new head basketball coach, and some reports indicate that the interest is mutual, but a tweet sent by the coach suggests he may prefer to stay at Butler. Stevens had long been believed to be at the…Read More

Brad Stevens Says Billy Donovan Outcoached Him in Butler Upset

After Butler pulled off a shocking comeback and overtime win over Florida in the Elite 8 Saturday, Bulldogs coach Brad Stevens embraced Billy Donovan and said the Florida coach outcoached him. His words and praise were quite surprising given the way Butler came back to win the game, and the words were probably a weak…Read More

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