Brandi Chastain has not talked to Hope Solo, has mixed feelings on Pia Sundhage

Larry Brown Sports spoke with soccer commentator Brandi Chastain last week as she was getting prepared for the NCAA women’s soccer Final Four. Chastain was speaking on behalf of the Capital One Cup, for whom she is an advisory board member. North Carolina, which was the only non-No. 1 seeded team to reach the Final Four, won the national championship and is leading the women’s cup standings.

We spoke with Chastain about her dust-up with Hope Solo, her thoughts on the new women’s national team coach, the team’s former coach, and international stars Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan.

Friction with Hope Solo

This was our first conversation with Chastain since she was on the receiving end of a postgame Twitter assault from Solo during the Olympics. Solo confirmed in her book that a pre-Olympics interview Chastain did with Larry Brown Sports bothered her. In that interview, Chastain called Solo’s positive drug test a distraction the national team did not need.

“I had one job to do at the Olympics for NBC, and that was to be an objective commentator and to use my experience to share with the viewer what was happening,” Chastain told LBS. “That is what I did. The outcome is unfortunate, but you control what you can control. I was happy with the job I did.”

Chastain says her bosses at NBC supported her.

“They felt that my commentary was fair, objective, and honest. That’s what they wanted me to do.”

When asked if she was surprised that Solo lashed out at her over Twitter following the game, Chastain said yes.

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Hope Solo calls out Brandi Chastain

The US women’s soccer team beat Colombia 3-0 in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday to advance to the quarterfinals at the Summer Games in London. Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach, and Carli Lloyd all scored for the US, but the real games began after the contest ended. That’s when goalkeeper Hope Solo went off on NBC commentator and former Olympic gold medalist/World Cup winner Brandi Chastain. Here are all the tweets she sent after the match:

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Brandi Chastain: Hope Solo’s drug test was distraction team didn’t need

LBS spoke with former gold medal and World Cup winning soccer player Brandi Chastain recently to preview Team USA’s chances at the Summer Games in London. Chastain spoke with me on behalf of the Capital One Cup, which was won by Stanford and Florida in 2012, and for whom she is a spokesperson. We discussed Hope Solo’s positive drug test, compared the World Cup to the Olympics, and talked about Team USA.

Chastain felt Solo’s positive drug test was an unnecessary distraction for the team ahead of the Games.

“It’s news that they don’t need,” Chastain told Larry Brown Sports. “As athletes, we have to be more careful. Whether you’ve been told one time something is OK, it’s always good to double and triple and quadruple check. Something as innocuous as a cold medication to clear up the sniffles could derail not only you as an individual, but perhaps a whole team.

“I was disappointed that it came up because for as careful as I think everybody is, I think we could all go without some medication for a short amount of time and not suffer too greatly,” she said. “The good thing about this news is that it’s at a time when we can still be able to talk about it, discuss it, get over it, and move on. There’s enough time before the start of the Olympics to put it behind them once they’ve taken care of it.”

Chastain says the drug testing process is a nuisance, but necessary.

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Brandi Chastain: Changes Need to Made to U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Brandi Chastain is a soccer analyst and one of the strongest voices when it comes to women’s soccer. The former U.S. Olympian and World Cup winner spoke with LBS recently and says the U.S. women’s national team needs to make some changes. Brandi was representing the Capital One Cup which is awarded annually to each of the best men’s and women’s Division I college athletics programs in the country. We talked about some of the top teams and college players in the country, but our conversation was the most interesting when we discussed the national team.

The women’s team lost to Japan in the World Cup championship game, blowing two one-goal leads. They were called chokers, though many players disagreed with that. Chastain was disappointed that the team didn’t win, and thinks changes to the team need to be made.

“I think every team needs to have a connectivity to be able to play in the three parts of the field with composure and vision. That takes teams from being good to being great,” she told Larry Brown Sports.

“I think there has to be improved team defending, whether it’s philosophy or style. I think the back line was the greatest weakness.

“There’s got to be something about having a player in the middle of the field that can truly impact the game’s flow and rhythm. Speed it up, slow it down — get Abby Wambach involved in more than just heading the ball. She’s actually quite good with the ball at her feet, but she doesn’t get the ball a lot.”

Chastain said that the women’s team finishing second shows how difficult it is to win a World Cup.

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Brandi Chastain on FIFA Women’s World Cup: U.S., Germany, Brazil the Contenders

LBS spoke with U.S. soccer player Brandi Chastain this week, the woman who delivered the winning penalty kick to beat China in the ’99 Women’s World Cup. Brandi is representing the Capital One cup which rewards the top athletic schools in men’s and women’s Division I college athletics. The trophy will be handed out at the ESPY’s in July, and they’ll be awarding a $200,000 post graduate scholarship to the winning schools. Stanford and Auburn are the current leaders, and though she’s a Santa Clara girl, Brandi thinks Stanford will probably win it. On the men’s side, she wasn’t as sure but she felt the College World Series outcome would have a major say in what happens. You can visit the Capital One Cup on Facebook and Twitter to cheer on your school.

As for our interview, we talked about the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup which begins next month in Germany.

LBS: The U.S. Women’s World Cup team was recently picked and they’ve had struggles recently losing to Mexico and England. Do you think they’re lacking something? Do they just need more practice time together?

Chastain: There are so many variables that go into being a successful team. There’s also other factors that go into being a winning a World Cup team. I think the games against Mexico and England were eye-openers for the U.S. team, and it’s also relevant to say this tournament is going to be full of jockeying and tactical choices. Those things are really going to come into play more than ever before.

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