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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs on Rex Ryan: Fat Boy ‘Needs to Shut Up’

The Giants beat the Jets 29-14 Saturday at the Meadowlands. Though Brandon Jacobs did very little in the game (7 carries for 42 yards), he made plenty of noise once it was over. Jacobs got into a verbal spar with Rex Ryan and threatened to punch the Jets coach. According to the NY Daily News,…Read More

Brandon Jacobs: Giants Fans Kick You When You’re Down

Brandon Jacobs is still unhappy with New York. Despite the fact that he is currently the Giants’ starting running back with Ahmad Bradshaw on the shelf, he has still found things to complain about. This time, he decided to give the coaches a break and turn his bitching toward Giants fans. After the G-Men fell…Read More

Brandon Jacobs is Hopeful He Won’t Be a Giant in 2012

Brandon Jacobs wants the ball more.  Anyone who has paid even a tiny bit of attention to the Giants over the past few seasons is aware of that.  Ever since Ahmad Bradshaw took his starting position and proved to Brandon that no one in this business is his friend, he has seemed unhappy.  Even when…Read More

Brandon Jacobs and Fan Fight Over Helmet

The frustration of Brandon Jacobs’ last several months seemed to manifest itself on Sunday night. Upset with himself after a run for no gain in the third quarter, Jacobs went back to the sideline and apparently planned to throw his helmet at the bench. As NBC’s Andrea Kremer reported, the helmet slipped and was launched…Read More

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