Cowboys CB Brandon Carr: ‘We know Robert Griffin III is not the same’

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsWashington Redskins fans are hoping their team’s bye week helps Robert Griffin III get back to being the dynamic playmaker he was a year ago. Griffin looked shaky at best during the first four games of the season, throwing off his back foot quite a bit and looking timid on read-option plays. Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr sounds like he is counting on that continuing this weekend.

“He doesn’t look the same,” Carr told NFL Network’s Around The League Live on Thursday.” “That’s not saying we’re going to fall asleep on him. He still has the same arm strength. He still has some type of elusive ability once he gets outside the pocket. … But we know he’s not the same.”

That isn’t a shot at RG3. Griffin’s own teammate, wide receiver Pierre Garcon, said earlier this season that RG3’s knee brace slows him down and that he can’t run as fast as he used to. Garcon also said the team is running the same offense it did last season, which could be an issue if RG3’s mobility is that limited.

In reality, Griffin is likely going to have to become a better pocket passer for the Redskins to succeed. He’ll still make plays with his legs, but you can’t expect him to be the same athlete he was less than a year removed from the second major reconstructive knee surgery of his career. Fortunately for Washington, the Dallas secondary is coming off a week in which it was torched by the Denver Broncos for over 400 yards. Sunday would be a good time to try that whole pocket passing thing.


Brandon Carr says he lost his swag but gained it back

Brandon Carr was the Dallas Cowboys’ big free agent signing during the offseason and expected to become a shutdown corner for their defense. The fifth-year cornerback did a good job against the Giants last weekend despite New York having some of the top wide receivers in the league (New York also didn’t pass that much). How does Carr account for his good showing in Week 8 compared to the 138-yard, one touchdown performance he allowed to Brandon Marshall earlier in the month? Swag reasons.

“I didn’t lose confidence,” Carr said Wednesday, according to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I just think I lost some swag a little bit. But I got it back right and I’m ready to rock and roll, man.”

One would think that confidence and swag are the same thing, but Carr detailed the difference between the two.

“My swag is just how I carry myself on the field,” Carr explained. “I’m an introverted person so I feed off myself more than anybody else, and I kind of lost the whole swag. You kind of forget what got you to this point, and who you are. You try to, I guess, tailor your game and tailor yourself to what others say or how they want you to play.”

Whatever Carr has done seems to have worked. As Machota points out, the Cowboys’ pass defense has improved 20 spots from last year. They’re now allowing 188 yards per game — good for third in the league — compared to last season when they allowed 244 yards per game. Right now Dallas is allowing 23 points per game, which is 18th in the league. They still have room for improvement.